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Scientifically Speaking

July 6, 2012   in Critique |6 comments

Why is it that we refuse to indulge or invest in media discourse on pure science?

Clinging To The Ceiling

July 4, 2012   in Critique |6 comments

Before indulging in gender discourse, the media needs to first identify the core gender issues faced by women in India.


June 30, 2012   in Critique |one comment

Has the television-propagated “cult of celebrity” finally become passé?

A Mango Republic

June 26, 2012   in Life |2 comments

Temptation, brutality, romance, inspiration. Songs, books and even ads. A rural-urban divide. All thanks to the king of fruits.

The Magazine Corner

June 23, 2012   in Critique |no comments

The Economist reports an upsurge in the international magazine market. Will India follow suit?

More Details, Please!

June 16, 2012   in Critique |11 comments

Why has Subramanian Swamy not emerged as the poster boy of the right-leaning middle class? And other questions.

Historical Distractions

June 15, 2012   in Life |no comments

Has the digital age resulted in the "pancake" generation losing its sense of history?

The Silent Pages

June 12, 2012   in Critique |6 comments

Why does The Hindu never question the dark underbelly of the coaching mafia?

Failing the First Test

June 6, 2012   in Critique |one comment

Our national media fails the test of in-depth understanding and analysis of ‘the flaming fields of Bihar’.

Summer Hues

May 21, 2012   in Life |3 comments

Summer nights and blazing days leave a trail of memories immortalised by poets and lyricists.

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