Whose Hand, Great Anarch?

Labeling Arvind Kejriwal’s call for civil disobedience as “anarchy” shows a total disconnect from reality.

Arvind Kejriwal

Anarchy! A word that’s been thrown around with conviction and outrage over Arvind Kejriwal’s call for civil disobedience in Delhi by not paying inflated electricity bills. A ridiculous accusation.

Full disclosure – I am a friend of Arvind Kejriwal and support his political party.

Before dissecting this “anarchy” bogey, I’d like to clarify what anarchy is as per the Oxford Dictionary.

anarchy |ˈanərkē|


a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority : he must ensure public order in a country threatened with anarchy.

• absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: via medieval Latin from Greek anarkhia, from anarkhos, from an- ‘without’ + arkhos ‘chief, ruler.

We’ll get to the non-literal pop parlance interpretation of anarchy as criticism of AAP’s actions later. First the easier literal take needs to be debunked.

Literally“anarchy” means “without a ruler”, not without rules. That is a big difference. Literally, anarchy also means a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority. Implicit in the previous sentence is that order existed earlier which deteriorated into disorder due to no recognition of authority.

As per one interpretation, anarchy is a zone of complete freedom, free from government rules. It’s not a state of chaos. It is in fact a state of order. That’s as unrealistic and silly as a pure Communist state. So, for the literalists it’s a wrong usage of the word since that is not what Arvind is saying -for them to step away from the debate will add value to this discourse.

The literalists suggesting Arvind is provoking the second interpretation of anarchy are way off the mark as I explain below. Also I would like to address the ones who mean anarchy in spirit; as in a disregard for existing regulations and contracts (between discoms and government) as laid down by the government that claims to represent the people of Delhi. Breaking all rules will lead to chaos and a non-functional state/city, that’s the charge. Implicit in this charge are two flawed assumptions

–          just the fact a rule exists, it is desirable to follow it. Any rule, even a bad one is good for society.

–          the present state we live in is very orderly and governed by rules which people follow.

Both assumptions are false.

Let’s demolish the first assumption; that it is desirable to follow a rule or honour a contract no matter how unfair or steeped in corruption it may be.

There was a rule in the US that people of African origin are not individuals with rights, but property like cattle or land. That giving them rights (freedom, voting, sitting in a bus, going to school with white kids etc etc) would lead to “anarchy”(not literally but in pop parlance) was the biggest bogey raised then. Damn! Where have I heard that before? The rule was broken by some, a war was fought and rules changed. The rules were unfair. Breaking them led to changing them. It benefitted society.

A rule made in Chochabamba, Bolivia (1999-2000) made harvesting rain water illegal (post-water privatisation pushed by the World Bank) since that caused losses to the corporation that was given the water contract. Damn! Where have I heard the World Bank pushing water privatisation before? (Shiela Dixit & Delhi Jal Board ring a bell?)The rule was broken in Bolivia. People came on to the streets, a child lost his life, there was “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance). The rule was unfair. It was broken and changed. Society benefitted.

Just the fact that a rule exists, therefore it should be followed isn’t a sensible argument or one that has been thought through on the merits of the case. It’s a classic idiot’s argument, which ironically more often than not comes from Think Tank professionals (Takshashila Institution’s Nitin Pai and American Enterprise Institute Sadanand Dhume being two). One could say think tanks are to the economic Right what certain kinds of madarsas are to the Islamic far right and brainwashing schools in rural heartlands run by Naxals are for the far Left. A source of arguments steeped in dogma rather than common sense, regurgitating ideological literature. Fair enough, every side deserves a loony fringe. It’s just worrying if that becomes the mainstream voice; The Tea Party for US Republicans, VHP for BJP, Naxals for the Left, blanket free market ideology pushing Think Tanks for the Congress. Whether or not that is happening successfully is a separate argument.

The law in India does not recognise marital rape. So you could be raping your wife but a flawed law doesn’t consider that rape. In case a feminist (which is a rare species in urban India) was to start a “Don’t have sex with your husbands or lovers until the law is changed” campaign, then no doubt by the same logic many of our thinkers would join the alarmed khap panchayats of Rohtak at the call for “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance) since the marital contract does include consummation. Unless getting laid is not a priority for men of religion or geeks. But the logic is the same. A bad rule isn’t a mountain that needs to be followed or scaled just because it is there.

The specifics of the case regarding electricity distribution in Delhi convince me that the contract is unfair. The interests of the discoms are the foundation for the rules, not the interest of the people. There is enough data in the public domain on this and the debate should be on the merits and demerits of the case. Some links here.





The implicit rule of democracy is that the governments we elect are trustees of our resources. They act on our behalf and in our interest. When they break that rule and act in the interest of a few corporations unfairly profiteering at the expense of citizens (in this case the poorest citizens), the march down the path to “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance) has begun. There is nothing “anarchic” (not literally, but in pop parlance) about aggrieved citizens not playing by unfair rules set by the collusion of individual ministers and corporate boards.

A rule that asks one party to get into a contest with one arm tied behind the back and blinded in both eyes, while the other party has an army, may be a rule made by a referee in collusion with the opponent, but that doesn’t make the rule okay. The rule must be changed for the transaction/sport/contract to make sense.

Tweaking rules by individuals in government for the benefit of others (friends, family, business interests) is called crony capitalism. While many market cheerleaders acknowledge its existence, it appears to be a small price to pay towards the march to development. That collusion is as much “anarchy” (not literally but in pop parlance) as citizens not paying inflated bills. But while one seems a minor irritant which we can live with, the other draws the hysterical “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance) label. The point I’m making isn’t that two wrongs make a right. I think there is nothing wrong in not paying inflated bills in any case. It is in fact a corrective action bringing things back from the brink of “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance). The point I’m making is that it’s an inconsistent position to call one set of rule breaking crony capitalism (minor irritant) which we can live with and move on, while the corrective reaction to that act is termed “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance).

When rules fixed by a corrupt ruling class threaten the rules of democracy then it is not just our right, but duty to break that rule.

Now, the second assumption implicit in referring to AAP’s (Aam Aadmi Party) call to action as “anarchy” is that the present state we live in is very orderly and governed by rules which people follow. If in this orderly India/Delhi, ordinary jhuggi-dwelling citizens stop paying inflated electricity bills, our orderly Delhi/India where rules are followed and contracts honoured will tailspin into “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance).

You’d be surprised with the amount of people not paying bills for everything from electricity to rent to salaries and water. But if they belong to a certain class, I guess it’s not really “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance). Screwing your nation over with superficial sophistication is a skill, but damn you if you’re an unwashed jhuggiwala. How dare you try and get a better deal?

Below are links to news reports telling us how ministers, MPs, presidents, industrialists (decorated with Padma awards), or their relatives, get away with not paying electricity/water bills or illegally occupying houses which would ordinarily get over Rs 10lakh in rent. This demonstrates just a few cases in Delhi. The country over the count is several hundred times this.

Here’s a report of a sugar mill owned by a Pratibha Patil relative. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2007-06-23/india/27970924_1_sugar-factory-sugar-co-operatives-loan-defaulter

The mill was apparently sealed sometime after this report. We don’t know how many unreported cases there are. And for those who know how the sugar mill business functions (highly controlled) will be aware of the loan write-offs by nationalised banks that happen.

Here is Sant Singh Chatwal’s creative defense of why he defaulted on loans extended to him by Indian banks. http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2010-02-14/interviews/28128759_1_banks-fraud-defaults

And here is a report on politicians illegally occupying Lutyens’ bungalows. http://www.dnaindia.com/india/1386924/report-number-of-vip-squatters-in-govt-bungalows-falls-after-rti-plea

These few news reports aren’t anywhere near exhaustive but are a mere speck on the canvas of the institutionalised anarchy (not literally, but in pop parlance) we’ve been living in for a long time. So, in case you’re new around here and your spaceship just touched earth or your think tank just let you out to see how India functions, “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance) has existed in this zone for a while. It’s a do-what-you-want-party. At worst, Arvind Kejriwal is asking slum dwellers to attend that party which was thus far restricted to a select guest list of defaulters. Now how that suddenly becomes “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance) while it wasn’t earlier is hard to understand. It’s an inconsistent position.

