Giant Step Out of the Closet

HT lands a scoop. Reveals Neil Armstrong really took a giant step for mankind by pioneering a sexual revolution. Who knew!

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  • aThiEsT

    Wow! Sometimes even Trehan talks sense!

  • Aware Indian

    Good to see Madhu Trehan FINALLY waking up to what has been blindingly obvious to
    almost every educated, aware and intelligent Indian for the past several
    years. Though I must add that if *this* opinion piece in IE by the husband-wife duo of Javed Anand and Teesta Setalvad is really what opened Madhu’s eyes to the nature of India’s hypocritical “secularism”, then I wonder in what world had she been living all this while in the first place?! I can easily recount at least 1000 other instances (all in the past decade) that precisely make Madhu’s points, and even more strongly than this stupid Javed-Teesta article.

    What surprises me even more is that Madhu ever held *any* respect for Javed and Teesta at all! Remember what Teesta remarked on the day when 60 pilgrims returning from a trip to the makeshift Ram temple at Ayodhya (including 40 women and children) were burnt alive by a Muslim mob in Godhra in Gujarat in 2002? Read it in the last paragraph at or at

    “While I condemn today’s
    gruesome attack, you cannot pick up an incident in isolation. Let us not
    forget the provocation. These people were not going for a benign
    assembly. They were indulging in blatant and unlawful mobilization to
    build a temple and deliberately provoke the Muslims in India.”

    Have you ever read a more blatantly mischievous misrepresentation of facts, and a more flagrantly incendiary and grossly insensitive remark? Please remember, this was *after* the Godhra Sabarmati Express train burning but *before* any retaliatory Hindu violence against Muslims (that subsequently became the infamous 2002 two-sided riots). Firstly, those people were *pilgrims* returning from the makeshift Ram Lalla temple at Ayodhya. But even if Teesta was right that they were “blatantly mobilizing to build a temple”, then how the HELL is that unlawful? How the HELL is that provoking a Muslim mob so much that they resort to the cold-blooded murder of 60 pilgrims (including 40 women and children) by burning them alive in a train carriage? Can you imagine the “secular” UPROAR that would have happened had Narendra Modi made the above statements (replace “temple” with “mosque” and “Muslims” with “Hindus”)?

    So I am definitely surprised that Madhu Trehan EVER had ANY respect AT ALL for confirmed Islamofascist terrorists and violence-condoning bigots like Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand. Teesta was *never* a do-gooder or a social activist. She was always a political pawn of the Congress who has relentlessly pursued (and pushed) Congress’ cynical minortyist appeasement and votebank agenda. “Communal Combat”, the NGO-cum-publication agency managed by Teesta and Javed receives millions of dollars in funding from the Congress. She has even ghostwritten other persons’ affidavits filed in court. The Supreme Court of India even warned her against continuing to commit perjury a year or so back. Sadly, both her husband and she will likely escape prison time for their hate speeches, defamation, evidence tampering, perjury and other frauds, because she is known to be extremely close to Sonia Gandhi and her all-powerful secretary Ahmed Patel.

    But the problem runs deeper than just the Teesta-Javed duo. Like I said above, I can give 1000s of other such openly hypocritical examples where mainstream media journalists who pass themselves as “liberal tolerant intellectuals” are in reality the worst kind of fascist bigots. “Secularism” has become a *thoroughly* abused word in India. Any Muslim action (even if violent) is always condoned and any Hindu action (even if peaceful) is denounced as “provocation”.

    For Madhu Trehan and others: Please read Minhaz Merchant’s several brilliant articles on India’s pseudo-secular votebank politics and how it conspires to keep the Muslims impoverished, uneducated. ghettoized, and shackled, instead of empowering them. Some Google search strings: “minhaz merchant sham secularism” (parts 1 and 2) and “minhaz merchant ayatollahs of secularism” (parts 1 and 2).

    PS: Madhu, if you have *really* have any evidence or footage to show that Narendra Modi was responsible (in any way) for the Gujarat 2002 riots, then please contact the Supreme Court of India and/or the SC-appointed SC-monitored Special Investigation Team IMMEDIATELY. (You are actually actively breaking the law if you are withholding any relevant evidence.) But if you do *not* have any such evidence, then please realize that you are indulging in defamation, slander, and possibly even contempt.

