Can You Take It François Gautier?

François Gautier speaks to Madhu Trehan on his love for Indian spirituality, the need for a militant Hindutva, how the people of Gujarat should be on trial and not Modi, the need for a nationalist leader who’s not scared to go to war and more.

François Gautier speaks to Madhu Trehan on his love for Indian spirituality, the need for a militant Hindutva, how the people of Gujarat should be on trial and not Modi, the need for a nationalist leader who’s not scared to go to war and more.


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  • Madhuji let’s get subjective views a good bye, now no one buys it anymore! Surely you cannot dismiss Sabarmati train incident as media mistake, A Francois Gautier is required to tell the truth of what we as Indians are faking and telling lies in the name of secularism! Salute to this man for speaking truth with convection! Madhuji please stop subjective gospel! This interview must bee seen by all!

    • Satyam Sharma

      Very poor (perhaps willful feigning of factual incorrectness to push forward WRONG opinions) performance by Madhu Trehan. The bit about just assigning the entire responsibility for communal riots on political parties (be it BJP in 2002-Gujarat or Congress in 1969-Ahmedabad/1983-Nellie/1984-Delhi/1987-Hashimpura/1989-Bhagalpur/1992-Bombay/1993-Surat/2012-Assam), and absolving the ordinary people who willfully join violent mobs to indulge in street massacres, is factually wrong and disingenuous. Some more point-wise comments:

      Madhu Trehan: “Don’t you think that by becoming militant, we (Hindus/Indians) are reducing ourselves to the level of the Islamofascists terrorists and/or violent western/European colonialists?”

      Comment: NO. Did Madhu even hear what Francois Gautier tells her in the interview? He explicitly said that it is alright (he invoked an example from the Bhagavad Gita) to become militant or violent to DEFEND yourself. He explicitly explained how the current situation demands the self-defense of Dharma (truth / culture / heritage / society, or what Francois calls as “ancient knowledge”). This is NOT ANALOGOUS to Islamic terrorism or western/European colonialism that were and are implicitly OFFENSIVE in nature.

      Francois Gautier: “This passive, tolerant, liberal, secular, peaceful and accommodating behaviour of extending a hand of friendship in spite of repeated betrayals and explicit bad intentions of your enemy is a typical aspect of Hinduness.” (By “Hinduness” here, Francois quite clearly means Sanatan Dharma (or possibly Bharatiyata, as he himself used the term “Indian-ness” as a synonym once during the interview), or the Indian ethos and “way of life”, instead of the narrow western definition of “Hinduism” that limits itself to theistic religious worship of a God in the person of Vishnu and Shiva.)

      Madhu Trehan: “No, there is nothing Hindu about it, it is a political stand.”

      Comment: Madhu is WRONG again. Tell me ONE other nation in the world that has been so accommodating and forgiving towards its outright ENEMIES than what India has been (right from the times of the Mahajanapadas, to the times of Prithviraj Chauhan, to present-day India vis-a-vis Pakistan)? Also, tell me, would India have been an equally peaceful, relaxed, accommodating and tolerant society, if the underpinnings of our society were based upon anything other than Sanatan Dharma? BE HONEST and tell me, would we have been even just a secular country, had we been 80% Muslim instead of 80% “Hindu”? BE HONEST and tell me, would we have been a peaceful non-imperialistic country that never attacked/invaded/colonized any other nation ever, had we been 80% Christian instead of 80% “Hindu”? So it is a FACT that we are a passive, tolerant, liberal, secular, peaceful and accommodating nation PRECISELY and ONLY because our society is almost entirely based upon Indian-ness (Bharatiyata, or Sanatan Dharma, whatever you may wish to call it). (After all, even the Muslim or Christian minorities of India were “Hindus” till a few generations back, and hence carry essentially the same cultural ethos — no wonder the “Indianized” form of Islam, Sufism, is more liberal and relaxed than the other sects in the Islamic world.)

      Madhu Trehan: “If Narendra Modi is such a great and efficient leader, then why didn’t he catch the Godhra train-burning perpetrators within 24 hours and hang them in public within 48 hours instead of allowing riots to occur for 2-3 days?”

      Comment: This is an utterly nonsensical and profoundly naive argument, that Madhu had also made to Arun Shourie. It is SHOCKING that someone with 30 years journalism experience could make such a ridiculous non-argument. The suggestion of “instant justice” is in itself immature (as also unrealistic). We have, thankfully, a good justice system in this country where “summary trials” and “next-day executions” do not (and cannot) occur. In any case, is Madhu seriously suggesting that the conspirators of the mob that burnt down the Sabarmati express would not have denied their role (or alleged an “accident” inside the carriage, as the Congress/UPA and Laloo Yadav later did try to propagandize) and avoided the law by hook or by crook? Look no further than Ajmal Kasab — the 26/11 attacks with 300 fatalities were equally dastardly and devastating as the burning alive of 60 pilgrims returning from Ayodhya, and we also had CCTV evidence, audio transcripts of satellite phone conversations between terrorists and their masterminds in Karachi, 100s of items of irrefutable documentary proofs and a solid case against him, and YET the justice system of this country could hang him only after 4 years (yes, that is FOUR LONG YEARS)! Then what is she talking about Modi being able to hang the Godhra conspirators “publicly” (which would have been illegal, by the way) in a matter of 48 hours?! Also, like Francois already told to her before the question, that region has had a long history of communal tensions and TWO-SIDED riots. But even if that was any other part of India, it is highly unlikely that a provocation as blatant and flagrant as the Sabarmati burning would have gone unnoticed or without retaliation. Yes, communal riots are huge tragedies and societal screw-ups, yes yes yes, but one CANNOT just close one’s eyes and assume they do not exist or wish them away.

      Madhu Trehan: “… planned riots in Gujarat in 2002 when innocent Muslims were killed …” (… same old baseless lies and factually incorrect propaganda …)

      (Fact 1.) The 2002 communal violence in Gujarat was one of the SMALLEST ever communal riots in independent India’s history. 1984 Delhi, 1983 Nellie, 1989 Bhagalpur, 1987 Hashimpura, 1969 Ahmedabad, 1992 Mumbai, 1993 Surat, 2012 Assam, etc, were all much LARGER riots in terms of people killed as well as those displaced. Yes yes yes, even one death is a death too many, yes yes yes, but like I said above, communal tensions do exist and riots do occur all over the WORLD and probably more so in India. Therefore, THIS DEBATE NEEDS TO BE OBJECTIVE AND BASED ON HARD FACTS, AND NOT WISHY-WASHY SUBJECTIVE NONSENSE BASED ON PREJUDICED OPINIONS.