Since those with much faith in markets are convinced of trickle-down effects, they might want to consider that while the evidence of wealth trickling down is sketchy, history has demonstrated how rules, norms and culture always trickle down. I recommend Professor Jared Diamond’s work on failed societies.

What happened to Jessica Lal’s killer in the first trial was “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance). How the TV news media reacted was “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance). But the campaign led to correction. What happened in the DSP Rathore-Ruchika Girhotra case was “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance). How coal blocks were allocated by our white-as-snow PM was “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance). What happened between a cop doing his job and rowdy MLAs in the Maharashtra assembly was “anarchy” (not literally but in pop parlance) – as is what has become of the case now. What happens in the countless cases of injustice, loot and corruption around the country is “anarchy” (not literally, but in pop parlance).

So quit the sudden alarm and reacting like a prudish matron who’s seen nudity for the first time with a “HAWW! Dekho Anarchy!” We’ve been lounging butt-naked since we were born, but some of us suddenly seem all coy because they see someone else’s slip showing. Grow up or wake up.

Clinging to ideological positions makes idiots of us. Whether that be Communism or Capitalism or any other ism which circumstances have wedded one to. The American Enterprise Institute chairperson gave a talk on the “Moral Case for Capitalism” in Delhi this week. Seriously! In 2013! What next? “Communism – Embracing Fellow Humans as Family” or “Socialism – Drinking from the Same Cup and Fill with Thine Own Nectar”? Actually I’ve always been fascinated by Think Tanks and those paid to think, especially when most agile minds do it for free and come up with way better ideas.

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  • Prakash

    Comparing comtemporary india with 1860’s america or even bolivia(whose constitution was approved as recently as 2009) is as idiotic as the line adopted by the other side, who consider breaking any rule to be anarchic. Since democracy, albeit with flawed electoral system, does exist in India and so does a judiciary, when people break rules others would call it out, as “anarchy” or whatever. Now whether they do it for every other covert anarchic act or not can be termed as unbalanced or unaware but not entirely incorrect in calling out the more “visible” act of breaking a rule as anarchic.
    The example of feminists asking women to stop having sex is another idiotic line, I hope it at least helps you get laid with some of these “rare urban feminists”. That line of argument assumes that women dont have any role in the democratic or legislative process, and only men are involved in it. So marital rape will be handled by a change in the law? Just like all other cases of rape already are by the existing law?

    Why cant the inflated bills issue be fought in courts? Is it because we only have the energy to dig up links and too lazy to actually write and articulate a strong case in courts?

    • Vikas Dhiman

      “Why cant the inflated bills issue be fought in courts?”
      It is becuase courts do not make laws, they just follow them. Courts cannot ask DERC to audit DISCOMS unless it is provisioned in the laws, nor it can ask CAG to do so. Anyway, govt had agreed for CAG audit sometime back but it never did [1]. While the case in courts will go on for years, the person who is unable to pay bills will lose electricity which I’ll argue is a basic necessity now a days.

    • Madhu

      Because the issue is not about proving that the bills are inflated, it is evident and accepted. The issue is to stand up against unfairness, which needs a lot of courage, especially if you are used to being oppressed all your life. The aim was to make the wrong doers fear the wronged, and we don’t need courts for that. Just Arvind alone is enough.

    • hcaplash

      “Why cant the inflated bills issue be fought in courts?”
      So abhinandan was correct indeed. We really have species coming on earth from spaceships. Can you please also look into Lalu’s fodder scan which is in court from decades now, while he is enjoying tax-payers money as a minister OR can you please look into Raja/Kalmadi and many others who are roaming free after engulping hundreds of crores of our money.
      What do you expect? People keep screwing themselves to pay inflated bills while Cong-BJP plays ping pong with investigating agencies?

    • MB

      I agree we should be fighting in courts.. But i would just make 3 points
      1) Why should Arvind only go and fight in courts, anyone can, if you feel strongly you can and im sure that route will also be taken.
      2) There are always going to be multiple ways to do the same thing, but not doing anything is one of the worst.
      3) A case in India takes decades not even years to resolve, why should we pay such inflated bills till the court decides. If the judicial system can be fast tracked, im all in for it. But then how many cases will you fight with the courts.

      We do need to change the system, and we have the energy to dig up links because we have RTI, we dont really have the power to investigate and prosecute as of now. Thats how this movement started

  • Shree Pradhan

    Superb piece Abhinandan!! well researched and PERFECTLY ‘presented’ with BEAUTIFUL GIFT WRAPS!!kudos! Arvind is right and he will prove to be ARVIND!

    • Andrew


      • shree pradhan

        You should make it ‘CHAM’CHI’ Andrew…:) I am a ‘female’ …

  • Ashwin

    I don’t follow the phrase “full disclosure” the author cum interviewer cum editor of newslaundry uses..everytime he wants to speak or write about Kejriwal. Yes, we get it you are sympathizer of Kejriwal and by running this website you want to try your bit to help his cause. Good , even Chandan Mitra , Shobhana Bhartia, Udyan Mukherjee want to extend the same favors to the BJP , Congress and Reliance Industries respectively through their media outlets. There is nothing wrong in that technically, and personally for me BUT morally you do loose your claim for trying to be a de-facto media watch dog ..considering the cause you espouse is largely perceived to be a product of media benevolence ( to be brutally honest AAP has benefited much more from the media than the Congress, BJP and Reliance put together in the past 30 years )

    • Hahaha foolish comment.

      • Rizwi

        Hahaaa more foolish reply , of course Sekhri is always using newslaundry to promote his own political party’s agenda ..I too thought news laundry was supposed to act like an independent media watch dog. This is as good as Justice Katju using his Press Council Chairman position to attack BJP

    • In my dictionary, it is called intellectual fart

    • Because if he doesn’t disclose it, you will attempt to falsify his arguments in one clean sweep, by calling him AK’s friend. This is protocol by which people write. Is it rocket science?

  • Bro why don’t u debate on tv chhnls, morons calling arvind anarchist must be kicked off..

    • KUmaran

      and, why is that? do u even know what anarchism means and how Aap is anarchism personified?

      • MB

        Please Explain

    • aldol

      I agree with Alok. But it will take some time till some sense creeps into public discourse. Right now, mostly its “anarchy” (not in pop parlance but literally). I have already lost a few points from my already low IQ score 🙁
      Anand was on one of one of NDTV panels (Big Byte/Bite ?), was trying to bring some facts on the table…..but who gives a cares abt facts when one can just shoot shit at each other.

  • Good work Abhinandan …. as always!

  • You have very accurately comprehended the depth of the irony in the contemporary society.

  • Abhinandan Sekhri, Are you actually this dumb or just pretending to be?
    Hoping this is a spoof post.

    • Sahil

      I was expecting a comment like this. Go on, call him Sickri next. :/

  • harish

    Perfect,perfect & perfect. One of the best read article

  • Aditya Pranav

    Simply superb!! Thank you so much Abhinandan!! I feel so good after reading it 🙂

  • in the intellectual vacuum of today’s politics i think only shashi tharoor wud be able to take on this brilliant piece!

  • Romit Ghosh

    There is literally no difference between an anarchist state and a communist state, the difference in anarchism and communism lies in how to achieve such a state. Communism believes in a centralised approach while anarchism believes in a decentralised approach.

    and by the way, there is no such thing as crony capitalism either. All capitalism in the neo-liberal era is crony.

