Clothesline Episode 1

The week’s round-up of the funnies from news television.

The week’s round-up of the funnies from news television.

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  • Aju

    Loved it. Hope to see more such episodes. 🙂

  • Really brilliant and funny.. I’ll be waiting for some more episodes.

  • Ram

    This is a revolution. The media crooks get it back in their own coin !! Madhu, India is proud of you and your Newslaundry initiative. You are brilliant. Keep it up.

  • Madhuji how come you have not used this ‘Congress ko Defend Kar dena clip’ of NDTV

    • Don’t you think that is over exposed already?

      • Arkadip Rs

        is that you ? really O.o ??

  • Chitra Subramaniam Duella

    As a cancer survivor I found that programme with Sagarika Ghose shocking, insensitive and irresponsible. What do rich people do when they have cancer? I also find it shameful when media experts and politicians in India use medical terms irresponsibly – this political party is in the ICU, corruption is cancer that is eating into our society (why blame cancer), you speak like you have HIV/AIDS (how), this is a pandemic, no its a virus, no its a tablet. Imagine if the same were to happen in any other civilised democracy? Many cancers are moving into the chronic space and cures are emerging almost daily – the same cannot be said about corruption in our country including in the medical sector which is a time bomb in its last moments. And what do we do? We tweet. Ensuring that Indians gets good medical care is the job of our health minister who is still to make a public statement about the landmark Supreme Court judgement in the Novartis case.
    Way to go Madhu -brings back memories of your trail-blazing Newstrack and before that India Today.

    • Ram

      Respected Chitra-ji, As much as I understand your anguish, we Indians have got used to the daily shock therapy of lies, dimwitted reportage, hidden agendas and anything but real journalism in our main stream media. The utter nonsense has numbed our senses. Just as we feel about our political class that “kuch accha nahin ho sakta” (nothing good can happen) we feel about the present day journalists such as Sagarika, Barkha and their ilk. The conventional media space has been encroached upon these credibility-devoid journos. We need people such as you, Madhu-ji, Arun Shouries and other class acts in journalism else this cancer in the media is going to kill what we knew as “journalism” forever.

  • Chandra Sharma

    Majaa Aa Gaya!!

  • Can we have a “drama alert” tag on some of the debates that go on? It seems we have come to a point where more people watch news channels for drama and rhetoric rather than substance and logic.

    • thank you!

      • Shobhit

        I think this, more than the Nidhi’s blip on NDTV, has been over exposed.

  • NewsBandya

    Karan Thapar, I invite you for a glass of wine wearing this bow…. my god, sho cute you look….
    Arnab Goswami, pangebaaz journalist – and one should be – being in this profession. People might laugh at him, but accha kaam karta hai. But too bad – cannot take on guys who pay for Times conglomerate’s ads… absolutely toothless on that front.
    Sagarika Ghosh – The less i talk about you the better. Please stop corrupting the IQ of young India

  • facts

    if this was meant to be a bit funny….i really wud like to see some more punchline next time….and if that is not the case…i am still trying to figure out….what was the bottomline..??

  • shree pradhan

    ROFL and that too PET PAKADKE………….a fabulous take on the NAUTANKIES being played in the so called ‘debates’ and ‘talks’…………Madhu!! you have made me an ADDICT……….addicted to NEWSLAUNDRY……..:)

  • maza a gaya 😀

  • annu

    madhu please make episodes like these…..not the ones like the latest ‘cleaners’ episode where the panelist and the mediator landed up talking about everything under the sun- from rahul to IPL to god knows what..I dont see any difference between arnab screaming on top of his voice and abhinandan discussing politics to cricket to sex-do try not maintain the standard you have set rather than lowering it down

  • Ritwam

    Madhu, plz stop trying too hard to be a Jon Stewart !!

    • facts

      completely agree with you…she is trying too hard…though i believe she can do better being herself….

      • I will try to get better without trying too hard.