    • Amit

      You wrote an amazingly great piece especially the one about teesta setalvad but you spoiled it with the last para iam sorry to say.

      • Aware Indian

        Sorry if you feel that way, but I stand by what I said in the last para. Personally, I have not seen one shred of hard factual evidence or footage that could clinch Narendra Modi’s culpability (either direct or indirect) in the Gujarat 2002 riots. Given that, I would firmly believe our legal and justice system. Please note that the CBI took over the case within months of the riots, and the CBI has been under Congress/UPA for the past 8 years. Also note that the SC appointed and monitored the SIT (comprising retd CBI investigating officers) to look into the riots. If still there is no evidence (as per the SIT and the SC) to prosecute (or even chargesheet) Modi, then I just don’t understand why the media / “intellectuals” / talking heads feel necessary to personally convict him as guilty? And if they really have some evidence to make them feel that Modi was indeed guilty, then why would they not share it with the SC to see whether it “holds up” as well as to get justice done?

    • Aware Indian

      People are asking me to substantiate my claim that Teesta Setalvad and her NGO-cum-publication “Communalism Combat” receives funds from the Congress party:

      has even blatantly accepted this fact in an interview herself! The
      Congress party, CPI, CPM party, and few others contributed more than 1.5
      crores to her NGO-cum-publication “Communal Combat” to “run a sustained
      ad campaign against the BJP and the Sangh”. These are her own words!
      Read here:

      In this interview, both Javed Anand and Teesta Setalvad blandly accept that the Congress party and other political parties like CPI/CPM etc bankroll them! Moreover, just do a Google search or even read the Wikipedia articles for Teesta Setalvad and Communalism Combat.

  • Anshuman Krishna

    Refreshingly balanced perspective. I think it is wonderful that, finally, someone has been able to put across a purely humanitarian view in this clutter of vulgar vote bank politics. Your comments on the evolution / degradation in the life cycle of the social activist is also a brilliant analysis on the unfortunate diffusion of social cause with self interest driven populist agenda.

  • Kumud Singh

    As disappointing as your interviews. Madhu, try having some regard for facts before you do anything. You don’t have information base to write this , will gain you only cheap points of extremists. Bad work.

    • Richard P Feynman

      Kumud Singh: Can you elaborate as to where she has written with no regard for facts?

  • d2thdr

    What do you see now that you were unable to see a few years ago. Well this what going on for such a long time that congress lickspittals are blind to the obvious reality.

    The day when India becomes an islamic republic try writing essays supporting minorites ( Hindus for eg.) and then see how the state comes down on you.

    • secular

      it will never become an islamic republic! the country will split into fractions if some try to coerce …

  • Smita

    I’m not surprised by Teesta’s article. Those who have been following her over the years could have written this on her behalf, so well known are her opinions and rants. I am surprised that Ms Trehan has written this. 🙂 Good for you, Ms Trehan. I have seen the brickbatting you are facing on Twitter from “secular liberals” over this article. This too shall pass. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, eh?

  • Krsna2010

    Guess you were overworked and your processing time took years to understand the truth! No issues…better late than never

  • ajayendar

    Bravo Madhu Trehan! take a bow!

  • Armaan Nayar

    excellent article madhu. this is what you need to do, not some idiotic interviews. yours analysis is perfect and have no,point which cant be put to debate and thus getting a non conclusive end. it reflects what we ought to be than what we are.

    • Armaan Nayar

      its not “can’t” but “can” in the second line. in nutshell, i mean the facts given by madhu can’t be put to debate as they are unambiguously true to the core.

  • myikon

    kudos …madhu….finally u got to know teesta and her husband…….now who is communal….modi who has left behind riots in 2002 and take gujarat to new height or teesta and her team still stuck in 2002 and anti hindu mentality evenafter SIT report…..hope u would understand reality versus fiction…..
    by the way has anyone done any investigation about funds received by teesta and her NGO’S ?