  • Anarchist

    Calling a ford foundation funded intellectual an anarchist is both laughable and a compliment to Kejriwal.

    • Yes. We believe in swadeshi.

      Ambani financed Congress and Adani financed Modi (or BJP if it exists still).

  • Bim

    The writer should add at the end that he is one of leading lights of the AAP party for those who may not be aware. Will help put things in perspective lest someone takes this as a neutral view.

    • No dear Modi fan.

      He is not at all affiliated with AAP. He was IAC supporter, and now AAP sympathizer.

  • Madhu

    Mr.Sekhri you are a good friend of Mr.Kejriwal can you ask him why he has hidden and propagated lies.See the below link for full details.

    And AAP fans may get angry by my comment.Before getting enraged go thru the above link.And don’t equate with Congress and BJP by saying they too are corrupt and bhai-bhai.Remember the question is about and only about AAP.

    • MB

      I completely agree, that AAP is using gimmicks and tricks to get attention from everyone from Media to the people.

      Lets have a free and fair election where no one spends a dime from their pockets and everyone gets equal airtime and equal time to present themselves before the public.

      Lets either stay either on the issue or the discussion of Kejriwal. Because if you discuss the intentions and authenticity of Kejriwal, he will be compared to everyone else present in the system. Just as any person new in a field will be compared to the old and current people in that field. There at least in my eyes, his background and story behind wins him for me already, much more than other politicians. Though i would admit, his means might not be of the most liking at times. But you are comparing 2 non equals. In general terms if the current class of politicians are arrogant, drunk drivers who just run over anyone, arvind kejriwal might just be breaking a red light.

      Coming back to the facts of electricity fiasco, that is the point being made, that you shouldn’t be following rules just because they are present. Can the Delhi govt justify the current price hike, what about the links of reports in the posts above, which show that the discoms were making huge profits. And i would still say that i always go back to the time when everyone or let me rephrase a lot of the public wanted an anti-corruption bill, which is still pending and from 40 it has been 42 years, the govt was so slow to move on it. But all its welfare schemes rolled out in flash.

      • Madhu

        Dude.Go thru the link again.I’m not talking about the government or opposition party.I’m talking about AAP.Why they have hidden facts and propagated lies.Again go thru the link in my above comment.Rebut the claims made by the website.Till now NO AAP fan or member was able to debunk the claim made by that website.

        And one more question has Mr.Kejriwal paid his electricity bill?If yes then what right does he have to ask a commoner to not pay the bills. After reconnecting the power connections of defaulters will AAP and Mr.Kejriwal pay the expenses that occur during court summons and defense of the defaulters in court.

        I recently came to know via Twitter Mr.Prashant Bhushan has paid the electricity bills.If it is true then the whole fight against this is hypocrisy.Don’t preach what you don’t follow.

        And one more thing I still don’t get it. Previously Mr.Kejriwal has broken a fast saying by only forming a political party and having a say in political circle will solve the problems.After forming political party why he is on fast.

        • MB

          I already said that i am not disputing the link you said. I am giving you an answer why would i support him despite that. Please read my answer again.
          Also i agree with you on the point that Kejriwal should first stop paying his bill before asking others to do it. And i have no proof that he has or he has not paid up. So i would for my bias assume he has not. When you talk about propagating lies, speeches are always much more hyped. And so is the show. But if we go back to the cause again, the electricity charges have gone up highly, and the govt hasnt been able to come out to justify it, except for saying pay up whatever we ask or stop using electricity.

          And for the fast, he is not asking the government anything right now. He is fasting so that people around can join the cause.
          It is all well ok to throw pot shots, but if i have to choose the best of the lot, i would choose him over most of others without a doubt.

          And why pick only 1 of the bills, why not see how many are such. There was also a mention by the Delhi MCD that there had been a few incorrect bills and they would be sorted out.

          For me such a thing can be concluded only if the govt can justify the hike in prices. Which i still haven’t got. The prices have gone up is a fact, i hope there are no disputes on that.

          • Madhu

            Thanks for clarifying.
            But it is not just a case of 1 bill.Does AAP will let go any party if it is the same case.I don’t think so.Why different yardstick for them?

            Mr.Kejriwal previously ended a fast saying it isn’t working and formed a political party.So why fast now?And also I came to know via twitter Mr.Bhushan has paid his electricity bills and is supporting Mr.Kejriwal’s fast.So isn’t this a farce and hypocrisy.And also are all AAP members are supporting Mr.Kejriwal on his fast?If yes have they paid their electricity bills?if yes then this whole fast is nothing but a farce.
            This may be out of present discussion but I’m compelled to bring in as AAP is involved. Mr.Kejriwal made a so called “expose” on Gujarat Govt. which eventually turned out to be a dud.Why did Mr.Kejriwal didn’t respond to the response given to his so called “expose” on Gujarat Govt.Without checking facts and hiding the facts Mr.Kejriwal throws mud on every state Govts. or central Govt. or any individual. Doesn’t he know one false allegation can damage many lives.Nowadays you don’t have to prove anything just throw an allegation in a media circus, that’s all to make one guilty.Why “Hit N Run” “Shoot N Scoot”. Bring the allegations to their conclusions.

          • Vinod

            Is there any difference between using a gimmick to highlight a wrong and wholesale theft in the 70,000 crore CWG?
            When you choose someone to lead you, would you rather choose someone who has spent thousands of crores over 15 years to bring the Yamuna to the state it is in or someone who works in a transparent and consensual manner to create the Jan Lokpal Bill?
            Your point about the utility bills makes me wonder why anyone would coin the term nitpicking? What’s the AAP issue and what are you picking up?

          • Ganesh

            Can a person who failed to implement measly internal party lokpal for maybe 10,000 party volunteers, succeed in implementing Jan Lokpal for a billion people?

          • Vinod

            Other than you, how many of the 10,000 are complaining? How many are working, either through IAC or AAP to prevent the continuation of the rape of this nation’s economy and aspirations?

          • Madhu

            So you mean to say there is no democratic process of criticising going in AAP.You talk about Jan Lokpal.Until it becomes an act in whatever form what will AAP do.Just exposing and not bring it into logical conclusion.My concern is AAP knowingly or unknowingly helping UPA to come into power again.Which if happens sounds death-knell to the economy.

          • Here comes the dragon.

            The only reason why you are anti-AAP, is just because it hurts Mr. Modi. That’s so not done.

            I read the links you provided, and thank you for that. I also read all your comments. They are childish. You don’t want AAP to succeed, because Arvind broke a traffic signal.

            The politicallyincorrect.in site is owned by someone called ganesh_ns. The whois info is
            whois. com/whois/politicallyincorrect. in (remove spaces). Ask him the proofs of whatever he has written.
            I have read it, and his arguments are ditto like those who defended Mr. Vadra. The site is aimed at making Mr. Modi PM. Or they should justify Mr. Modi’s lokayukta act.

            All you wrote is amusing, if you are well intentioned.

          • Madhu

            WOW.Is that the best you could come of.Let me tell you I supported and participated in Anna’s movement and IAC.So don’t give me that excuse.If you want to discuss about Mr.Modi and his party you are free to discuss with his fans and party members.Why don’t you call the bluff of Mr.Ganesh_ns by writing an article and disprove it.I would be glad to change my views if you prove him wrong.All I have seen till now is diversionary tactics by AAP fans and members.When asked about AAP’s mistakes you guys come up with excuses like BJP has done this Congress has done that.Other parties offence is AAP defence.That doesn’t justify AAP’s mistakes.
            Another question Mr.Mayank Gandhi said in 15 days internal lokpal report on him will be out.I think yesterday was the last day.Has the report been published.I would like to see the report.

          • Best what?

            You supported IAC because you wanted, not on my behest. It has nothing to do with present discussion.

            The whole point was, writing an article doesn’t disprove anything. By writing an article to “Call ganesh_ns’s bluff”, I would disprove my own point. Is that you want.