      (Fact 2.) The Gujarat riots were TWO-SIDED riots. It is NOT that “only innocent Muslims” got killed. A huge number of “innocent Hindus” were also killed, why does nobody talk about them?! Why is everybody always only ever feeding the same old false victimhood complex among Indian Muslims, with baseless allegations of “govt-orchestrated planned riots” and Tehelka-propagandized outright false stories of “disembowelment of pregnant women” THAT NEVER EVEN HAPPENED in reality (as per SC-monitored SIT report)?! Why don’t you give hard documentary evidence for your fake sob stories for a change?!

      (Fact 3.) It is FALSE PROPAGANDA that “thousands of Muslims” were killed by “goons affiliated to Gujarat govt or BJP”. After coming to power, the Congress/UPA govt set up multiple judicial commissions and enquiries on the post-Godhra 2002 Gujarat riots. As per the Congress/UPA govt’s own statement in parliament, the post-Godhra communal riots led to the deaths of ~800 Muslims and ~250 Hindus. (The latter number does not even include the 60-odd Hindu pilgrims (of whom 40 were women and children) returning from Ayodhya who were burnt alive in the S-6 coach of the Sabarmati Express at Signal Falia in Godhra, the mass-murder incident that led to the post-Godhra riots.) Is the number “800” fit to be called “thousands”? Is this not purposeful and mischievous exaggeration? Are two-sided “riots” in which 800 Muslims and 250 Hindus die worthy of being called “pogroms” or a “genocide”? Can the latter terms be applied to every single act of widespread violence? Does the media even know the difference between two-sided “riots” and one-sided “genocide”? Or are they purposefully blatantly lying and spreading mischievous misinformation propaganda?

      (Fact 4.) Nearly ~200 of the respondents against whom FIRs relating both to the Godhra massacre and the post-Godhra communal riots have been filed, are Congress politicians. Nearly 25 Congress politicians and workers have already been convicted for their crimes by the courts. Congress politicians totally dominate the list of convicted masterminds of the Godhra train burning incident. Mehmud Hussain Kalota was the convener of the Congress Panchmahal district minority cell and president of the Godhra municipal corporation. Salim Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh was the president of the Youth Congress Panchmahal district. Farroukh Bhana was secretary of the Congress Panchmahal district committee. Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Ghantia and Haji Bilal were known Congress workers. These are all CONVICTED criminals who did the Godhra Sabarmati Express massacre. Even in the post-Godhra communal riots, Congress politicians participated from both Muslim and Hindu sides to mass-murder the opposite community. Ahmedabad Mayor Himmatsinh Patel was a Congressman. Baroda MLA Mehrsinh Chaudhry was a Congressman. Baroda Deputy Mayor Nissar Bapu was a Congressman. And these Congress politicians were leading different mobs from different sides throughout the nights for street massacres and mass-murdering Hindus as well as Muslims. There are pending FIRs and cases against all of them. But why is the entire media hung up solely on Narendra Modi and the BJP/RSS?

      (Fact 5.) The case against Narendra Modi is totally false and politically motivated. Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand have shamelessly accepted in multiple interviews that they get crores of rupees worth of funding from the Congress and the CPM, as well as from dubious foreign agencies. Sanjiv Bhatt and Manoj Mitta (TOI journalist) ghostwrite affidavits for other “witnesses” under the guidance of Teesta and Javed, and all of them are in the dock now on charges of perjury, something even noted by the COURTS. Narendra Modi, on the other hand, has come out unscathed, after the Justices Nanavati-Mehta judicial commission enquiries as well as the SC-appointed SC-monitored CBI Special Investigation Team reports completely exonerated him of any wrongdoing whatsoever. The “failing to rein in the riots quickly” charge against Modi is also without substance. The army was called in within 2 days, and got deployed by the 3rd day in most districts of the state. Police and paramilitary help was sought (but not received) from the neighbouring states of Rajasthan, MP and Maharashtra too, all three of which were under Congress govts in 2002. If anything, Modi did a terrific job in containing such a widespread outbreak of violence in a large state like Gujarat that has seen many communal riots since independence. But the 2002 riots are the only riots to be overhyped, both to attack Modi and the BJP, as well as to sweep the Congress’ own massive riots (1984 Delhi, 1983 Nellie, 1989 Bhagalpur, 1987 Hashimpura, 1969 Ahmedabad, 1992 Mumbai, 1993 Surat, 2012 Assam, etc) that were even bigger in scale and casualties, and raged on for weeks and months, under the carpet. It is a testimony to the Gujarat govt’s prompt actions that the 2002 riots were contained quickly and were therefore less destructive than many others in the history of modern India.

      Madhu Trehan: “K. P. S. Gill and the Indian State resorted to subverting human rights and doing police encounters to firmly put down the separatist insurgency and terrorism in Punjab in the 80s. (Something similar had to be done in Kashmir in the 90s.) But how can you compare this with the 2002 Gujarat riots?”

      Comment: This is a false charge. Like he mentioned, Francois was comparing police encounters in Punjab, Kashmir or Maharashtra (as a means of firmly putting down terrorism) with similar police encounters in Gujarat (specifically Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tulsi Prajapati, the famous underworld criminals linked to Dawood Ibrahim, and also to the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Pakistani ISI). Madhu should have immediately apologized to Francois for misquoting his article — simultaneously, she should fire whoever (some junior NL staffer may be) gave her those talking points and cheatsheets about Francois’ articles.

      Francois Gautier: “If I am a man and my wife and children are roasted alive and brutally murdered in a violent mob action by a community with whom I have several years of social and communal tension, then even I may have taken to the streets in violent retaliation.”

