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No Media For The Hinterland

December 11, 2012   in Critique |2 comments

The media’s “shock” at the killing of a Punjab policeman highlights its disconnect with the India outside Delhi & Mumbai.

A Winter Of Adjournments?

December 4, 2012   in Critique |no comments

There’s a lot more to this Parliament’s winter session than what catches the media’s eye.

Bye Bye Yash Chopra

November 20, 2012   in Life |no comments

Yash Chopra’s typical sugary overdose in his films is leading to collective cinematic fatigue.

Eye On The Tiger

November 17, 2012   in Governance |4 comments

Bal Thackeray challenged the liberal democratic perception of identity politics being unnatural to Indian democracy.

No Tricolour Here, Please

November 15, 2012   in Critique |4 comments

The Indian media needs to take its nationalist heart out of its journalistic engagement with the world of sports.

An Absence Of Curiosity

November 7, 2012   in Critique |4 comments

The media is missing a critical element in its engagement with controversial figures like Naipaul.

Time To Think, Dear Reader

November 5, 2012   in Critique |3 comments

It’s that time of year! The annual thinking, partying and event managing rituals by newspapers and magazines have begun.

Papa, Buy Me That

October 29, 2012   in Critique |24 comments

At the right price, anyone can be a journalist. Thanks to the many institutes set up by our media houses.

There’s Something About Money

October 23, 2012   in Life |no comments

There’s an escapism that’s common to those occupying news space these days - the Mallyas, F1 and Yash Chopra.

Calypso Cricket

October 10, 2012   in Sports |one comment

The most endearing aspect about Caribbean cricket is its elegance and effortlessness on the field.

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