            I never said ganesh_ns was bluffing. I said, the arguements are ditto like those defended Mr. Vadra. I also said, the site is aimed at Making Mr. Modi PM. I stand by that. Mr. Ganesh happens to be a commenter in this very thread. You can ask him the purpose of his writing. I will too.

            You are drawing wrong parallels between AAP and other parties. AAP’s mistakes are not same as other parties well thought out corruptions. No one is justifying AAP’s mistakes. They are saying openly where they erred.

            The chief point of contension is, AAP’s internal lokpal. That’s fair. They promiced the results in 3 months and they failed to do so. So is it a corruption? Look at what happenned. The original lokpal panel (Justice A. P. Shah et. al.) who promiced the results to then IAC (and then IAC in turn promised to people) refused to do the same investigations for AAP. But the promise was made. The new lokpal panel refused to accept complaint from AAP (as they may not reveal all the details) and asked for affidavit or video recorded complaint from complainer. Nobody came forward. A simplified way to lodge a complaint was formulated later. Complaints were received and Lokpal is investigating them. Mayank was called for questioning. HE went and said so. Now, you must understand AAP can’t tell lokpal what to do and how to do it. It defeats the very purpose of Lokpal, who are not party members and are providing honorary services.

            Tell me where do you see corruption. This is how it happenned, and it has been disclosed. On the other hand, AAP has not indulged in providing clean chits, like others. Do you thing providing clean chits is rocket science?

            When Lokpals publish their results, it will be there for all to see. The only problem here is that AAP couldn’t fulfil it’s 3 months promise. Do you thing that’s same as Congress’s scams or Modi’s Jokayukta, that he enected to hide his corruptions? There is a difference between a mistake and a well thought out crime. Isn’t it?

          • Madhu

            You said “The only reason why you are anti-AAP, is just because it hurts Mr. Modi” which was not in the present discussion,so your point raising my support to Anna’s movement and IAC will definitely comes into the discussion.I don’t know whether a Maharashtra AAP convener is defacto a member of AAP or you make outsiders as AAP convener.If I’m not wrong Mr.Kejriwal says Ms.Damania is not a member and Mr.MayankG says she’s Maha’s AAP convener.And the 15 day period which Mr.MayankG said his report will be out has passed yesterday.

            On Internal Lokpal no one asked the time frame,they fixed it.Before constituting Internal Lokpal don’t they know whom the panel will prosecute.Doesn’t it amount to waste of valuable resources(of course it’s AAP’s money that goes into flush). If they can’t handle their party’s matters what will they do when they come into power.Will they do trial and error system with Govt. resources?When you are on political front every party will be seen with same yardstick.

            Coming to Gujarat Lokayukta, it’s not my job to answer on behalf of BJP fans or party. But since you raised this question read it here https://www.niticentral.com/2013/04/03/gujarat-lokayukta-myths-busted-61418.html

            Since you raised Gujarat why don’t you enlighten me Mr.Kejriwal’s expose on Mr.Modi.Till now he hasn’t responded to clarifications made my Gujarat Govt.,Niticentral,@gunnytweets(Mr.Ganesh_ns) blog.If he responded to them I would like to see.If not then I’ve to conclude he goofed up big time.Then the question arises is this the way you do exposes without fact checking and hiding facts.

            These are some issues.Other issues are a convict in AAP’s decision making team.Does AAP considers all Indians as equal or not? If yes on what basis does a special panel for Muslims.As you’ve said “You are drawing wrong parallels between AAP and other parties”. Isn’t AAP doing the same here.

          • The fact that you may have supported IAC has nothing to do with present discussion. Show me the relevance, if there is any.

            Did I not explained what happened in case of internal lokpal inquiry? What is your problem ask me point blank. I am telling you AAP failed in justifying the deadline, twice if you say so. Is that your problem or some immoral corrupt conspiracy cooked up by AAP in this regard?

            There is no misuse of resources. What resources are you talking about?

            I don’t understand what you asked in the “convener” para, but I think I got the gist of the issue. There is not a single lokpal. There are many, on district, state and national level, each for respective executive. Maha State Lokpal will see about Anjali. Anjali is however not in any executive, but just a party member, but I will correct myself if I’m wrong. Further, Lokpal can’t/won’t probe all party members, but only executive committee members. Otherwise, Congress BJP will ask their volunteers to pay 10 Rs. and be a member and Lokpal will die counting the allegations only 🙂

            Since you quoted a link, let me quote one too. Niticentral is part of Mr. Modi’s propaganda machine. Read Tahelka story here… tehelka. com/modis-operandi/?singlepage=1o (remove spaces)

            The link quoted above is as qualified as the sources you quoted.

            You ask AAP hasn’t responded to the clarifications from Guj. Govt., NitiCentral, Gunny etc. Guj. Govt. said they will instantly appoint lokayukta after SC judgement. Did they? All Guj. Govt. has to say is the allegations are baseless. How do you respond to it? I am however going to respond to Gunny, and will post it here if I can do that.

            It’s not fair on your part to be silent on Gujarat Lokayukta issue. IF you don’t know about it, read it. The objections you have against AAP are so small, and Lokayukta act Mr. Modi enacted will affect generations. At the least read about it, even if you don’t comment on it.

            Which convict are you talking about in AAP decision making team? Please clarify. Where is the special penal for Muslims?

          • Madhu

            You accused me of pro Modi so my previously supporting of Anna’s movement and IAC comes into discussion.

            On Ms.Damania I asked that question for clarification.Does that mean Ms.Damania won’t be examined by Lokpal(You said “Maha State Lokpal will see about Anjali”) and she’s not executive member so won’t be tried.I mean if she’s not a executive member why would Maha Lokpal look into Ms.Damania.

            Show me evidence like Mr.Modi or his companies(if at all he has any) funded Niticentral.I can show you ton load of evidence Congress funding Tehelka via PSU’s that is using mine and rest of the Nation’s money.Mr.Kanchan Gupta the editor of Niticentral already said the person(forgot his name,got to google, Mr.Gupta mentioned his name couple of times on twitter) who’s funding Niticentral never discussed editorial issues with Mr.Gupta.So he can’t influence Mr.Gupta.

            I don’t believe in MSM because I find correct answers in social media, bloggers like @gunnytweets,Mediacrooks,Sandeep,etc., and websites like Niticentral,CRI.Yes some of them are right wing but atleast they are telling the truth.For example when Ms.Zakia Jaffri filed protest petition yesterday Mr.Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today was exaggerating too much and if I’m not wrong hiding facts and may be spreading lies.
            If you want to Guj.Lokayukta then you have to read the other voice too.

            Is Mr.Binayak Sen a convict or not?

            Whoa! Now AAP changed it to Minority Issues.Really whoa what a change.I’m having a good laugh haha.

          • If you are commenting for good laugh, there is no point in discussing anything. I urge you to be serious, or ask me to shut up. It’s not laughable for me that, you are not ready to see Mr. Modi’s corruptions, or even his jokayukta. You are not ready even to discuss it. All you do is raise “frivolous questions”. It’s fine by me, if you are serious.

            You asked for clarifications on Anjli, and I provided them, but you are still twisting words, eh! Point blank it’s this. If Anjli is a member of any executive, respective lokpal will investigate her case. If she is just a member, nothing will happen. Do you want AAP internal Lokpal to investigate all members? IF so say so.

            Now that you have offerred tons of evidences that tahelka is funded by congress, I will accept your offer. I don’t understand, why Mr. Gupta’s or for that matter any one else’s word weighs more for you then mine. Do you think I am more motivated and biased than the names/sites you site? Especially about niticentral promoting Mr. Modi. If you fail to see it, what can I show you? It’s not essencial that Mr. Modi paid them or not. Mr. Modi never paid ganesh_ns, but he is promoting Mr. Modi. Is he not. When you are at it, please read my responses to ganesh below. Ganesh is doing the same thing to AAP, what he accuses AAP of doing to Mr. Modi. The Modi’s Lokayukta act has nothing to do with AAP, but none of you are ready to discuss that. Mr. Rahul Kanval’s video doesn’t prove Mr. Modi’s Lokayukta act is good. We can discuss the law here and now.

