Can You Take It Kuldip Nayar?

Kuldip Nayar speaks to Madhu Trehan about exonerating General Thapar, his love affair with Pakistan, asking for the Kohinoor back, interviewing AQ Khan, leaders who only thought of their own political gain, and why he left out MO Mathai’s interview on his relationship with Indira Gandhi.

Kuldip Nayar speaks to Madhu Trehan about exonerating General Thapar, his love affair with Pakistan, asking for the Kohinoor back, interviewing AQ Khan, leaders who only thought of their own political gain, and why he left out MO Mathai’s interview on his relationship with Indira Gandhi.

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  • Armaan Nayar

    oh ! can’t stop laughing at 0:10. madhu looks like as if she earnestly and generously want to learn MODERN INDIAN HISTORY as a disciple from KULDEEP JI.

  • Armaan Nayar

    madhu so funny at 30:18..

  • Armaan Nayar

    FANTASTIC INTERVIEW- the only interview where madhu asked questions which i personally wanted to ask kuldeep. kuldeep is from that generation when journalists and common people used to boot-lick politicians coz of freedom struggle hangover. if he would have been a journalist today, i would have given shit to him. A DUFFER IDIOT who can be least respected coz of his age (thanks to hindu virtue of respecting elders) but i can’t even do that (because i don’t believe in this virtue). LISTEN OLD MAN- YOU HAVE JUST MADE CONNECTIONS ALL YOUR LIFE, ENJOYED YOUR ACCESS TO EVERYWHERE and then you blame others who have made you suffered (not in this interview but in one print media interview). YOU HAVE DONE NO SERVICE TO NATION but BEHAVED LIKE A CORRUPT BUREAUCRAT WHO WANT TO HAVE A GOVT RANK IN SOME FRAUD COMMISSION EVEN AFTER RETIREMENT. i am sure if your telephonic conversation with yasin malik would had been out( there must be some record even now though), you had been called traitor. though what barkha-rajdeep-vir sanghvi-prabhu chawla did was alarmingly “no error of judgement” but at least you don’t have any right to say that today’s journalist acts on a script. THAT’S ONLY FOR US, THE COMMON MAN TO DECIDE. i found your actions far more biased, prejudiced, good for nothing, pleasing bosses. YOU WERE A SELFISH LOSER and WILL REMAIN SO MR. KULDEEP irrespective of your “claimed” high ranking which is of no use if it stinks with QUID PRO QUO. I WANT MORE SUCH INTERVIEW FROM MADHU.

    • Ashish

      Bang on the nailhead, Mr Nayar

  • Brijesh

    Well done, Madhu. Even though Mr. Nayyar has said nothing new at least for fellows like me who has had family in the service of the nation for over 100 years, but at least it is now out on record for those who needed to knwo better.
    More strengt to your elbows.

  • Ashish Khushu

    congratulations again for a fantastic conversation. dont like calling these “interviews”

  • Aware Indian

    Kuldeep Nayar is lucky he was born (and lives) in a weak and impotent country like India where the vast majority of people are brainless morons who don’t even know what is good for them. Cancerous insects like him would have been weeded out in any other country by now, and he would have long been jailed for outright sedition and treason against his own people.

  • Sandip Ghose

    Totally agree with Armaan Nayar. Had written exactly the same thing in my Blog:

  • Raghav

    Kuldip Nayar is a over rated and over hyped journalist and a mediocre writer,always looking for an opportunity at self aggrandizement.Anyway in his heydays,he didn’t have much competition,he was lucky guy,right man in right place at right time! Except for his defiance of Emergency,he has nothing much to boast of. Of course his unstinting efforts at Indo-Pak peace & reconciliation is welcome. He is more popular in Pakistan than he is in India!I used to be a great admirer of his in my youth during his “Statesman” days,however, I grew up!He never came clean on mystery surrounding Shastri’s death. He writes about the people only after their death when no one is in a position to rebut !Kuldip is absolutely wrong about Chandrasekhar, CS was shocked when Devilal proposed VPSingh, everyone knows that CS hated VPS vehmently. Madhu has done a great job, she has made the old man squirm. But comparing Nayar with Barkhadutt is a travesty! Barkha is a kid!

