Can You Take It Manu Joseph?

Editor of Open Magazine, Manu Joseph speaks to Madhu Trehan on the source of the Radia tapes, how unpleasant it is to expose journalists, why he never called Barkha before the story broke and much more.

Editor of Open Magazine, Manu Joseph speaks to Madhu Trehan on the source of the Radia tapes, how unpleasant it is to expose journalists, why he never called Barkha before the story broke and much more.

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  • @LSRstudent

    Typical South Indian state of mind!! Others can generalise too Mr.Manu Joseph.

  • Binoy Shanker Prasad

    After the interview Madhu Trehan compliments Manu for being “very open.” I do not think so. He was beating around the bush. Moreover, he sounded a bit confused to me. He seemed to be contradicting himself at many places: He is for Bombay but after his baby daughter is born he is not so much for Bombay; a journalist should tell the truth but then he has regards for his professional colleagues also and he wouldn’t like to expose them; then, retrospectively he thinks he should have given the right answer on a tv show. Then again, ridiculously, Manu wants to tread his honest path as a journalist, but very cleverly shields his corporate employer. He would also like not to offend his readers who could be potential buyers of his novels.
    Unfortunately, this 35-minute interview clip could not do a lot of service to the viewers. First of all, Madhu should have put the questions in a little perspective for those viewers who didn’t know the background and Manu should have been quite honest and direct in answering questions.
    A simple definition of a journalist is to trace the truth, gather the facts, verify them and report them keeping their audience in mind. In the absence of independent verification, the two sides of the story or interpretation must be presented before the readers/viewers who may form their informed opinion.
    The field of journalism appears to be sadly crowded by people who have to move up the socio-economic hierarchy by any means and they are prepared to make any compromise.

  • Ashish Khushu

    Honest and Simple. He was himself and thats good

  • TJ

    Delhi people assess you based on conversation. Bombay people don’t ever get into conversation, they just “faff.”

    Therefore, Bombay > Delhi.



    “CAN YOU TAKE IT” section of newslaundary should be renamed “MUTUAL MASTURBATION CLUB”. this show is nothing but A PURSUIT IN THE CONFIRMATION OF JOURNALISTIC ETHICS of some of those journalist who don’t even deserve to be a teacher in MUNICIPALITY RUN PRIMARY SCHOOLS in the country. THOSE WHO CAN’T DO ANYTHING BECOMES JOURNALISTS. this is their own admission not my interpretation. all people with zero talent, zero caliber and zero intellect are journalists today. LOOSERS.

  • Sreenivasan

    I think this was a good interview, one in which the person explained why Mumbai is different from Delhi, which expectedly a lot of people in Delhi still don’t agree. So to add to what Manu said, Mumbai is a safer place which toughens up people. While I know NL is short-staffed, there should be someone to moderate the comments especially when they are close to being called racist comments.

  • Dr know

    Err the Radia Tapes happened two years ago no? Has Open done anything of note thereafter?

  • Self-declared intellectual

    LOL, I liked it best when he said “because you are very rich” to Madhu Trehan regarding why she “fits in so well” in Delhi’s neo-colonial, pseudo-intellectual and show-offy (but in reality thoroughly vacuous) “culture”.

    BTW, I saw Madhu in a video of the HT Summit 2007 (yes, the one where every single one of these English-language mainstream media “journalists”, including Madhu, and headed by champion Congressi spinmeister Rajdeep Sardesai himself, decided to gang together to spew venom, needle, and ask absolutely unnecessary/repetitive/irrelevant and offensive questions to an unsuspecting Narendra Modi just a month or so before the 2007 Gujarat elections). Somebody has kindly uploaded a video of that event on Youtube … do watch it. Anyway, I think Madhu had short, greyish (white) hair and a better sense of grace for her age then … and look at her now. Boodhhi ghodi lal lagaam? 🙂

  • Vivek Achar

    Manu Joseph still answer clearly why he dint contact Barkha before the story broke.

  • Vivek Achar

    Still Dint answer**

  • Manu Joseph – Only person sticking to her brief was Niira Radia. Bang on. All other protagonists betrayed their subjects.

  • why was Manu Joseph chosen to expose?..i was expecting madhu to ask this question..

  • Ambrish

    I learnt the following from this interview :

    1. The tapes were sent by someone from the govt. perhaps in behest of some corporate OR a rival camp in govt.
    2. Manu knows who sent the tapes,he was only a journalism on his part (full of stories,good he is planning to write novels hereafter).
    3. Now we know nothing again.

  • Vagus Nerve

    Pretty wasted discussion about the Delhi versus Mumbai comparison. Hasn’t the latter caught up with the former as being the most pathetic places to live.. In terms of the archetype “Delhi” wala versus “Mumbai” wala, there is no argument about the former as as a symbolic representation of the systemic and attitudinal rot within our nation. What say.

  • Shiv Kumar Mishra

    Your interviews are more conversation thank court room questioning, Loved it, Thanks a ton.

  • GJ

    wats with editing your questions[6:56] madhu?