      Comment: This is a perfectly UNDERSTANDABLE analysis of what happens in communal riots. (Note, I said, “understandable” and NOT “desirable”.) Francois is only analyzing why and how riots happen. Like a popular Kamal Hassan movie (“Hey Ram”) about the 14 August 1946 Direct Action Day riots, when a man loses his entire family (wife, children, other relatives) in a day, it is NATURAL that he may lose his sense of morality or personal safety, and become obsessed with an overbearing desire for vengeance and retribution. It is then that one decides to take the law in one’s own hands and vent out his anger on whoever he finds to be a representative of the evil that consumed his own family and life. This is NOT how things SHOULD be, but we live in a practical and REAL WORLD, and this is how things ARE, whether we like it or not. That, and only that, was Francois Gautier’s point, which was completely missed by Madhu Trehan.

      Francois Gautier: “I speak the truth. If that makes you call me a fundamentalist, then so be it.”
      Comment: Touche!

      PS: Finally, one needs to understand and internalize, once and for all, that politics and society (any social construct, be it culture or community) are INSEPARABLE. I was particularly pained to see Madhu Trehan making the same ridiculous and nonsensical non-argument about Godhra (“Modi should have caught and publicly hung the perpetrators the very next day to prevent public rioting”, that she also made to Shourie) here to Francois. I often think that these comment sections are provided by NL just for readers to chat among themselves, while the holy exalted editors and authors can continue to remain ensconced in their ivory towers and persist with their one-way top-down opinionated agenda.

      • The Muslims can actually claim victory because their propaganda machinery has successfully made people to believe in their victimization card.

      • Akhilesh Gururani

        Very detailed and impressive. Thank’s for taking such efforts. To my mind, your views and comments are logical , unbiased and accurate. Kindly share your email.

        • Satyam Sharma

          Thanks! I have indeed shared this comment (along with the interview video, because much of the comment is in context of Francois Gautier’s interview) with my friends.

          Please feel free to copy-paste/forward/share/spread it if you also wish to do so. The facts regarding Gujarat 2002 can in fact be shared separately and without the interview.

      • Factual, accurate and crisp rebuttal. My salute to you my fellow Indian. Totally loved it.

        • Satyam Sharma

          Thanks! Please feel free to forward/share/spread the comment if you wish to do so.

  • Bala

    Madhu,I generally agree with your views. But, seriously, do you believe that it is not acceptable in India to bash up Hindus, literally and figuratively. Have you ever heard the DMK chief’s “views” on Hinduism and he is not the only one to do this..

    The reason why right wing nut jobs in India run riot frequently is due to our “secular” milieu where Hindus are fair game.

  • A

    Now we have FDIs of thoughts and convictions coming in for regressive mentalities in the country as well!!!!

  • Shantylal

    This interview is not complete. Some part of it is left out. Please check and re-upload full interview. Thanks.

    • Shyam

      yes, probably intentional. Unfortunate though. We like freewheeling and no ‘edits’ please.

  • Max

    Well I don’t know about others but I for one am going to read him from now on. A different and equally understandable point of view. Great interview and finally someone who has a neutral perspective for events.

  • Leo


    • Satyam Sharma

      That was a BRILLIANT point that Francois Gautier made. 🙂

  • Mahendra

    Few quick points: If a single riot create small small ladens then how many laden kinds should Hinduism produce? so it’s not the riot or politics it’s the basics of those cults that are at fault. we should not become like muslims to defend ourselves, wonderful, do they become like us or respect out practices or at least leave us alone? if riots are organized by political parties and their goons who were the organizers of those incessant riots before 2002?

  • rohit

    a candid debate, loved it.
    favorite part, stick to truth, if called fundamentalist, so be it.

    • Ramesh

      Unfortunately, thats the truth today. If you speak truth and not be politically-correct, you are perceived as a fundamentalist or racist. I bet if Lord Krishna was here today to reveal the Bhagvat Gita, I am sure he will be labelled a fundamentalist and war-monger.

  • madhu, calling someone who defines a good leader ” fundamentalist ” , you are letting yourself down.

  • This Gujarat obsessed and Gujarat hating ( does one sense a tinge of envy?) Delhi creep spends almost half the time in the interview on the Gujarat riots of 2002. This is precisely the problem with these ugly and debauched Nadir Shah loving Delhi types, a Delhi, surely the most depraved and horrid place on earth. We Gujus have had enough of this constant demonisation and vilification of our state and her people. The saving grace for us , unlike the ugly and depraved Delhi types, is that we Gujus have the pride, self-respect and strength of character to give those who consider us as enemies as good as we take and sometimes more. You might be too used to other Indians offering you the other cheek but alas for you, we are not those types. Now is that absolutely clear? Goodh! The Gujarat riots happened – the scale of which has been much exaggerated – which should not have. But Godhra also happened, Delhi 1984 also happened, Mumbai 1993 also happened, Bhagalpur also happened and so did Moradabad and Bhiwandi, and such things on a smaller scale happens almost every week in that bastion of ‘secularism’ UP and often in Congi ruled Maharashtra. The horrible destruction of those most sacred places of kafir worship, the mass slaughter, plunder and rape of Infidel men and women and also children many moons ago ( still continuing in the sub-continent) also happened.

    The criminal nexus of men of medicine and congi politicians who shunted away that poor and unfortunate victim of thhe horrible Delhi gang rape to singapore, just to pass the buck, also happened.

    • rspatel

      I support your sentiments. Thank You for expressing in words what most good Gujaratis know and feel.

  • phoney

    I take pity on the gentleman’s intellect !

  • Danish

    What a bigot this french guy is , Killing of Mr Gandi by two disguesting Sikh Bodygard justify the killing of 4000 innocent sikh man woman and children??? burning the train by few killer muslims justify rape ,looting, and killing of innocent people ,and this justified in the name of great hindu philosfy , and shame on Mrs Trehan i think its the people like u who r responsible for this sick state of our society

    • akhil

      u r not aware of the muslim was raped or looted and thats the supreme court verdict and u would have known wat it means if ur mom dad or brother sister were in that becomes difficult to control that anger

  • shaktifabian

    i have being reading fracois,s coloumns for quite some time he is one of the rare journalist whose clarity of mind and thought are excellent he had predicted that india would face very difficult times with rise of islamic fundementalism and today he stands vindicated

  • Ram

    We need a Francois Gautier fan site.

  • Rct

    Lets stop talking as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains etc. All of them subscribe to great spiritual concepts and feel great and superior in their respective communities, about their civilizations and their countries. But one must remember each of these religious groups never stopped untouchability, never stopped colonialism, never stopped greed creating vast conflicts around the world, never stopped racism and now we see everything alive but morphed into different forms.

