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The Importance of Being CAG

August 25, 2012   in Critique |no comments

Inaccessible? Arrogant? Or low-key? Interactions of civil servants with the media require a delicate handling.

A Fort For Mr Kanda

August 20, 2012   in Life |2 comments

Gopal Kanda’s ostentatious lifestyle is yet another example of the effects of conspicuous consumption in today’s India.

Matters Of Fact

August 17, 2012   in Critique |2 comments

The Pax Indica extract in Caravan flirts with facts. Shouldn’t the editors have been paying attention?

Metaphors From The Fringes

August 6, 2012   in Critique |21 comments

A polarising metaphor in public discourse, Arun Shourie can leave you with some sobering thoughts to reflect upon.

Not Black Enough

August 4, 2012   in Critique |no comments

The 2-day “black-out” was more than just power-loss. The Indian & International media lost their sense of proportion.

Losses Of A Win

July 27, 2012   in Life |one comment

For Olympic hopefuls and educational migrants, victory has a thousand fathers. But what of loss?

No Kothri For Kothli

July 21, 2012   in Life |no comments

Drudge labourers are paid the same amount their forefathers were paid two-and-half millennia ago! Is the media taking note?

Rest In Press (R.I.P.)

July 17, 2012   in Critique |one comment

An exercise in contemporary history, obituary writing in India is yet to earn its spurs in the media space.

The Ghats Are Calling

July 13, 2012   in Life |5 comments

Will Patna’s historical ghats be relegated to a watery grave, and sacrificed for Chinese innovation?


July 9, 2012   in Critique |5 comments

Who reads books nowadays? Not our media for sure.

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