  • Armaan Nayar

    your blog is mr. sandip ghose. keep it

  • Armaan Nayar

    your blog is good mr. sandip ghose. keep it up,

  • Raghav

    Long after he ceased to be information officer to PM, he continued to occupy Govt bungalow on Tughlak Road, he enjoyed all the perks he could and fully exploited his contacts.He got respectful position as son in law of Justice Sachar.He in his books, not only twisted facts, but has given wrong information.

    • Ashok Jahnavi Prasad

      Am not sure of the other facts you mention but Nayar’s father-in-law was Bhimsen Sachar a veteran Congressman and freedom fighter and not Justice Sachar.

      • Raghav

        I am sorry, my mistake. Neverthless Mr.Sachar was a very tall & influential figure who helped Kuldip build bridges and establish contacts.

  • Smita

    ‘A lot of young journalists will learn from you!’ !!!!!!!

    No further comments.

  • Dhobi Miyan

    ….we give more than we get……Madhu, do you mean you gave more bodies in Gujarat than you got in Godhra? or in 84..

  • Why can’t other journalists ask questions like Madhu does ?



  • Vivek Achar

    Nice Interview 🙂

    Tatto thing really a good catch

  • indianajones

    KN appears to be truly a father of “politician- journalist phenomena”- who has borne children like bDutt, kKetkar, Rsardesai, who are Congress politicians and mouth pieces making money from being called journalists. It’s clear why Kn is shy of calling bDutt an agent of Congress party as evident from Radiatapes. KN himself admits to acting as an agent for Yasim Malik/ Kashniri separatists to provide a safe passage to the terrorists 🙂

  • Bhaskar

    Madhu you won my heart for keeping Radia’s case alive. Thank you.

  • Arpita Seth

    Kindly post the entire interview

  • Anvesh Praturi

    This is directly addressed to Madhu Trehan.While you try keeping some important issues live, it definitely comes across that you strongly believe that “Morally Upright Journalism” has to be “Anti-Establishment vis-a-vis the Congress as it has been on power for the most part post independence.Every issue and decision in a democracy always has pros and cons.The luxury of looking back at incidents during the 60’s and 70’s and so on gives us an adavntage of looking at with a differnet perspective.Had some of those decisions not been taken, it would have been a hypothetical scenario which no one can assure world have been better than what unfolded.While you always accuse other journalists of being oriented politically and mixing up it with their profession, What are you doing?How does being anti- establishment become a parameter to call yourself a paragon of truthful journalism.A totalitarian objective can never be achieved in a democracy and if you are looking for leaders to not make mistakes or atleast not be perceived to have made mistakes..I guess we are living in a fools paradise.Leaders are not people who are celestial beings descending from the heaven. I am not writing this in specific to this one interview but in general having seen most of the videos and followed your work apart from this website.I am a working professional in the United States and I have no political bias in writing this.I would have certainly this even if the BJP would have been as dominant as the congress or even in an extremely hypothetical situation of “Annarchy” prevailing upon the country.

  • Himanshu Tyagi

    Whenever I see Indian news channels, I find it hard to distinguish facts from opinions, inquisitions from propagandas, and pertinent content from sensational content. And there is this pretentious self-introspection: “do you think media was at fault here?,” as if the media is an external entity. It is entertaining no doubt, but I always feel as if they take us all for fools. Thanks for keeping things simple for us lesser mortals Newslaundry.

  • Raj

    My Nayyar’s interview of Khan was an amazing piece of journalism. It nailed Pakistan’s complicity in the N Bomb scandal. I wonder if the losers who abuse him on this site have any achievements to speak of.

  • Ni Vas

    He is just old, he should just get rest. We can call him a pakistan journalist. He don’t tell pakistan anything…but tell india to keep cool with neighborhood comparing how we should live goondas in the neighborhood..what a class !