    Probably the need of the day is to think on the broad concepts of Dharma and they were not grouped or called as Hindus. They were from the region called India and let our spirituality be based on this basic Dharma of India which is showing the path to human evolution and we are turning it into narrow concepts and calling Hinduism.

  • KPJ

    Next time rather bring Aasharm Bapur or Praveen Togadia for intw.. Seriously Newslaundry, did you just bring this man to pacify the online Modi brigade?

  • Savithri

    Francois is soft spoken and at the same time quite assertive and clear about what he stands for. Madhu is left groping for ways to pin him down. She resorts to the same old tired lines of ‘hindutva’ (what a silly term!) Gujarat riots, fundamentalism…Disappointing Madhu.

  • Pawan

    Madhu is not biased, just felt that she didnt bring in her best.To Francois Madhu suggested Modi should have hanged Sabarmati perpetrators in public, but how could he have done it in a day and curbed the emotional outburst in span of 24hrs?, how can he hang unless court conviction takes place ?!. Anyways I am yet to see a objective discussion on factual clarification on godhra riots.

  • goldenhorde

    A French Hindu nationalist? Thts interesting…….

  • KPJ

    Why not even call Ass-aaram Bapu or Praveen Togadia in the next segment of “can you take it” . Seriously Newslaundry! Was this intw just meant to please the Internet Hindu Modi brigade !?

  • Shyam

    We seriously have some mental issues. This deep conditioning to hate our legacy and ‘anything Hindu’ is so ingrained its tough to even accept there could be anything of value at all. Pitiable.

    If an Indian says anything good about our heritage, then he is communal.
    If a foreigner says anything good about our heritage, then he is ignorant or bigoted.
    if an Indian (especially with a Hindu name), says anything critical of Hindu ideas even out of sheer ignorance, then he is ‘secular’.
    If a foreigner is critical, then he is worshipped (Lord desai, who gave fake doctorate to gaddafis son), he is given lot of airtime on Indian TVs and hailed as a scholar!


    How ignorant to ask about ‘Hindutva’ and militant Hindu?? Are Hindus going to various countries and planting Om flags? Idiotic this mindset to find patterns and equivalencies with Islamic violence when none exists. You have to differentiate fighting to assert yourselves and going around and imposing your ideas by force.

    How can you blame Hindus for Sikh riots? its only a ‘Hindu crime’ only if its done on the name of religion. Its the Congi fanatics to blame who went amok. how superficial to map all crimes done by people with Hindu names to ‘Hindus’? Would you blame Indan men as rapists just because one of them raped a woman? Or blame women if she did the same? Inane.

    Political correctness, trying to find patterns and equivalencies when none exists (hindu/muslim) will be the downfall.

    Acc to Madhu, Hinduism means take all the shit everyone puts on you since we are supposed to be nice to everyone and be quiet even if anyone abuses you, converts you, kills you, are ungrateful to you. Wow!

  • Venkatesh Srinivasan

    Hi Madhu…

    Firstly, thanks you for introducing Francois Gautier , he escapes the eye of even the sophisticated news-surfer …. I am however, disappointed with Mr France. There was a clear attempt to obfuscate facts!

    It may very well be true that the inherent “hindu-ness” makes the average hindu kind, benevolent, accommodating even passive, and there may very well be a strong reason to protect and preserve these values; however this can’t be used as a bargaining chip for defending Hindu thug!

    What Modi ji did not do in 2002 is a reality ( he did not effectively police the state) and what he has done in since is an equal reality. If Modi wins in 2013, it would be a mandate on account of the Indian ‘hinduness’ , the avg. hindu’s ability to forgive his historic inaction to favor his monumental action!!

    How does that sound? you should have me writing for news laundry ! 🙂

  • Ravi

    I agree with Mr. Gautier when he points to the fact that general public gets involved too in violence during riots, and Madhuji disagrees to this simple fact citing 1984. It is always so convenient to put the blame on goons and politicians when it comes to riots and violence so I don’t have to carry any guilt. It has always been these people from other world, responsible for all the riots in India..and they don’t live among us in other times.

  • uday

    This is a must see video interview

  • Godhra wasi

    I love when Madhuji comes to her confusion of ‘Hindus defined by compassion’. She was totally wrong about her way of how Godhra should have been handled. Can anybody tell her that the perpetrators of Godhra train carnage,genocide are already punished. Haji Bilal (the compassionate ‘Haji’ ) is behind bars. If she thinks it could have been done in 2 days…God save her from being an administrator.

  • Disclaimer: I am a regular visitor (almost a fan) to Newslaundry. I enjoy the format, presentation and contents of the site and I make it a point to spread a word about it.

    I have a question…. Why is it that everytime I watch Madhu interviewing someone, it feels as if Madhu wants herself to be heard more than the person whom she is interviewing. She always keeps going on and on about her views and what she thinks whereas actually she should be listening to the guests views (thats why he has been invited. Isn’t it ?)

    Seriously, I think of doing an analysis of screen (vocal) space eaten up by Madhu vis-a-vis her guests.

    If only she can focus on letting the guest speak more, ‘Can you take it’ would be lot better show.

  • There is always a point where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If the jews had continued offering themselves for excecution to hitler, arabs and their likes then by now we would be studying about them only in the history books. Hindus have been non-violent (a little too much), patient and accommodating of other religions for quite a long time now. But now is the ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ moment for Hindus. Its kill or die (used figuratively).

    The so called liberals can afford go on preaching forgive-and-forget from the safety of their posh homes in cities because their own loved ones have not fallen prey to Islamists. Preaching from one’s safe upper class positions is altogether different from experiencing hatred from hostile communities on the ground.

  • meap

    Do we really not know any of this? Would my experience as an Indian be less than that of a french man? Mahatma Gandhi said to us that Muslim and Hindu must always be together. This is the only truth. We should be circumspect when we listen to those who are neither Hindu nor Muslim telling us what we should be feeling or doing. And all of India is not only Delhi, or Punjab. The warmongering being promoted by the so-called Hindu is unacceptable. Any reason is a bad reason for war. None of our children should be sacrificed for wrongheadedness of people who think they ‘know every thing’. Don’t you think that consumerism is as damaging to this Hinduism that Gautier is talking about? It’s time to start listening to our experience and share the good stories and not get carried away by Hindu machismo bluster.

