Maa Ki…Performance

Headlines Today celebrates motherhood. Nothing like a yummy mummy to complete the day.


And they say a week is a long time in politics. It’s even longer in the news. All those TV discussions on the primitive mindsets that objectify women etc etc, when were they – last week or the week before?

If you were watching Headlines Today in the afternoon between 2 to 2:30pm, you would have been able to follow the unfolding story of young Bilawal throwing a tantrum and running off to Dubai because he fought with Daddy Zardari who didn’t listen to him. The poor baby, his late mother would never have denied him anything. Speaking of mothers, just as the tragic story was breaking (as the image above displays), Headlines Today announced the next show – their Entertainment Quarter with a big font size teaser which invited viewers to watch delicious mothers performing. We’re assuming for perverted fathers or dirty uncles. The tastefully-written teaser read “Yummy Mummys On Stage”. At least they could have bothered getting the spelling of mummies correct.

So, what was on the buffet for connoisseurs of tasteful cuisine? There was Aishwarya – mother of one, and Shilpa Shetty – mother of one shaking a leg at two different soirees. And we also got to see Sajid Khan who seemed most appreciative of the buffet spread. Although by his girth, we feel he may be in the family way as well. Sajid, koi good news?

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  • madhukar nikam

    Zardari must thank Bilawal for just running away ..without Henna Rabbani…..