            Mr. Biyank is convicted of what? Human Rights activities or anything else. Was there a crime against the people of India or even an individual, or corruption? Enlighten me here.

            Again, please be serious. I am an AAP volunteer. Have been activist for long before that. I care for your opinion and wish to clarify all your questions. You can read my other comments (mostly on first post) to judge me, if you care. We can go slow. Raise only one issue you have with AAP. We will move on to other, once you are satisfied with the discussion on that first issue. Ask a clear cut point blank question. I can’t respond to opinions of individuals. Like, don’t ask me, “so and so said so, now clarify”. Is this fair?

          • Madhu

            Check this link

            Now go to their website and check their team.Muslim Issues is replaced by Minority Issues.Except one all the members of this team are Muslims.This clearly shows the top leadership of AAP considers Muslims as vote bank. Don’t tell me it’s a clerical error.I laughed at this gimmick by AAP.Are their any other members from other minority communities?If not why not.This clearly shows AAP is same as any other party.

            On Ms.Damania you still haven’t cleared my doubt.The question was simple is she an executive member or not?You are just saying if she is Lokpal would do this if not Lokpal wouldn’t do that.There is no clear answer.You should have said you don’t know whether she is an executive member or not.You are a AAP volunteer you should have known.

            Regarding Mr.Gupta and Tehelka the issue is Credibility.Mr.Gupta has good track record throughout his career and Tehelka the less said the better.

            Mr.Rahul Kanwal was an example I gave you why I don’t trust MSM,I never said anything about whatever his video on Lokayukta you are talking about.

            You should ask BJP about APCO not me.I’m not representing them.I’m neither a journalist to have sources nor a volunteer to any party or organisation.Yes previously I supported Anna not any more,but I still have a lot of respect for him.

            Regarding Mr.Binayak Sen NL has interviewed him,check the comments of the interview.You can always cross check.

            I’m not a judge or jury to give verdict on someone.You can answer one after the other.

          • Madhu, you have linked to a picture tweeted by ganesh_ns. Please read my responses to his politicallyincorrect.in site, where he clams to have exposed AAP’s lies. Please do that.

            Now about the picture. What does it prove? Please enlighten me on that.

            Is making a committee on muslim issues mean you want a muslim vote-bank? If so, why change the name afterwords? Is it not better, if AAP gets publicity for it’s muslim issues committee to strengthen vote bank? IS it wrong to make a muslim issues committee? Is it wrong to expand it’s focus later on to minoritiy issues and rename it as such? Is there anything wrong, if all members of this committee are muslims? Does just the word “muslim” in the name of the committee justify your allegation? Should not there be a committee to study issues of muslims or minorities? Why is this gimmick? The initial drafts of janlokpal wanted that there should be nobel laureates in the committee for selection of the lokpal. Is it laughable. I thought so. Is it a gimmick? Definitely not. AAP follows evolving process. We don’t have anything ready made. What we have learned through the evolution of janlokpal bill is that an iterative process of correcting our mistakes yields results. That’s what we do. Names and focus of many of these committees will change over a period of time, and what’s wrong with that? Should we not correct our mistakes?

            I am not sure about Anjali being just a party member or in an executive. I said so upfront. Is anything wrong if I don’t know, even if being an AAP volunteer? You are a citizen of India. Do you know how your elected government works exactly? Why do you set stringent measures for me, but not yourself? I don’t consider you different than me (an ordinary person). Why must you? I will however let you know whether Anjali is in any executive or not in a couple of days (I don’t know anyone in Maha state executive, or whether there is one). I hope that’s fine.

            If you think Mr. Gupta has more credibility then Tahelka or Rahul Kanval, you are wrong. Each and every media person (including photographers, the more up you get, the more biased you become) are heavily biased one way or other. There is not a single one neutral. I know it for sure, but most media people are very friendly to talk to, irrespective of their political inclinations. You can confirm this if you get a chance to meet one. So there is a problem if you prefer Mr. Gupta over anyone else. For me, credibility is a non issue. I believe what I am convinced of, and I never make up my mind until I see the proofs or the logic is undeniable – in absence of proofs. It’s very tiresome, but there is no other way to get to the truth or in reasonable vicinity thereof.

            I see you have no inclination to discuss Mr. Modi’s corruptions, APCO, Lokayukta etc. That’s OK. We won’t.

            I have high regards for Mr. Biyank (or any activist for that matter, for example Kirit Somaiya, a politician and still an activist nonetheless), and have read about him even before IAC. Calling him a convict is too sweeping a statement and an insult to his activist career. You may pass such a judgement based on comments on an article, but that’s very inconsiderate of you.

            So tell me. Have I clarified some things. Ask for further clarifications if you need. No need to justify your questions. No background of question needed. Just provide sufficient clarity on what you are asking.

          • Madhu

            I think you don’t have any idea how Muslims vote.They vote as block.I have seen it in my place and throughout the country.That’s why AAP constituted team on Muslim Issues and later changed it to Minority Issues because they will be questioned on secularism.If they wanted to constitute team on minorities they wouldn’t have put a team on Muslim Issues in the first place.That’s not an innocent mistake.Every political party knows appeasing Muslims result in getting votes in block. Why Muslims alone I can show you more numbers of the Hindus poorer than Muslims and much poorer in christians,sikhs and other religious sects.That’s why I called it a gimmick.If AAP is different party then there should be no team on Minority Issues because an individual is minority.
            If AAP is evolving and correcting mistakes and you should agree other parties too are evolving and correcting mistakes.Why point fingers on them?Some may take more than a century in evolving.
            Mistakes and corrections are made when in drafting mode and not when it becomes a file(output).AAP should have done this before forming the party.After forming party(output) everyone will point fingers at mistakes made by AAP.

            Will wait on Ms.Damania issue.And also if possible ask Mr.MayankG that 15 day period was over couple of days ago,lokpal report on him has been published or not.
            See AAP is a political party not an activists any more.If AAP do flip flops and holes in their exposes then definitely everyone questions.

            If you think Tehelka and Mr.Kanwal are more credible than Mr.Gupta then you really need to unlearn what you have learned about MSM.Everyone is bias,infact there is no individual in the world(even judges) who is not biased.Being bias is no crime but abusing their position by spreading lies and hiding facts and indulge in criminal activity is crime.And that is MSM.

            On Mr.Modi,Lokayukta and APCO you can always contact BJP supporters or members on twitter.

            As I’ve said you can always cross check the comments.Why I stressed on comments is some of the comments speak the truth and are not seen in MSM. You can always challenge them if they are false.Can you do that on articles and TV shows done by MSM?No.You can’t write an article or do TV show to debunk them.Either you write in the comment section or open up your own blog.

          • I have a fair Idea how muslims (and all indians, fot that matter) vote. It’s not just muslims who vote as a block. We all do. In case of hindus, the dissenting factions are large and thus get noticed. But that’s not the problem. You are speculating in grand manner. IF you think like that, you can prove or disprove anything, even the impossible. I asked you several questions, but you don’t want to ponder upon that. I didn’t claim any innocent mistake. That’s how we work. AAP indeed may have wanted to create a team for muslim issues, but that’s not vote bank politics. Expanding it’s scope is also not wrong. I don’t see what is wrong. Please point out what’s the problem.

            We have no problem if others are evolving. We have problem when others collude with each other and indulge in corruption. Let them take centuries for evolution. Where is the issue?