  • sandy

    So correct Mr. François Gautier..for once lets be politically incorrect and then see..hindus have really been betrayed and when someone says it is politics then what Mr. François Gautier said is so correct that you assemble 10 people at a place and politics will start..Life is politics.

  • Akhilesh Gururani

    I am sorry for you Madhu. In the whole interview you seem to have been
    talking about Hinduism only in the light of what happened in Godhra.
    It’s sad to see that you focusing on every issue with that incidence in
    mind. I understand, this kind of unintentional biased views can come to
    anyone who has been following news on terrorism for years and years-
    its hard to remain unaffected unless you are passionless or
    emotionless. I also noticed that rather than knowing the views of
    Francois , you were trying to tell him that he is wrong. Do you believe
    that was a good way to interview someone? In my opinion, the objective
    of an interviewer is to know the opinion of the guest and not to impose
    her own opinions on someone. By, the end, I felt, I got to know more of
    your views than Francois. I wonder, if that’s what you really intended.

  • Shrimati Secularism

    Hey Madhu, were you interviewing some Hindu swamiji in the garb of a journalist? 😀 His is the typical refrain one hears from Hindus who somehow feel threatened my a muslim minority 😀 They must feel so damn thrilled to hear what this weirdo has to say 😀 But yes, I do agree on one issue—-that of giving equal space to all communities to be heard in a vibrant democracy. Yes, at times we do feel the need to be overly protective about the minority, and sadly—many a time, at the cost of the majority. One has to be careful about that! Good luck,madame! 😉

    • frankly speaking

      Madhu Trehan was putting words in the french mans mouth!The biggest butt was to finally call the frenchman a fundamentalist!! Are you crazy. what minority we are talking about and what discrimination? we have a Muslim Prezidents ( two terms), a muslim Chief Justice, Vice prezident, Police chiefs, foreign secretary and the entire Boliwood is Khan-isation odf sorts. One wonders if some one pays these interviewers to bias it in a particular direction. Yes I agree with one guy saying that godra will create little little Osamas.. then that way Hindus have been had so many times 9/11, bombay riots, and much more.. they should have had millions of osamas by that count. And she says 1984 was just one incidence! What the hell this channel wants to convey? Actually media is wrong, as they twist and turn things. Lastly if Hindus cant speak up for themselves then dont muzzle a french man who wants to speak for you… incidentally I did not see even one muslim brethren commenting on this! A COINCIDENCE? Cannot Be.

  • FreedomFromKnown

    Do not agree with the thought there that Hindus should retaliate with violence to violence. When Krishna in Bhagavad Gita tell Arjuna to fight, is actually an analogy – i.e. – “Are there not many wars going on within us all, wars raging in our own hearts and minds? These inner wars cloud our thoughts, consume our energies and make us stupid.” –
    Islam’s reputation is suffering today because some of its fascist are resorting to violence. Hindus should really think through before agreeing to such statements. Today, westerners or non-hindus are drawn towards Hinduism just because what it offers i.e “Peace” – peace is where all margins, limitedness, pettiness come to an end and freedom, love, infinity of all that is begins.
    So, Love is always a better option 🙂

  • Tasmayi

    Very limited vision Madhu Trehan.

    REMEMBER :- Hindus are the largest group of people ever killed in the name of religion. in fact the number is twice as more than all the other genocides put together

    Had Prithviraj Chauhan NOT FORGIVEN Ghori, we MAY NOT have seen so much islamic brutalities in india.

    Only Two options left for US …
    Either be like those African ethnic groups whose culture has been wiped out by Missionary X’ians n War ravishing Islam..
    Learn from ISRAEL


  • Arpita Seth

    Please post the entire interview. It’s definitely intriguing and would love to see the whole of it.

  • कोई भी इंसान या नस्ल किसी भी देश में सैकड़ों साल रहने के बाद भी
    उस देश के प्रति अपनी जिम्मेदारी को दूसरे दर्जे पर रखे तो क्या संज्ञा दी जायेगी

    सारे अधिकार वो देश दे , देश के नागरिक सारे सम्मान दें , यहाँ तक
    कि वैवाहिक संबंधों को भी देश स्वीकार करे , ऐसा देश जो अपनी पूजा पद्धति तक पर जा
    के सहनशील रहे उसके बाद भी एक सेकंड में सब भुला दिया जाए तो क्या सोचने समझने को
    रह जाता है , ( ये तब, जब मूल देश इतनी सुविधा ना दे ) , हिन्दू जिस देश में गए
    वहाँ के नियमों और अपनी जिम्मेदारी को ईमानदारी से समझते हुए अप्रवासी भारतीयों ने
    वैश्विक-नागरिक कैसा हो उसका जीता-जगता उदाहरण प्रत्येक देश में बनने का प्रयास
    किया जो निश्चय ही गर्व की बात है , क्या कारण है कि जो देश सारी जिम्मेदारी अपने
    मूल-नागरिकों की कीमत पर निभा रहा है उस देश के प्रति सोचने का एक सेकेण्ड का वक़्त
    भी नहीं , सेकड़ों साल भी कम पड़े ? क्रिकेट मैच एक बहुत ही छोटा सा उदाहरण है, पर
    भारत के जीतने पर आम जिंदगी में आम हिन्दुओं को वर्षों साथ चाय पीने के बाद क्या
    कुछ नहीं पढ़ना होता है, उन आँखों में जो वर्षों से साथ हैं ? कितना और सहनशील होना
    होगा ? अपनी सभ्यता कि रक्षा करना तो विश्व के प्रत्येक नागरिक का नैसर्गिक कर्तव्य
    है तो फिर कई प्रश्न हैं जिनके उत्तर उन्हें देने होंगे जो सेकड़ों वर्ष भारत में
    रहने के बाद ‘’ मेरा भारत महान ‘’ कहने में शर्म महसूस करना तो दूर , आरोप और जड़
    देते हैं |

