Can You Take It Carol Andrade?

Carol Andrade, Editor - Afternoon Despatch & Courier talks to Madhu Trehan about a time when The Times Of India was the best newspaper in the country, the paid content revolution in India, what journalism was and what it’s become, the Despatch’s RTI Page and more…

Carol Andrade, Editor – Afternoon Despatch & Courier talks to Madhu Trehan about a time when The Times Of India was the best newspaper in the country, the paid content revolution in India, what journalism was and what it’s become, the Despatch’s RTI Page and more…

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  • only 13 minutes. Too short, wasn’t it? Considering that the same interviewer spent 40 minutes softballing Kumar Ketkar. Good interview though. Carol seems to be refreshingly honest.

  • Gangaram

    Found the Music of ‘Can You Take It?’ here..

  • Deepa

    Forthright interview. Good to hear Carol’s views

  • Suresh Golani

    Honest, Bold and Inspiring Interview Carol Madam

  • Patrick

    Free, frank and fearless, the Carol I once knew many decades ago. You’ve made us proud. Patrick in Dubai

  • Archie

    Having worked with her both at Mid-Day and The Afternoon, one thing I can say is this… with Carol, what you see is what you get. Always brutally honest, never afraid to voice her opinion, and a wonderful person all round. Good to see you haven’t changed, Carol!

  • aam aadmi

    LOL, good catch, plagiarism by Newslaundry itself! And Madhu and this site never tires of abusing everybody else of it!

  • Aware Indian

    Once and for all, let us stop with the fawning over that land shark Anjali Damania, will you? Ha ha … she got her 60 acres of land in Karjat attached because she indulged in illegal activities. She is no saint and did not enter this “fight against corruption” for any holy reasons of serving society or the aam aadmi. The only interests she is serving and the only axes she is grinding by jumping into politics in the garb of the Arvind Kejriwal-style India Against Corruption tamasha are her own.

    Damania is a pathologist and her husband is a superwealthy stockbroker (in fact VP of Emkay Securities Ltd). Jointly they own and operate a real estate builder-developer business on the side. She filed a fraudulent 7/12 certificate falsely claiming to be a farmer (even when she quite clearly is not) to be able to buy agricultural land, by giving fake promises of creating employment for the locals. She bought tribal farmlands from native tribals even when she is not a tribal. Not just that, she illegally changed the land use pattern from agricultural to non-agricultural immediately after buying the farmlands (as a “farmer”), and began developing residential villas and commercial real estate on the illegally acquired tribal farmlands, and then resold plots cut out of the land at hefty illegal profits! All the above three actions are illegal.

    When the state govt acted against her to attach her illegally acquired land, she ran to the opposition parties for help. When the BJP refused to come to her rescue, she began badmouthing and defaming Nitin Gadkari with baseless allegations through the Kejriwal-IAC platform. It is ridiculous to even call her an “RTI activist”, let alone a whistleblower, considering Vijay Pandhare, the ex-engineer in the irrigation dept and the real whistleblower, had been shouting about the multiplying costs and diminishing returns of irrigation projects for the past several years. Damania is just a Jenny-come-lately who started participating only when her own illegally acquired land was to be acquired for the proposed Kondhane dam. It was the BJP, whose Mumbai ex-MP Kirit Somaiya had been filing PILs and fighting legal cases, whose Leader of the Opposition MLA Eknath Phadse had been raising the issue inside and outside the state assembly, and whose MLA Devendra Phadnavis had been actively raising and fighting against the irrigation scam for the past two years already. In fact it was BJP’s Phadnavis who gave hooked Damania up with Pandhare by giving her the contact details in the first place. But our “dynasty loyalist” mainstream media can obviously never give credit to the BJP for exposing and fighting the scam, and so conveniently hyped and propped up Damania as the “whistleblower”.

    The story doesn’t quite end there. This Anjali Damania, who claims to be an aam aadmi and pro-aam aadmi interests, wrote a letter to the water resources ministry and irrigation dept when trying to save her illegally acquired land and victimize her local tribal villager neighbours. She proposed to the state govt to change the alignment site of the Kondhane dam by 700 meters, so that the resulting lake would not affect her own land. She specifically wrote in her letter, that if the govt did a survey of the area, they would see that there is no “private land” beyond 700 meters, but “only adivasi land”. And so requested the govt to “leave her land alone” and “acquire the land of the adivasis and make the dam there”. This is not just complete disregard for the interests of the local adivasis, but in fact an active conspiracy against the local native tribals of Maharashtra by asking the govt to snatch the ancestral lands of the poor adivasis.

  • Aniruddha Malpani

    Such a pleasure to listen to a straightforward journalist – may your tribe increase !

  • Jatin Jhala

    Would have appreciated a question on the changed complexion of the paper since the time Behram Contractor edited it…