Can You Take It Vinod Sharma?

HT Political Editor Vinod Sharma goes from beatific to belligerent while talking about his Centrist position, why he celebrated Vajpayee, being “separated at birth”, the Singhvi CD & chastity belts, and whether he’d ever accept a Rajya Sabha nomination

HT Political Editor Vinod Sharma goes from beatific to belligerent while talking about his Centrist position, why he celebrated Vajpayee, being “separated at birth”, the Singhvi CD & chastity belts, and whether he’d ever accept a Rajya Sabha nomination

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  • Indian

    Thanks a lot Madhu for your great work for bringing the dirt of Indian Media in open. Your interview with Karan Thapar was also great.

  • Rakesh

    Just after seeing Arun Shorie’s interview with Madhu and knowing about his family I felt of writing a letter to Vinod Sharma. Even after such a suffering did Arun Shorie left his moral value. Did he started licking feet of someone so that he can support his family. Its a big slap on people like Vinod Sharma who justified their Congress biased view to support their family(he justified it by telling he lost his son. And now he is the only bread earner in his family)

  • Anant

    — How Vinod Mehta manages to expose himself —

    Vinod Mehta is
    Political editor of Hindustan Times.
    Appears daily on tv new channels to tell his opinion.

    1:10 –
    Interviewer: “So what is your ideological belief”
    “I am a strong secularist. I think that the best thing to happen to india would be a centrist party.”
    Interviewer: “Is congress a centrist party?”
    “It is!”

    Pro-congress? Next quote confirms it.

    19:44 – “I dont think the BJP in its present form, with the ideology that it has, is good for my country. I do not think a political

    party which doesnt want to have anything to do with 20 crore citizens of this country (muslims) has no place in my country.”

    How can Hindustan Times have a person like him as a political editor? Won’t there be obvious bias and slant in his

    They can have him as a journalist may be, but the political editor on the entire paper?
    What the hell, is this normal?

    Ok lets see why is this guy ‘secularist’ , why this ideology.

    6:21 – “In 1992, i was posted in pakistan(as a journo). And i know (strongly), what minority-ism is all about. I was in a

    minority of 1 in my own house. It is the tyranny of numbers, it is just about that. Then i resolved that…”

    And thereby he doesn’t want India to become like pakistan which is such a sick place for minorities. And therefore opposes

    BJP, and supports ‘centrist’ ‘secularist’ Congress.

    There’s a big big misunderstanding here. If he is equating the condition of a hindu in pakistan with that of a muslim in india,

    hes being foolish. Comparing apples and oranges. No sense.
    Would it not be logical to say that only because India is a hindu-majority country , there is secularism here?
    If India were muslim majority like pakistan, does he think there would be any secularism here?
    It says something about hinduism.
    Abrahamic religions islam and chritianity say ‘my was is the right way, your way is the wrong way’ , fundamentally

    conflict-ridden view.
    Dharmic religions like hinduism say ‘all ways lead to god, each unto his own’ , an all-encompassing world view.
    He can compare two abrahamic religions but not one with a dharmic religion.
    In a country with a dharmic majority, one need not worry about minorities. You only have to look at history of India for proof.
    But the condition of minority is arahamic religious majority countries needs serious attention, especially of people like Vinod


    So the basis of his so-called ideology is fundamentally flawed.
    He tries to appear like a warrior with a resolve towards his ideology.
    But then contradicts again by saying..

    7:31 – “then im sorry its(journalism is) my bread and butter, i dont fancy myself as a revolutionary…”

    8:06 – “you see if i was not married, i would have been a different person…im the last male earning member of my family”

    That pretty much clears up everything. It is not his flawed ideology for which he works, but for his own compulsions.

    16:37 : “she (smriti irani) was actually questioning my journalistic integrity, which is very sad for a political party to do”

    After all that youv’e said above, any idiot will question your journalistic integrity

    16:55 : “they (certain political forces) have a three pronged strategy towards the media. 1)to win them over, 2) to character

    assassinate them . (he forgot the third prong)”

    It seems obvious congress won you over. If not directly, you indirectly are a part of their big picture, another brick in the wall,

    helping their cause with your “relative truth”(whatever that is).

    My request to you sir.
    Right now you seem to be a compromised being for whatever reasons and compulsions, also it is easier to be so, doesnt require a fight.
    Remember that when your play ends on this planet, there is nothing you will take with you, nothing matters then.
    Atleast in the latter stages of your life, try coming out of your compulsions, LIVE your own life atleast for a few years. Give something to the next generation, even at the expense of own ego and false self-esteem. That is all that matters in the end of time, nothing else.



  • Ajay

    Vinod Sharma is such a waste. He has betrayed the true essence of journalism

  • avinash

    This was an education – this interview with Mr. Vinod Sharma. How to cut up a person with an ultra-sweet knife. Madhu Trehan wielded her questions like a cartoonist would his pencil and succeeded in allowing Mr. Sharma to make a caricature of himself. The cartoon!

  • Vijay Shanker

    He truely desrves Rajya sabha seat from Congress besides other benefits in kind.

    Is it that, for our electronic media, no other journalist is available in India ?

  • Preeti

    Vinod Sharma is dirty, filthy, ugly and everything that is wrong with media nowadays. I always wonder how this man go to bed every night! Permanent sneer on his face and his devil smile make me cringe and make me ask the nature why such person exist in this world?. If I had to make a continuum of good (0) and evil (10) I will put this man on evil extreme. This man has no conscience. I have started to skip the debate in which he is panelist.

  • SSC

    Masterpiece! Really enjoyed Madhuji’s skewering!

  • How is the HT,one wonders, suffering Vinod Sharma as its political editor? This Congress centric journalist goes out of his way to support the Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty on TV panel discussions.He usually makes an ass of himself with his absurd views to defend GOI’s actions.He stoods fully exposed while being interviewed by a seasoned journalist like Madhu Trehan. A K SAXENA (A retired civil servant)

  • Mukesh

    Two great journalists at their offensive and defensive best.

  • sanjay

    i salllllllllllute madhuji who bring down the mask of mr sharma and i pray god to give him strength and speek truth as he lost his only son i am very sorry for this and i request mr sharma please introspect and speak truth

  • Indian

    If all such sick seculars show such a love and respect to Pakistan, then I am wondering that what they are doing in India, because on records Pakistan is our enemy and people on our soil if love Pakistan then they must be forcefully thrown out to that country for being traitor in India. I think then they will live happily there.
    How this person proclaim himself as Indian and telling openly that : “party which doesn’t want to have anything to do with 20 crore citizens of this country (Muslims) has no place in my country.” What actually has he done for India till date?

  • Playfiar

    The guy is so defensive and very self opinionated that I strongly belive that he belives that the sun shines out of his you know what!!

  • Rajeev Choudhary

    So he was in Pakistan for 4 years…. Hmmm eyebrows raised. Looks like he is trained well..and doing a very good job..What I never understand is that the self claimed greatest journalist Ravish Kumar always calls him in debate panel but never discloses that he is a member of minority commission appointed by Sonia Gandhi apart from being a quarter part time journalist.

  • V.S. Gopalakrishnan

    A dynasty admirer…

  • GandiBaat

    This “respected” secularist is fond of adjusting his trousers in full view of female colleagues and is prone to involuntary bursts of such wildly descriptive words as Baancho!!!!! Maacho!!!!! without caring for who is getting offended by it. More power to Agent Vinod!!