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Loneliness Of Human Company

October 5, 2012   in Life |no comments

The autobiographical narrative in Jerry Pinto’s Em And The Big Hoom, though hard to miss, could be anyone’s story.

In Search Of Local Sense

October 2, 2012   in Critique |one comment

Media narrative in Maharashtra has its own scanning of scripts before it reaches the patronising “national” media houses.

Vigyapan In the World of Ads

September 29, 2012   in Criticles |one comment

Exploring the world that lies between the advertising spaces of English and Hindi newspapers in India.

Sister Act

September 26, 2012   in Critique |5 comments

The charm of commercial expansion has made media houses forget their editorial thrust.

The Other Joseph Scores, Again

September 21, 2012   in Critique |5 comments

Rushdie's memoir has eclipsed Manu Joseph’s masterpiece, which deserves far more acclaim than it has received.

Editing In The Times Of Nitish

September 14, 2012   in Critique |6 comments

With the government-ad cash cow in Bihar growing fatter, the Editor-In-Chief of Bihar seems to be getting good press.

The Other Thakur Ka Kuan

September 12, 2012   in Governance |8 comments

The Parliamentary question on gender break-up of open defecation & Premchand’s short story.

Communicating-The Manmohan Way

September 7, 2012   in Governance |9 comments

For those who believe that our prime minister does not speak up on anything - here’s a reality check.

For a Life Beyond the Gallows

August 30, 2012   in Governance |no comments

Ajmal Kasab’s death sentence should be a wake-up call for India to reconsider its stand on the death penalty.

When Grace Was Grandfatherly

August 27, 2012   in Life |no comments

In our vicarious engagement with old age in cinema, Hangal Sahab was a site that we visited many times.

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