            When did we ask not to point fingers? The problem is when you misinterpret and propagate a false propaganda. Everything is done in open for the sake of transparency, as much as we can. This is how janlokpal bill evolved.

            There are no holes in AAP’s exposes. Did you read my responses to gunny’s expose. Please do so. I have proved that there are no holes in AAP’s expose, at least not the ones mentioned by Gunny. Gunny is asking me for proofs, instead of backing up his grand story. I urge you again to read the explanations/rebuttals to what you are basing your hole theory.

            AAP is not doing flip flops, and there is no reservations for asking questions, I repeat. Am I not answering your questions?

            I didn’t say Tahelka and Rahul Kanval are more credible than Mr. Gupta or anyone in MSM. I just said, the converse is not true. Their credibilities are all the same, different for different people. It depends on where you are looking from. I am saying what Mr. Rahul and Tahelka are doing against BJP (spreading lies, as you say it) is what Mr. Gupta is doing for BJP. There is no reason to give any one preference over other. Tell me where you learned your lessons of MSM?

            BJP supporters, the good ones are clueless about lokayukta or APCO, or that’s what they show. The bad ones abuse you right away. Till date, I havn’t encountered a single Modi supporter, who knows what is Mr. Modi’s “Gujarat Growth Model”, that they so ferverishly run propaganda about. Read comments in this FP article.
            Through 600+ comments, not a single person knew what is Mr. Modi’s “Gujarat Growth Model”. When you are at it, also see how challenging the propaganda goes.

            You are asking me to challenge the comments, but what’s the point of challenging the comments? I did so on gunny’s blog, but see the result for yourself. We all are so much motivated by our own agendas (for me it’s AAP), we hardly listen to other voices. I still do so, mainly on FirstPost comment section. You may browse some of my comments to see how proModi people respond to others. Debunking doesn’t ever happen, neither in MSM nor anywhere else. The media (of all kinds) is totally biased, one way or other, and putting one’s faith in any one is a mistake. That’s why I put my faith in evidences, as I already told you.

            Lastly, let me clarify once more. There is no problem if you ask questions about AAP’s methods, decisions, any and everything. This is how you can strengthen AAP, even being outside it. The problem is far fetched conclusions, like AAP constituted a muslim issues committee, so they are going for vote bank politics. That’s too much. We are activists, and will remain so, even after being in politics. What’s wrong? Didn’t people raise questions even when we were not in politics?

          • Madhu

            Thanks for the conversation.Since the discussion may get longer and due to heavy load of work coming on my way I would like to end this discussion between us here.Thanks again for the discussion.Have a great day.

          • Sure. You are right. Thanks your your patience, time and civility.

            Vande Mataram.

          • kmlaskl

            “muslims vote as a block” – God, this is such an outdated thought.

          • Ganesh

            I own the site, and I paid for the domain from my pocket. I don’t know any politician in any political party, and I will publish facts as I encounter them.

            All proofs you need are provided in the blog. It is a collection of plain facts. Debunk it if you have counter proof. It’s been a month since the first blog was published. I have not got any logical debunking other than threats.

            Just answer this question -> Why did AAP lie that Adanis were given coal blocks for free, and did not provide electricity to Gujarat? What actually happened was the opposite – Adanis got no coal blocks and are giving power at cheap rates in spite of that.

            As far as Kejriwal is concerned, he has not been targetted for breaking a traffic signal or killing an ant. Earlier blogs in fact, praise Mr. Kejriwal. It’s only recently that things have changed after he started using false information to discredit his political opponents.

            All that has been done in this blog is to expose his white lies in Modi exposé. AAP has been using lies in their campaign against Modi and the opposition. This is clearly aimed at helping Congress. I also track AAP’s facebook page, and I see only fear-monging against BJP and Modi -again using lies- and nothing credible against Congress.

          • Ganesh, with all due respect, can you write an article on Mr. Modi’s Lokayukta. OR you don’t feel like exposing Mr. Modi. Just because you paid yourself for domain and hosting doesn’t mean you are not promoting Mr. Modi and his false propaganda. I see no anti-BJP exposes or anti-Congress exposes on your site. The whole purpose seems to be maligning AK and AAP. That’s all.

            I have no problem with your purpose, if you are saying any truth that matters. The problems is, all you want to do is prove AK and AAP liers by hoock or kook. For example, in case of the inflated electricity bills, you spotted something that you call an error, and brand it as AAP’s lies. Are All claims of AAP wrong? Aren’t electricity bills inflated indeed? Is there any corruptions by discoms and government collusion? These are the questions raised by AAP, and these are the questions that require answers. One bill with error (that may be an error on your own part) doesn’t prove anything. Your investigations are superfecial and your conclusions far fetched.

            That’s why I wrote what I did, and I stand-by it. I can concede that you want to provide credible information and are unhappy with AK’s deception, but there is no deception on AK or AAP’s part. Mistakes is not the same as corruption. You may remember the VadraGate, where AAP announced that Haryana Govt. changed FSI for vadra 2.5 times. It so happened (or that’s how Haryana Govt. Defended) that FSI was changed from per acre to per hacter. Now AAP erred there, but there was no mention anywhere in the documents about the change of units. Does this mean everything about Mr. Vadra was a hoax?

            There are mistakes and then there are mistakes. You must differentiate between them.

            Mr. Modi changed the entire Lokayukta Law (which was as it is toothless) to hide his own corruptions. IS it same as AAP showing a wrong bill or crying about change in FSI, you tell me. Why don’t you write an article on Mr. Modi’s new Lokayukta act. Even in his favor, if you think Mr. Modi did it in best interest of public, and the new law is better for public then the old one.

            AAP is not just AK. By maligning AK because he erred is belittling the efforts and hopes of many many people attached to it. Do you think it’s what you intend to do? IF AK erred, write to him and see what he responds with. Did you do that? IS it worth maligning AK in favor of Mr. Modi, who is corrupt to the core, just because you think you spotted an error in one of the bills.

            About the AAP Modi expose, I will write to you explaining everything that’s not right in your articles. I intended to write to you after your first article in the series itself, but couldn’t get time. I will do so this time.

          • Ganesh

            I would be glad to see you debunk my blog on Exposé of AAP’s Modi. Please do write, and I’ll be glad to know that I’m wrong.

            For record, let me be clear that I am biased against AAP and unapologetic about it. The reason is AAP’s far-left economic policies, use of pseudo-nationalism as cover to promote communism and use of lies in maligning its opponents.

            I am an independent commentator and I have no need to prove that I am unbiased. I have no ‘hidden agenda’. Just like AAP is biased against opponents of its far-left ideology, I am biased against far-left ideology of AAP, and I will continue to call their bluff.

            Coming to electricity bills – Did I say anywhere that electricity bills are not inflated? Calling AAP’s bluff is not defending Modi/Congress/BJP. Read the blog again.

            AAP is not pointing out Modi’s mistakes. It is using lies to tarnish his image. There is a nasty lie on AAP’s Facebook page on Prahlad Modi (NaMo’s brother). Then there is another on Eon Aviation and top BJP leaders, linking unlinkable details to suggest that BJP is a co-accused in 2G scam.

            About internal lokpal – You’ve given a lot of technicalities on why internal lokpal didn’t take off in AAP. Will you offer the same explanation if AAP comes to power and drags its feet on Jan Lokpal and its honest implementation? It’s very easy to hide behind technicalities. That’s exactly what politicians have been doing thus far.

            I don’t think I need to comment on Modi’s new Lokayukta act. If you need answers on that, visit NitiCentral. they have several articles that lay out the details which you won’t see in MSM.

            AAP’s charade of exposé to throw mud at others is no public service. Instead of throwing mud at others, it’s better if AAP puts its house in order and stop using pseudo-nationalism to promote secessionists, naxals and far-left ideologues.

          • There is no problem if you call AAP’s bluffs. Do let us know however how AAP is far-leftist. In case you fail to prove so, am I to consider that your propaganda about AAP being far-leftist is “debunked”?