        • Come on Madhu… didn’t expect you to get bullied so easily!

          To all the Anglophile & Yankophile in here…

          1) Jon Stewart did not invent political satire on TV so anyone who tries to poke fun at politicos & journos in front of a camera does not always mean that he/she is “trying too hard to be J.Stew”

          2) Cyrus Broacha is at & not at

    • aldol

      Give her some break man 🙂

      Every country needs a Jon Stewart.

    • Why?

    • Shobhit

      Why not man? Political humor as I see it, is anyways dying here. If emulating Stewart might give some boost to this brand of humor, then I’m all for it. Besides, if she wants to try to be like somebody else, I can’t think of anyone better than Stewart. But Madhu, if you try to crop up a Stewart here, then you would desperately need an O’Reilly to keep things interesting. I think Sanjay Jha might fit that role. 😀

  • Great first episode!!! Release more please!

  • Girish

    This was the comment that i had posted 12 hours ago:

    Madhu, your face is not shiny enough. Please use more oil on it. Also give your dupatta a chance to be at it’s traditionally
    right place.

    I would like to know why it was removed. If newslaundry can see humor in the bow-tie of Karan Thapar, sleeveless blouses of Sagarika Ghosh and check shirt of Ramchandra Guha, why do they find the remark about oily face and dupatta so objectionable.

    • Should I use badam rogan or coconut oil? Please let me know soon as we are shooting the next episode!

      • Girish

        That’s your freedom of choice. As long as you are not using gasoline, you are fine. Because your anger might inflame it. Or probably, you should consider taking suggestion from a much wiser and much older woman who has the experience of having oily face on television(If you were not the pioneer in this area)

        • They even deleted my first response to your first comment! Hell, what is going on? Who listens these days?

          • Girish

            There are some in the team trying to run it like Chinese government, don’t care for free dialogue. That’s understandable because some articles on newslaundry make just as much sense as Chinese. My message to them is: 孝敬双重标准!

      • Girish

        Why are you deleting my comment every time?

    • Have told team repeatedly NOT to delete your remarks about my oily face! Have just told them again! Next episode-please check. I have थप्पोd पौडर !

  • aldol

    Awesome 1st episode. Its nice to finally see some humour on the deteriorating level of debates and panel discussions on news channels. I hope somday you or someone else could do this with politicians as well. You will have lots of material out there.

    This might be an easy one, its with Arindham choudhary going berserk

    • Very very funny! Must work it into Clothesline!

  • Ness

    Loved it Madhu!!! Way to go..

    For all the cynicism we have for big media blabber mouths, I cannot wonder how they manage to speak endlessly, everyday without loss of enthusiasm about even the most pathetic subjects. Such mistakes can happen then.

  • Subu

    Clothesline has made a superdebut. Hope it will be a regular feature. I watched walked the Talk with Sridevi last night and found it very funny. If you have a similar funnybone, I am sure it will find mention in next week’s clothesline!

  • Daa Dee Daaaaah

    That was too short!!!

  • Daa Dee Daaaaah

    Dear Madhu,

    This has great potential. Please also do monthly “best of” clips.

    Potential topics include:

    – Congress sychophant of the month (I am inspired by the display Sheila Dixit bowing and kissing the hand of the cooly still seated Sonia Gandhi at the end of the Congress Meet earlier this year when Beta Gandhi was announced to as Vice Pres)

    – Modi rabies (people who foam at the mouth about him)
    – Deifying Modi (people who drool at the mouth about him)

    Giggling yours!

  • Wierd!! This was My Reply to Girish not Girish’s comment!

  • Rajeev

    Madhu this is just fantastic, never before in history…though we may like to see a Delhi Lady and not Delhi Girl 🙂 as anchor.

  • sandeep kumar singh

    why don’t you talk about the good and bad of loksabha tv and rajyasabha tv…. they r really doing good and serious intelligent job