NL Interviews Shoma Chaudhury

Shoma Chaudhury, Tehelka’s Managing Editor speaks on Tarun Sehrawat, “not wanting to create a wall between editor and reporter”, the learnings from his death, Mathew Samuel being “off-radar” for the organisation and the TV camera's role.

Shoma Chaudhury, Tehelka’s Managing Editor speaks on Tarun Sehrawat, “not wanting to create a wall between editor and reporter”, the learnings from his death, Mathew Samuel being “off-radar” for the organisation and the TV camera’s role.

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  • Dheer

    An audio only version would be great(separately)

  • Ravindra

    Scroll to 22.10 in the interview — “Nora Ephron, veteren war journalist, just died in Syria”. Really, Shoma? Do you expect anyone to take you seriously after this howler? And you complain about factual errors of other reporters!

    • Sati

      Nora Ephron is dead at 71. Ephron died of complications from myelodysplasia, a blood disorder she was diagnosed with six years ago, The Washington Post…

      • yogi

        agrre just chked this in wiki………..shoma dont debate……….just to create noise………….respect tehelka……….

  • Max

    Stop with the “you knows” !! What kind of a managing editor uses a filler so many times within an interview ? A classic example of someone who grand stands and tries to portray herself more intelligent than she is. E.g: Minimal usage of conjunctions, using words which aren’t used in spoken english commonly but widely used in written form. I heard “ubiquitous” twice, what’s wrong with everywhere or omnipresent which’d be understood easily by most people. Final evidences of her lack of knowledge, doesn’t know the name of interviewer even though she has been to Newslaundry many times and… ‘drum rolls please’ Nora Ephron a war journalist ? Wow, sure Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry met Sally were no less than wars, but as a metaphor girl, not a fact.

  • Armaan Nayar

    For heaven sake,paid journalist of CONGRESS, Shoma you are a blot on the face of journalism. i have been a witness to your baseless, idiotic and moronic defense of abhishek man singhvi on his sleaze cd tactics. how much were you paid for that. Your exhibition of journalistic NON-ETHICS were at complete and full display on that day. earlier i used to think that this lady has 50% credibility as she SOME TIMES notify correct facts to the viewer. but now i know you are on payroll of congress (10 RUPEES A DAY I GUESS) and it doesn’t need any documentary evidence to authenticate but what it need is reading between the lines what you say.Whenever you open your mouth in any TV debate, you pronounces utter nonsense. Brainless, biased and subjective people like you are better equip for job of workers of political party. and you idiot, NORA EPHRON was a play-writer and screen writer not a war journalist. FROM WHERE DO YOU COLLECT YOUR FACTS-let me guess hmmmmmmmmmm…………………..yes, PUNJAB KESARI. Loosers and inefficient people like you deserve blue collar jobs. And somebody please send this nauseating OVERGROWN SCHOOL CHILD called abhinandan to KG classes where he should learn how to speak in human way. i am tired of commenting on this guy as i hate repetition which is his forte in conduct, intellectual manifestation and most importantly in killing the inherent diversity of every new individual. Get a life you both loosers.

  • Armaan Nayar

    This lady called SHOMA was shouting on the top of roof on vulnerability of fair sex in NCR region on some paid news channel one day where her only purpose was to bring down an experienced MALE police officer with assistance of one equally idiotic and brainless lady who was murmuring taunts in between and now you listen to her views on Assam Molestation case. your analogy of this case with mob and solutions you provided speaks a lot about you socio-political upbringing which certainly seems to be embedded in PARADOX and nothing else. IT was so immoral even to listen to her views on assam case. GET LOST SHOMA

  • Hehe Shoma is a total fraud! Marie Colvin must be thinking “Gosh I died in vain in Syria! Nora Ephron gets the credit!”
    Credibility thy name is Shoma chaudhury!

  • Armaan Nayar

    Her defense on death of her investigative journalist is just ABSURD and challenges rationality, common sense and BASIC HUMANISTIC LOGIC. what poor articulation of non-action.

  • Nishant

    Shoma made some good points. Surely Tehelka has learnt its lesson and will be more careful in the future. But hindsight is 20/20 and it is impossible for any news organization to foresee all the kinds of risks their journalists will be exposed to. Tehelka has been struggling to survive for several years so one cannot expect them to have checklists and tutorials like some mega corporation. I am surprised to hear that they have to think twice before buying medical insurance for their employees! I don’t know what the financial situation is now, but it is no secret that their journalists/reporters used to be amongst the most poorly paid in the industry. If the reporters stay on it is out of commitment core journalistic values and nothing else.

  • Khosla

    Haha !! She kept calling Abhinandan Aditya !! She is stupid

  • Rahul Shanbhag

    hearing the most shameless media crook talk about media morality is adorable… shoma don’t talk about morality as long as you continue to suck on congress…

  • jhaditya4u

    she is hawttttt sexy!!!!

  • Shyam

    Two questions that madhu should ask Shoma’:

    1. Some people say Tehelka was bailed out by Sonia gandhi. is that true? Can you list out your ‘expose’s of any congress scams?
    2. In your website, why is there no provision for comments? is it because you don’t think there is anything worth hearing from your readers or that you may not like to hear what they say?

  • Vivek Achar

    I second the view of Armaan Nayar that…SHOMA is a paid journalist of CONGRESS.

  • smak

    I think Tehelka’s response at the death of their journalist is a case in point where their lack of self-reflection and inability to hold the mirror to themselves is apparent. The current rape case, which the management is refusing to acknowledge is not surprising then. The problem with the Indian media is that it suffers from the same delusion of they as upholders of morality, like the rest of us do. Besides, the journalist does look like an Aditya.