    • Aware Indian

      She has even blatantly accepted as much in an interview herself! The Congress party, CPI, CPM party, and few others contributed more than 1.5 crores to her NGO-cum-publication “Communal Combat” to “run a sustained ad campaign against the BJP and the Sangh”. These are her own words! Read here:

      Moreover, just do a Google search or even read the Wikipedia articles for Teesta Setalvad and Communalism Combat.

      • myikon

        good one mate…..excellent…..good post and u should start a blog…….u r better than current journo’s

  • Ashish Pandey

    welcome to the Internet Hindus community Ms Trehan!!!now be ready to face the flak of the pseudos & even to hear urself as Communal & RSS wala or BJP sponsored journo…………….Lol!!!

  • banndwidth

    Some good points here. However, what I fail to understand is why should somebody’s silly report convert you into an internet Hindu? That seems to make no sense to me whatsoever. There will always be biased reports, but is your own viewpoint so fragile that a veteran journalist will change your belief because of them? I really am perplexed and would like your comments on this.

  • iloveindia

    now that you know the truth & believe what many of us have known for many years, why don’t you get into investigating the funds of all the linked companies, trusts, association of persons etc that are linked directly or indirectly with Teesta & Javed? Investigate & then come out with the authentic report … do put a stop to this vindictive propaganda of this duo & their henchmen & it will save our country from a LOT OF EVIL! many like me back you Madhu Trehan & bless you will LOTS OF GOOD WISHES for the same of this country & humanity… the time is NOW!

  • Roark

    Superb article by Mrs Trehan…..Second last paragraph revealing d psychology of a social activist holds ground and logic in any part f d world…..Correct analysis of d situation including d mindset f d commisoner who seem to fulfill political motives instead f performing his duty…Keep it up…We wish to see more f such laundering articles….

  • Aviral

    A Very well written article.

  • Karan Mohanty

    “To her fair works did Nature link

    The human soul that through me ran;

    And much it grieved my heart to think

    What man has made of man.”

  • Merlin

    WOW! Great article.Huge respect for u and repungance for the husband wife pair of Teesta-Anand,the self-proclaimed saviour of the muslims.You are absolutelyright that u will join the community of the “INTERNET HINDUS”, which are not sponspored by the RSS but are themselves genetically fearful of any non-hindu from outside,since the days of the aryans.Well they are so much into idiocracy,that the feel that INDIA, a country of over 70% Hindus will become an islamic republic,like many other long list of countries.The thought is suprisingly funny and stupid,given the fact that HIndus will never start using contraceptives and produce some people that come on the internet to destroy the muslims and talk of being educated with their fancy english,but still believe(religiously)that a strange monkey actually swallowed the sun and still lived.

  • Danny

    The above piece is the perfect eye opener for the so called secular activists Anand & Setalvad. Pity that they are blind. When I read the piece by them on 17 August, I was wondering how Indian Express allowed such a piece to be published? The piece was anti-secular and throws away the hypocritical secular robe that they so proudly flaunt. The minority rights issue championed by them for years is just a baseless cause a.k.a Congress cause. It is an underground polity which is played in a way not to educate the majority of the illiterate minority, but to divide the already divided minority for a vote-bank. And the Congress have largely succeeded in doing so and will continue to do so. Indian voters can’t be swayed just with the issue of non-development. We need more than that. We are used to climax and anti-climaxes, in real and reel life. And it excites us too. We don’t have much either to play around in this country. Do we? I am sure Anand & Setalvad hold Pakistani passports and if not they should apply for one, asap. They are anti-nationals and do much more harm than a AK-47 trotting Ajmal Kasab.



  • Deepali Issar

    Bravo Madhu,i appreciate your courage to write this article,we need a voice in this country of mutes!!!

  • Armaan Nayar

    ” i don’t need religion, i use hair conditioner.”

  • Dhobi Miyan

    Madhu, How difficult would it be for “you” to get confirmation if the apprehended rioter whom Ravindra Shisve held is one of the named in the FIR? If you truly believe that police “always” does what it has been trained to do then why did you mention in your show and book on the line that “if someone in power wants you inside, you will be inside”–rXynJF_8#t=14m24s . Do people in Power do it without the help of Police?