            Calling AAP’s bluff, if there is a bluff, is what I would like you to do, but that’s not what you are doing. You are doing what you accuse AAP of. Maligning the image based on insignificant points. Do you claim to have the whole truth? Are you sure you are not misrepresenting the facts or twisting the lines? Are you sure you are not presuming anything? I say you are. Nevertheless, read my comment again. What is your purpose of “calling the bluffs” and what this “calling the bluffs” achieve? Is it a game you are playing?

            I’m not the one hiding behind technicalities. You did so in your “Expose of AAP’s Modi Expose”. There are no lies on AAP’s facebook page, but it’s been impossible in India to prove anything, one way or other. That’s the reason why there was a need for AAP. I reported what happened. It’s up to you to decide what you have problem with. Will you say Mr. Modi will repeat 2002 all India level? You are ignoring Mr. Modi’s failures, if you know of them. You are making AAP’s failure to meet the deadline (they didn’t gave any clean chits, remember, like BJP did) a yardstick for future. Then also see, they got signed 10 lakh plus forms. Their achievements are more than their failures.

            You think niticentral is the place serving you the absolute truth and nothing else. Will you read this tahelka link tehelka. com/modis-operandi/?singlepage=1o (remove spaces) Also tell me why should one believe niticentral and not tahelka?

            Why is your “Expose of AAP’s Modi Expose” not mud slinging, but AAP’s exposes are? What public service your “expose” did, but AAP’s exposes failed to do?

            You are a victim of Mr. Modi’s Propaganda machine. Even if niticentral provides absolute truth in detail about why Mr. Modi’s Lokayukta is better (if at all it does), I would appreciate your version that you back, if you have one. Saying there is no need for you to comment is just not done. Let’s see what you know about important issues.

            You are promoting Mr. Modi and maligning AAP, based upon some baseless belief that AAP is far-leftist, and others if there are. I urge you to reconsider your stand, or prove what you claim. and if you are not ready to do even that, I urge you to read whatever you can about Mr. Modi. Forget 2002. Just examine the truth of Gujarat Development Story. Find out if you can what exactly is “Gujarat Growth Model” that Mr. Modi wants to implement in India.

          • Ganesh

            One more disclosure from my side. I have donated to IAC for Anna’s movement. Only once Kejriwal started resorting to lies, I left his side.

          • kmlaskl

            Would you like to revisit this assessment of yours 9 months down the line?

          • Ganesh

            Will you catch a thief only if people complain about theft?

          • Vinod

            I believe the process, if a thief steals your property, is as follows: your job is to file a complaint, the Police has the job to catch him, put him in lock-up, file a case against him and see that he goes to prison for the requisite term.
            What did you think was the way to catch a thief?

          • Ganesh

            Now I know the AAP logic that’ll be used to silence anyone who complains against them if they come to power. Then claim will be made that “no one complained”.

            It all makes sense now.

          • Vinod

            Arrey bhai, I am not an AAP member. Like you I too am only interested in replacing the corrupt with good people. However, the fact is that you can’t go about beating up crooks! We have to follow the law.

          • Madhu

            So you agree that just doing exposes isn’t enough,bringing them to logical conclusions should be the goal.If yes then what Mr.Kejriwal’s exposes are mere political stunts to gain sympathies and votes.So AAP is just like any other party.

          • Vinod

            Please take up this challenge. I will support your efforts whole heartedly. Let Arvind expose the crooks and you take it to the “logical conclusion”.
            And never mind the Police, what do they have to do with it?

          • Madhu

            Whoa!Mr.Kejriwal formed a party to change the system err throw the system not me.So Mr.Arvind exposes the crooks and allows them to walk free.WOW that’s nice to know Mr.Arvind allows criminals to go scot-free.

          • Vinod

            🙂 Easy to tell him what to do?
            You’re allowing the criminal to go scot free aren’t you? You want them to go scot free and blame Arvind for it, don’t you. You’re mixed up with the criminals, aren’t you?
            So easy to point fingers.
            Think about the rules. The law does not permit you to punish the criminals. You can only complain. You can’t investigate and file a case because that’s the police’s job. The court will do the punishing.

            What you can do, as Arvind does, is provide as much proof as you can about the crooks. You can even file a complaint at your local police station.

          • Madhu

            Mr.Kejriwal does the expose and common man has to file a complaint.And who is going to fight the case?Does that mean AAP will bear everything the costs incur during the case and protection of the complainant and family.That’s great.Can you give me some data how many complaints were filed by common man and what sort of protection and help AAP and Mr.Kejriwal gave during the cases on exposes done by them.I would like to know how many complainants and their families AAP has protected.I already saw AAP abandoning some of their volunteers in Mira Bhayander.If AAP can’t protect their volunteers how one should expect them to protect others. And believe me I know what happens when exposes are not brought to their logical conclusions.You can’t expect a common man to bear the brunt.Isn’t that the reason AAP formed?

          • Vinod

            I can see that you are desperate to have AAP get stuck in following up one case. And so not expose anyone else? Is there someone special that you don’t want him to expose?

            Don’t worry about following up on cases – that’s what the police is paid to do. If you complain, they must investigate. If there’s a crime, they must file a case against the accused and then follow up till justice is delivered.

          • Madhu

            Thanks for the conversation.The discussion may get longer and due to heavy load of work coming on my way I would like to end this discussion between us here.Thanks again for the discussion.Have a great day.

          • Ganesh

            Mr. Kejriwal should remove the demand for “Suo Moto” complaint powers he is asking for Jan Lokpal.

            His own miserably failed internal lokpal, and justification for it shows that “Suo Moto” won’t work.

            You just justified the reason for removal of the same.

          • Madhu

            See dude Mr.Kejriwal can’t accept a single mistake made by the Govt. or any other party why different yardstick for him and his party.Not only this he made allegations against Gujarat Govt. which he says was sent to him my Sanjeev Bhatt to whom was sent to by Tehelka.You will be surprised to know this Tehelka expose was blown into pieces by mere two tweets by someone.And later in detail by Niticentral,@gunnytweets(twitter id) and other bloggers.And Mr.Kejriwal didn’t responded to these columns.So his silence indicates that he badly goofed up and AAP fans and members don’t even raise this issue.

            Another point is when HSBC expose done by Mr.Kejriwal(which everyone appreciates and was in public domain was not given importance by the media previously) he asked all the employees working for the Bank in India to resign.Is that the best solution he could come up.Who in the right mind would give such a suggestion,except communists.I mean is Mr.Kejriwal ready to feed their families.

            Yes you are right why would any one vote for bringing Yamuna to this state,rather they vote them who brought Sabarmati to the present state.

          • Vinod

            I’m not worried about the Shiela’s mistakes. Only the “takes”. When a govt is on the take, the people suffer. Despite spending many 000 crores for the Yamuna, the river is dead. The money has been spent for the sake of spending not to solve the problem. The solution (well known to the govt) is to make small, cheap, micro sewage treatment plants within the city and use the treated water to green the city and fill up the underground water table (after filteration, the water is drinkable). But it is not done, because a cheap system will not give large commissions.

            Sanjeev Bhatt has been exposed as a Congress plant – why waste any words on him? I’m saying that Kejriwal is not perfect but he’s necessary to create a good govt. Such people should be supported so that the crooks are sent to prison.

          • Madhu

            So you agree Mr.Kejriwal goofed up trusting Sanjiv Bhatt on Mr.Modi expose.
            I brought the issue of Sabarmati because 10 years ago Yamuna and Sabramati were in same state.If I’m not wrong 300 crores were spent on Sabarmati and you can see the dramatic change.But Yamuna is at the same stage as it was 10 years ago.

          • MB

            Because taking things to conclusion in this system as of today takes more than decades. I dont want to put a different yardstick for him. I would even agree and did agree that you are right.

