The Cleaners (Ep 6) — Cricket & Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Roushan, Vasu Ritu Primlani, Sanjay Rajoura, Rajneesh Kapoor and Abhinandan Sekhri chat about Rahul Gandhi’s “stand-up act” at CII, not cracking jokes about NaMo, April Fool’s jokes and crossing the line, IPL & foreplay and more

Rahul Roushan, Vasu Ritu Primlani, Sanjay Rajoura, Rajneesh Kapoor and Abhinandan Sekhri chat about Rahul Gandhi’s “stand-up act” at CII, not cracking jokes about NaMo, April Fool’s jokes and crossing the line, IPL & foreplay and more

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  • Tathagat Khandelwal

    So you guys discussed IPL and Cricket in the same fashion as Rahul Addressed CII meet. No one know what was the question (Topic) was and what was he answering. You should not have watched speech 😀

  • rakhoush

    Abusive language being used in the video itself in the name of satire and ofcourse intellectualism drips from the fact that “six pack shacks …of bevan..n …lazy fat fools…game vs sports” n rubbish being the topic of debate. Huh…some people still believe, simply talking anything against cricket would give them the brownie points. 5 brownie points for the amazing effort and -5 for not even managing carrom at a decent level. Atleast Rahul’s speech gave them something to start the chat with. I am sure they are thankful towards Rahul’s effort. Overall a desperate attempt to have a phunn chat for sure without the pun in it. Thanks for posting the comment policy very clearly. (“Comment Policy: We encourage discussion and debate in our comments, among viewers and writers. However comments that are abusive or personal in nature, will be deleted.”) I am sure, out of all the people the host definitely is not taking any criticism here. Is there a negative rating option here ? or are you just going to delete this.

  • rahul

    this looks like a discussion between friends and more gossipy like. Really, the quality of the discussion has to improve. I think newslaundry must get better panelist who have good experience in politics . The less said of these panelist , the better it is.

  • Roark

    Liked Sanjay’s “haryanvi style” of looking into things…but don’t agree completely with his “over cynical” approach towards things…Rajneesh is great with his sensible and witty one liners…..Vastu is hilarious with that non hypocritical laugh….a rarity among girls…rahul shouldn’t “deliberately” try to speak in english….but he is doing a great job…..and last, but not the least……abhinandan, stop getting swayed with the flow…..your job is to conduct the discussion… better not forget that….it can’t be a college guys chatting at a teashop….better take some tips from Ms Trehan….:)

  • pickedaname

    behind the “arse” , hilarious

  • Some misconceptions about jokes on Modi.

    The team should watch The Week that Wasnt by Cyrus Broacha on CNN-IBN and you will find how he makes fun of everyone in politics from Modi to Sonia Gandhi. Some of Modi’s followers are little more crazy but do not blame all of them for your inability to create Modi jokes.

  • avinash

    Didn’t like this. It was terribly poor – in content and delivery both.

  • Shardul Patel

    First, it will help you if you trade in some of your arrogance for intelligence. The Hindi dude sounds more like a wrestler than a comedian, the guy in extreme left seems to be proud about his ignorance on current affairs and the lady on extreme right sounds arrogant even sitting quiet! Bollywood copies west and makes it spicier which is OK for entertainment. But self-proclaiming you as western left-liberal simply stinks. The bearded bloke in middle, liberals are taking hit because of you guys. The faking news guy would have sound bit normal but again your known by the company you keep.Liberals in west are open minded, progressive & don’t promote violence even in their words. Yeah scratch your heads & create a spoof out of this, but this is just a reflection of the first 15 minutes of your ramblings.
    Oh yeah, don’t under estimate the astute of IIT’ns. You’ are being pupated by one, if you haven’t realized by now.

  • 1in4r1incrore

    Following cleaners from ep1, good its back. It would be better if we have some intelligent conversations instead of slam everything kind like your analogy of rowdy rathore and shanghai films. About IPL, now a days its trendy that if u slam u r cool, so just to be cool everybody slamming it without any valid reason into it. People need entertainment they came up with IPL thats it. Now its getting bore to hear IPL bashing, may be you should do something why IPL is good that may be funny 🙂 And may be fakenews should give all real news on April 1, then everybody will be like its funny fake news then u can say its real april fooool..

  • Vadhi

    Why do you think Modi followers are so cross with you all. Simple… It has been Modi bashing all along ( the media has taken upon itself to keep the Godra Riots fresh in the minds as long as it takes, but the media looks the other way the good things he says / does. We follows get really get pissed off that you speak so bad about him.

  • Mullah Omar

    Self proclaimed “progressive” fake liberals displaying their idiocy. That guy on the left is a complete moron.

  • Scorpio

    Guys no offense, I like newlaundry. But particularly about IPL in this episode, I am sure people (journalists and comedians) must be having the same issue with one-day format when test cricket was more popular!

  • raj panchal

    @abhinandan.. @newslaundry…contrary to popular opinion here in the comments section, i liked the show.. and have a suggestion.. please do call nitin gupta(rivaldo) to your show. he is a great stand up artist.. and a person with very good political opinions..

    • Ankit


  • Pure wastage of time. These people are a joke on themselves and their thinking. shit stuff

  • Sumedha

    Are these the funny women and men you picked. seriously boring and not funny 🙁 Review your choices and make the next programme more interesting, perhaps. Could not watch the whole thing.

  • Sumedha

    And by the way, i agree with a comment below. Leave it to Madhu Trehan to conduct these programs…she is good.

  • Deepali Sharma

    kya bakwaas hai yaar… zippo

  • Most of the time it was below the belt, News laundry should have put a Disclaimer before the video .Meant for entertainment only , because the way this talk is conducted as someone is talking in his/her house with a glass of beer in the hand .

  • Suman Verma

    What Rajneesh mentioned about Modi is so very correct. You just can’t twitter him or message him for something wrong done or unattended thing in Gujarat, Modi’s PRA just chucks you away. You can’t mention ‘unwanted’ things which he did not like to hear.

    Anyone like Vasu who comes to visit the state, gets to see the big malls and good roads, it does seem good. But, when anyone says that people feel safe in Gujarat, that is because people have been like this in the state. They behave quite naive and do not like to fall in any arguments or fight. So, Gujarat was safe for women even before Modi. And, if it is safe today, the credit should go to the people, and not Modi.

    • Ram singh yadav

      You have some misconceptions about PR. PR doesn’t harass you. It is the people, the ardent follower of him like me. And I will also drag you down and will expose your agenda.

  • Ram singh yadav

    Bunch of marxists.

  • Rajan

    Rahul : ” Male version of a Dumb Blonde “

  • HelloILoveYou

    Leave it to the Modi supporters to not be able to take jokes.

  • Rohit1691

    Reply to all the comments:
    maybe the standard of discussion might not be upto the mark of what we expect in such a debate (considering that we all have watched lot of Indian english news media) but I assume that was the point of this show. everyone does such discussion on daily basis but to record and upload them is commendable. and coming to sensible part of this show, how many times have we made sense when we sit down with friends to discuss and how many times do we move away from the topic. I personally like the fact that panelists spoke without bothering about taking any sides unlike NDTV and CNN IBN.

    Good work and keep rocking!!!