    संस्मरण : मेरा भांजा दस साल का था अमेरिका में जन्म होने से
    अमेरिकन हुआ, यहाँ आया तो बोला , ‘’ आय लव अमेरिका ‘’ , दोस्त से रहा गया टोक दिया
    ‘’ पहले “ आय लव इंडिया “ फिर “ आय लव अमेरिका “ भांजे ने जवाब दिया ‘’ सॉरी “ आय
    बोर्न इन अमेरिका सो इट्स माय फर्स्ट लव एंड आय डू लव इंडिया विथ द सेम स्पिरिट बट
    फर्स्ट लव इस फर्स्ट लव | फिर मुझे बोला “
    एम् आय राईट “ मामा जी ? छोटे से बच्चे का वैश्विक – दर्शन मुझे वैश्विक बना गया |

    पर हम कभी नहीं सुन पाते ये शब्द उनसे जो यहाँ सेकड़ों सालों से रह
    रहे हैं , पुश्तें गुजर गईं ?, कमी है तो वैश्विक-दर्शन की , केवल हिन्दू ही हैं
    जो सम्पूर्ण विश्व को एक घर मानते और जीते हैं और वैश्विक स्तर के नागरिकों का
    निर्माण करते हैं , फिर भी आरोप हिंदुत्व पर ? हर बात की एक सीमा होती है सीमा से
    परे जाने पर घटनाएं घट जाती हैं , केवल चर्चा रह जाती है की कोन गलत कोन सही , प्रयास होना चाहिए की सीमाओं का अतिक्रमण
    ना हो , पर जो सीमा का इतना अतिक्रमण करें की ट्विन-टावर को हजारों मासूमों की
    कब्रगाह में बदल दें ? उनसे क्या उम्मीद रखी जा सकती है ? आप ही बताएं .

    • ABS

      सर, शब्दों का आभाव महसूस कर रहा हूँ, कि किस प्रकार से आपका अभिनंदन करूं,
      आपका एक एक शब्द सत्यता कि शुद्धता से डूबा हुआ है, आपके विचारों में एक सच्चे हिन्दू राष्‍ट्रभक्त के दुखों का आभास होता है

      धन्यवाद स्वीकार करें और आगे भी ऐसे ही हमे जागरूक करते रहें

  • aldol

    Who came up with this term “Hindutva” in the negative sense?
    And the “Saffron Terror”…..? Was Amir khan promoting it in Rang De Basanti (Color it Saffron)??

  • Rohit

    seriously madhu be ashamed of your self, they have been irreversibly been corrupted by english education where once they have got a high education they lift them selves up in a realm where one should keep quiet for every dam thing which happens in her house in her community in her city or in her country as one may be perceived as fundamentalist, communal, or down right stupid. This utopian thinking is what will take down our country to the dogs, cant say anything more am just disappointed

  • Seeker

    Dear Madhu Trehan,

    It is pathetic to see that Mr. Gautier belongs to the land of “liberty, equality and fraternity”. He should show some respect to these values and observe Hinduism in their light.

    And my biggest lament is from you as you seem to be a progressive woman and still don’t you realize that Hinduism as a religion unapologetically legitimizes subordinate status to women. No property rights, no freedom of choice in terms of work, marriage, divorce etc. with a package of dowry and Sati.

    It is the only system in this world which creates birth based hierarchy in the name of caste and it is also the only community that has practiced untouchability with a bigger population of this country and subjected them to dehumanized condition for centuries.

    On a contemporary note, both of you should notice the brutal caste violence unleashed by upper castes over Dalits in parts of modern India like Odisha, Bihar. The Muslims along with lower castes and women are underrepresented in public and private sector, unemployed, lack financial and social security, ghettoized etc.

    Even if somebody thinks that Hindus are tolerant, good or whatsoever then a serious reconsideration of such an opinion seems to be essential on humanistic grounds.


    • Pink Panther

      Let us go into the condition of Hindus in Muslim countries like Bangladesh or Pakistan. India has caste system. But, at least upper castes don’t bomb lower castes like Sunnis are blowing Shias out of the world. Or how, both Sunni and Shia hound and kill Ahmadiyas.

  • ram yadav

    You can say all you want that it is politics of bangladesh or whatever but it is religion not politics. The thing is you are living in your own small world. It has been a one way traffic all along. Hindus are getting slapped everyday but these pseudo seculars will keep on spirits down and make us poor in even saying that we need to be defended.

  • Veeru

    Hats off to Francois Gautier for not hesitating with words! I just hope our politicians gather enough courage & spine to save our ancient culture. It’s time to get over the old communist nonsense, which is proven as good for nothing all over the world. We just need to kick communists out of this country, progress will automatically come.

  • Amit

    This is interview or lecture for Madhu to understand india better

  • Chandra Sharma

    Hindus need to be militant/violent like Arjuna for protection of Dharma. Yes, it is the need of the time, no doubt whatsoever.

  • CracklingWit

    Sad part of the interview is Mrs Madhu Trehan trying (enforcing?) to portray herself as a expert of Hinduism in front of a French journalist. If you know about the philosophy, culture, history, knowledge etc. of Hinduism, you wouldn’t engage yourself in petty arguments with your half-baked knowledge on the subject of discussion.

    The method of the interview should be investigating the ‘TRUTH’ by (i) Examination of different viewpoints in a Logical manner, (ii) Examination of source and authenticity of the viewpoints, (iii) Constructive Criticism of these views, Exploring the disconnections between the viewpoints (if they exist, one has to be restrained himself to be non-judgmental & leave it to the respective institution to find out) and (iv) Seeking Mutual agreement without bias.

    Alas, today the debates have reduced to petty arguments to prove one another wrong and media trying to show their viewpoint using their tactics. This interview is no different from a modern day petty debate (perhaps, innate quality of lazy arm-chair journalists). I don’t have to expose again the dubious statements made by Madhu, as many people here have excellently rebutted (Special thanks to Satyam Sharma for details).

  • varun

    watch this barkha dutt and rajdeep sardesai and all other so called secularist media even a french man understands the india more than you people!!

  • shankar

    Pseudo Nonsense flowing out of Madhu…”Can you take it, Madhu?”

  • shankar

    How can anyone defend hindus…….Someone “could’nt take it”…

  • Bingo1728

    Wh cant you guys post a written transcript of these interviews. Saves time as well as bandwidth. Checkout dragon Naturally speaking software if you are short of staff.