            But if it is about picking and choosing from the lot and if he is in the lot i would pick him over others. If you want to apply the same yardstick, do check out what others leave out.
            Because you talked about Gujarat, it has never had Lokayukta in the past decade. So there goes the theory of their purity

          • Madhu

            What makes you think that only lokayukta can prevent corruption.Until it becomes act what would AK et al do.Mr.Kejriwal just whines about corruption,everyone does.The person or group or for that matter Govt or opposition who brings it to logical conclusion counts.Other than that it’s mere a political stunt.By saying you won’t get justice or getting it too late AK et al are just discouraging one to file complaint.It’s like until you get lokpal or lokayukta you won’t get justice.

          • MB

            How many do you think have got that justice.. And i brought it up because Gujarat has an act since 80s, but no Lokayukta was appointed or in fact many opposed by the BJP.

        • Navneet

          I congratulate you on an extensive research for the post but here are my two cents about your post.
          1. I also checked the address on the Electricity bill. It says Jhuggi no. xyz. I’m wondering as to how a jhuggi was able to use so much electricity in the first place. Rs. 93,000 by 12 months is about Rs 7750 pm. Do you think a jhuggi dweller would be using that much?
          I’m just raising a doubt and not emphatically pointing out anything.
          2. Regardless of what the ‘truth’ about the inflated water bills you discuss is, what is certain is the hike in water/electricity bills over the past few years despite increased supply and increased profits to the discoms. Also the point is not about if Bhushan and AK have paid their bills or not. The point is how effective can this issue be used politically. You must realise that they’re a political party now and exaggeration of issues is how they’ll get votes.

          Lastly you should also realise that the AAP is trying to imitate/follow how Gandhi protested. The fasts need not stop now that they’re a party. Infact many BJP and Congress leaders in Delhi also have held fasts over other issues. Fasting in the Indian context is often used as a tool for a show of support.

          • Madhu

            If you are referring to the link in my first comment then that’s not my website and I’m not its author.If you want to thank him or have any doubts then visit the website and comment there.Or you can communicate with him on twitter.His handle is @gunnytweets .

            Hike in electricity/water bills is rampant through out the country,I’m not denying it.I brought the issue of payment of electricity bills by Mr.Bhushan and Mr.Kejriwal because AAP claims they are not like Congress,BJP,etc. And they are not bhai-bhai types with any party.When you don’t follow what you preach why ask others.

            And not only this AAP doesn’t have clear idea on J&K and China. If I’m not wrong Mr.Bhushan wants a plebiscite and in a way asking to give away J&K.My question is how are you going to conduct plebiscite.Have you rehabilitated Kashmiri Hindu Pandits(400,000+ then now there number is more than 750,000) who were driven out of J&K.If you rehabilitate where will you do it.Their property is in J&K now occupied by others.Also Pakistan gifted some parts of J&K to China.So on what basis Mr.Bhushan asking for plebiscite.If it’s according to UN resolution then meet the standards when it was proposed i.e. the conditions of J&K should be of 1947. No one from AAP opposed Mr.Bhushan’s claim.So should we assume AAP endorses Mr.Bhushan’s claims.

          • Navneet

            Madhu you need to understand AK and PB need not stop their bills to ask others not to pay. They have a responsibility towards a cause that others don’t. It would do only more harm than good if AK and PB don’t pay their bills. Though I hasten to add that they might use even this to their effect at some point later on.

            Now digressing to your latter point. AAP might have a different view point on JK and China but since when did the populace of this country start giving votes based on Foreign Policy? We all remember what NDA promised against Pak and what they delivered. Similarly with Congress et al. The JK and China issue one can debate in the Parliament and prevent regardless of what PB thinks.
            Currently however for equitable growth of the masses we need prevention of corruption and greater transparency. If AAP can deliver on these two, even at a State level..then there’s nothing bad about it.

            Anyway, good to be able to discuss this in a civil manner without swear words flying thick. Happy New Year (Gudi Padwa).

          • Madhu

            You mean to say AK,PB et al don’t have to practice what they preach.Wow that’s refreshing.

            Since AAP is different party why didn’t it asked Delhi’s Mecca Masjid to pay 4 crore rupees pending electricity bills.When Mr.Bukhari rendered his support to Mr.Kejriwal why didn’t AK raised this issue.

            If AAP has the same view point as PB’s then we can say goodbye to J&K.If you think PB can’t influence AAP then you are wrong.J&K and China issue might be “resolved” before coming to parliament just like Sir Creek was planned to handover to Pak(Indirectly Barkha Dutt indicated this to a Pak channel, that video link was going around on twitter).Papers were ready,only thing left was PM has to visit Pak and sign it which never happened,courtesy Mr.Modi’s public intervention.

            And one more question to AAP fans and members what happened to AAP’s Internal Lokpal.Mr.Kejriwal said within 3 months verdict will be delivered on Ms.Damania,PB and MayankG.It’s been almost 6 months now.If Mr.Kejriwal can’t keep his word on the internal matters of his party how should one expect him to do when he is in the Govt.

            Last point Mr.Kejriwal said throw the system/change the system.You don’t have to do that.Everything is there in the system you just have to tighten the screws and implement the laws.

            Yes it’s nice to discuss in this manner.Happy New Year.Ugadi aur Gudi Padwa ki Shubkaamnaye.

          • kmlaskl

            AAP has replied time and again that they do not endorse Mr. Bhushan’s views on J&K.

    • MB

      Check this out also –> http://youtu.be/Cz2Bw2ualgE?t=25m5s

  • Wonderful article. ..

  • Your piece was like pesticide. The trolls have vanished.

  • TMM

    One Joker (read Sikri) applauding the foolish acts of another Joker (read Kejriwal) in the only Circus in town!!!

  • Vikas Garg

    Good paper with heavy researched data. It was the great read. I enjoyed the article although it was very long.

  • Pavithran

    Dude this an epic piece to explain the much needed anti corruption movement in India. Too bad paid media killed it. Now they are busy building Modi up. Cant wait to watch the cards fall…

  • KUmaran

    BEing superficial has become the order of the day. AFter all someone who, by policy tries to weaken public trust in the system is not anarchic? SOmeone who talks of others’ accountability himself assume any accountability himself, is not being anarchic?

  • very nice, thanks Abhinandan

  • Nitin

    Naxalisim is what u are wedded to Abhinandan..Please give full disclosure at least that you were part of Team Anna..

  • Nitin

    Kejriwal is someone who has repeatedly changed his words..from” Bachoon ki kasam support nahi lunga to 8th Dec ko JanLokpal pass karwaunga.” He is already a Paka Politician ready for the Big game. No Emotions, just want the same answer ability that is demanded from other parties. Media is obviously not doing its Job

  • sunny

    Abhinandan Sekhri and a lot of(in fact almost all) AAP supporters in the media would like us to believe two things:
    a) that AAP is not just a bunch of anarchists, they are group of “honest” and “idealistic” common people who have had enough of the current state of political affairs and ones who would not hesitate to break laws that are “unjust”.
    b) that they are the true representatives of the “AAM AADMI”…
    only time will tell whether (a) is true or not. But AAP is certainly not the true representative of the AAM AADMI. AAP has never raised tough questions such as why every household in India, especially the ones with high family incomes should get domestic LPG cylinders and petrol at subsidized price??? Such people are in no way are the AAM AADMI. Their schemes (free water and reduced electricity bills ) may benefit all economic classes in the shorter term, but such economic policies will have long term hazardous effect on the “AAM AADMI”. In this regard I think that AAP will not help the “AAM AADMI”.

  • RajeevS

    Just wondering if promising goodies like “FREE WATER”, “50% CHEAP ELECTRICITY” is not bribing voters. I thought AAP was different from Congress and BJP. They were voted in Delhi more for these goodies than their anti-corruption plank.