  • dil do la re

    u know what….. u r such dominant women i ever dreamed …….. that sm times pegged me and forced to suck a dildo….. wow…

  • Ankur Garg

    Violence/riots in any form, to any community is wrong. Its not right, to justify Godhra riots because of Sabarmati express disaster. Both of the incidents were WRONG and should not have happened. That is why we have laws in the country, so that riots like godhra does not happen. The convicts of Sabarmati express should have been punished instead of killing innocents. But yes, what this interview made me realise that we never blame or ask questions to Mr. Modi regarding the Sabarmati express incident as compared to Godhra riots. Isnt that unfair to a particular community? May be because nothing is unfair to the majority.





  • Raghav

    Thank You Madhuji., You just introduced me to a man who is more Indian(and a logical and subjective one at that) than any political leaders I know today….

  • You can only chant Har Har Satish Chandra because Satish Chandra is an Avatar of Shiva.

    A professor of philosophy at New York’s Baruch College once sat down opposite me in Au Bon Pain café in Harvard Square and the first words he said to me were “Maybe you are an Avatar”. Was there something so extra-ordinary in my appearance that made him say that? Others have said similar things. In view of the paragraph below, what they say seems to have some merit. Let us take what they say seriously. Let the word go out that Satish Chandra is an Avatar (Incarnation) and India’s legitimate ruler. Let the Congress, BJP and AAP match that! (Jan 9 ‘14) A couple hours after I sent the above, a post on Bharat-Rakshak said “There is indeed a God looking after India”. Well, you have to obey God, sing his praises and celebrate the life of an Avatar. This Avatar has already said that Americans deserve to be killed as ruthlessly as fecal bacteria; you are yet to arrest American consular staff — and ambassador — who helped someone with criminal charges against him flee Indian justice. There is an absolute ban on Bharat-Rakshak against taking the name of this Avatar or singing his praises. This is no way to win God’s favor./ Immediately upon my reference to arresting the American ambassador, the Americans gave diplomatic immunity to the Indian diplomat and let her fly home the same day (Jan 9 ‘14). Now let us deal with the Americans’ crimes against this Avatar (paragraph below).

    The United States has successfully delayed by about thirty years the development of India’s cryogenic engine — a tiny example of incomparably greater sabotage: “”India’s greatest scientist and greatest living Indian publicly tortured in Harvard seminar, systematically and totally starved for up to 3 weeks at a time, made semi-starved and homeless and even blind for years, kept under 24-hour audio and video surveillance as well as surveillance of [and interference with] communications and electrical typewriter and computer use, document creation and photocopying, etc., by satellite for more than past 3 decades, systematically harassed and in poverty and neutralised and robbed of his work at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars per year, robbed of crores in his money and property in India by C.I.A.-RAW, forced back into exile in the U.S., all with full cooperation and participation of India’s RAW and India’s C.I.A.-RAW-controlled prime ministers, politicians and media — to keep India poor, weak and enslaved” and how this means the nuclear destruction of New Delhi and then the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States; see my blog titled ‘Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.’ which can be found by a Yahoo/Google search with the title; my biography can be found in Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World, 2014 and earlier editions.” One nuclear explosion on Ramlila Grounds where the uninformed masses gather by the hundreds of thousands at the rallies of Kejriwal, Modi, etc. will take care of their popular support but, instead, one nuclear explosion on RAW headquarters and one on South Block – North Block will destroy traitors, including Kejriwal, sponsored by CIA-RAW while it suppresses Satish Chandra who can make India the supreme military and economic power in the world immediately by destroying Washington and New York simultaneously with RAW headquarters, South Block and North Block with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed if there is any retaliation or sign of retaliation; his proposal about money will make India the most prosperous nation in the world within about ten years but it will be militarily dominant immediately on the destruction of Washington and New York and will be able to dictate in economic matters also immediately on the destruction of Washington and New York such as by having Americans work as slave labor for India — although the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States will take precedence over having Americans work as slave labor; I have shown that Americans deserve to be killed as ruthlessly as fecal bacteria. I have said : “ In designing nuclear weapons for use against the United States, radioactive materials should be identified that can be dispersed over the territory of the United States, either via separate radiological weapons (“dirty bombs”) or as part of the regular thermonuclear weapons, that will so contaminate the territory of the United States with radioactivity that nothing will grow there for at least several years that can be consumed without getting a lethal dose of radiation. This will force the Americans who survive the nuclear bomb explosions on the four thousand largest population centers to eat one another till no one remains alive. The ‘salting’ of the territory of the United States with such radioactivity can be done in a separate operation — such as by unmanned aerial vehicles — after its four thousand largest population centers have been destroyed by regular thermonuclear weapons”. When the Congress Party president accused the BJP of engaging in “zeher ki kheti”, she was referring to the above because just hours before she made this accusation I had referred to this part of my blog containing references to destroying the four thousand largest population centers of the United States and then salting its territory with radioactivity so that “nothing will grow there for at least several years that can be consumed without getting a lethal dose of radiation”. As she often does, she ascribed this statement of mine to the BJP though I have absolutely nothing to do with the BJP and in all the back and forth between the Congress party and the BJP sparked by “zeher ki kheti”, both parties avoided taking my name as CIA-RAW has ordered them to do for several decades because once the existence of Satish Chandra and his news and views become known to the public, that will be the end of the Congress Party and the BJP. The phrase “zeher ki kheti” was from Mani Shankar Aiyar who has written the Italian woman’s speeches for many years. As I have said in my blog, for many years he has sat at CIA-supplied terminals to participate in the CIA’s crimes against me and against India and still does. It was the territory of the United States, not India, that I wrote about salting with radioactivity but the Italian woman and Mani Shankar Aiyar protect the United States, not India, as does the entire Indian government: WhatYouShouldKnowAboutRAWDOTblogspotDOTcom .With its nuclear warheads emplaced in Washington, New York and other U.S. cities, India has the means right now to make all U.S. presidents — past and present — present themselves in India to be whipped and hanged, by warning that Washington and New York will be destroyed if the U.S. fails to obey and additional U.S. cities will be destroyed if there is any retaliation. Filthy niggers of the Indian government such as the Commerce and Industry Minister and the Foreign Minister insist on putting “the extremely valuable partnership” with the United States above all else; they have a partnership with the United States in raping Mother India — they pull apart and hold open the entrances to the cavities of Mother India which the United States then rapes. They deserve death even more than Ratan Tata about whom I wrote: “Ratan Tata should be whipped and hanged for giving $50 million to Harvard University where the world’s greatest scientist was publicly tortured for being an Indian and to keep India poor, weak and enslaved”. I have described — IndiasLegitimateRulerSatishChandraDOTblogspotDOTcom — the war waged with the help of 24-hour satellite surveillance for the past 37 years against the only Indian who is an obstacle to the Americans’ rape of India.

    Arun Jaitley, “with five families of relatives to visit between Washington and New York”, has no business being an Indian legislator. On having his son hired by the Washington Post, becoming a servant of India’s enemies, Shashi Tharoor tweeted himself a “very proud father” but was not thrown out of the Cabinet for this. The deaths of Rajiv and Indira did not matter, only the crimes against Satish Chandra matter. Both participated in the CIA’s crimes against me and both were killed by CIA-RAW because of my influence on them. I was the target in killing them; they themselves did not matter. Nehru was a lifelong British agent, Indira and Rajiv worked for the CIA and so do all Indian politicians and filthy criminals of the media, deserving to be machine-gunned and bulldozed into trenches, or the top dozen or so stories in the Indian media on any given day will be about Satish Chandra. To avoid being killed by CIA-RAW, Rajiv’s son now (on Feb 26 ‘14) made an incredibly stupid and treasonous statement “What superpower? I will rather make a woman safe in a bus” to show to CIA-RAW that he is NOT under my influence and will not entertain any thought of making India a superpower and will keep India poor, weak and enslaved. Narendra Modi should be whipped and hanged for giving a bouquet of roses to an American diplomat in exchange for a strip search and cavity search of an Indian diplomat. 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Chidambaram and Raghuram Rajan made India a beggar and slave at the G-20 urging “advanced nations, like the US, to take heed of countries vulnerable to the stimulus withdrawal” and “advanced nations must recognise the impact of their monetary policy decisions on other economies and “be prepared to act if things get out of kilter” “. Why? Because “The reduction in stimulus, known as tapering, may affect capital flows to emerging markets and impact their currencies”. Why do you want to give ownership and control of India to foreign enemies when India has all the investment capital it wants by simply printing the money which is what the U.S. is doing stealing my proposal about money — see ‘How India’s Economy Can Grow 30% Per Year or More’ : HowIndiasEconomyCanGrowDOTblogspotDOTcom ? 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Both the Congress Party president and her son had to partake of such food with their bankers to seal the agreement”. I have also described the torture and killing of the children so their skins can be made into shoes and handbags. The above state of affairs cannot be changed except by India’s nuclear forces simultaneously destroying Washington, New York, RAW headquarters, South Block and North Block which they must do without delay, with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them, if there is any retaliation or sign of retaliation. It is important for Pakistan’s media to inform the world about this so no one will think the nuclear explosions in New Delhi were caused by Pakistan and for Russian media to inform the world about this so no one will think the nuclear explosions in Washington and New York were caused by Russia. Regardless of what Pakistan and Russia do, India’s nuclear forces are putting India in grave danger and committing suicide by not obeying Satish Chandra and triggering the warheads. Russia and the U.S. can destroy the other but will be destroyed in return but India can destroy the U.S. without being destroyed.



  • Atul wassen

    First time i have heard someone put these five star hotel socialites masquerading as journalists in their right place. I liked it when he thwarted the attempt of madhu to put her views into his mouthand a man not afraid to stand up and say what he believed in

  • kapil gupta

    Shameless Women called madhu trehan.. A frenchman so clearly defines the true nature of India and Hindus!! But these paid morons go on with their sickular minds. Riots happen due to simmering tensions, thats the truth.. Just needs some trigger. That sabarmati violence have not been punished is because there were probably Muslims and Media was all out to Paint as Anti Muslim Riots. Naturally this political game didn’t give justice to train perpetrators. Our Country has been put into state of nepotism, where keeping the status quo is regarded as best. Status Quo is state of India in 1947, whe India had deteriorated a lot after 1000+ years of Invasion by foreign powers. Indian Soul is Hindusim,though all religions live here . These crass called of politicians have nearly killed the Soul of India and Noone stands for truth. These Foreigners like Gautier can help common populace of India touch with their forgotten Identity.

  • Indrajit Basak

    People are writing long long paragraphs on how Madhu Trehan is wrong in this question or that; putting out their oh-so-logically argued theses. More about that later. Let’s start on a little detour first.

    One notices few comments on Gautier’s clear statements on Sikh terrorism; and he actually says support for, and in fact idolization of, killers is still very much alive among Sikhs today. And refuses to blame Congress for the riots. Are those spewing venom on Congress okay with that?

    On to logic then. How logical is the assertion about people reacting wives and children being killed? Madhu Trehan was quite correct in asserting the political involvement and planning & management of the riots, but stopped short of asking the obvious question – probably thought the question pointless, but it decidedly wouldn’t be. It’s this: how much effect would only families of victims taking to violence, or even bloody revenge, have? The fact of the matter is that families of victims showed far greater examples of Hindu character; none of them indulged in rioting so far as known; in fact many of them condemned the riots and blamed Gujarat government, including modi, for them.

    The other statements one finds astounding, yet the logicians commenting here have no issues with them, are plain stereotyping people. “You cab forever defend Muslims but Hindus are never defended”! A rank falsehood if ever there was one – secularists have never blamed “Hindus” for the riots just as they’ve not blamed all “Muslims” for any crime. Criminals are that, period.

    Strangely; even Madhu Trehan joins Gautier in this venality when she says, “I object to them raising Pakistani flags…not being Indians first”. Any further you could have taken rank stereotyping, Ms. Trehan? Likewise, she says, “I agree with you”, when he talks rubbish like, “In India it is ok to murder Hindus”. Huh?? Kashmir & Punjab aren’t all of India. Where else would a murderer of a Hindu be absolved because because he killed Hindus?

    “Everybody finds (the exodus of Hindus from Kashmir) acceptable”?? A journalist saying this on record? Come on, talk sense! And Trehan agrees with that as well.

    Perhaps she was out to ingratiate herself with Gautier’s paymasters.

  • sweet Besal

    Madhu, It was not state organized, its mob when their loved ones were burnt , it is difficult even for any CM . I think you are confused in Politics and Hinduism

  • sweet Besal

    Prosperity brings value to life .

  • arav

    Gautier is infinitely more Indian and Hindu than Madhu.