Posts by Mathew Idiculla:

NAC: Plunging Into Darkness

June 3, 2013   in Governance |6 comments

The NAC - its work under UPA I, functioning under UPA II, its achievements and the challenges it has and is facing.

Bangalore’s New Agenda Setters

May 3, 2013   in Critique |8 comments

Is the media’s unquestioning hosting of the B.PAC yet another example of its propensity for elite groups & movements?

Resurrection of the Oped space

April 3, 2013   in Critique |4 comments

The last few months have finally seen the Oped Page emerge as a battlefield of ideas

The Veil of Intelligence

February 26, 2013   in Governance |one comment

The recent Hyderabad blasts raise questions about the NCTC as well as the workings of India’s intelligence agencies.

Now Showing: Modi In 3D!

November 22, 2012   in Governance |4 comments

Is Narendra Modi’s 3D stunt a wasteful exercise in narcissism, or a new ground-breaking political strategy?

The Industry Of Outrage

November 12, 2012   in Critique |12 comments

Desperate for a controversy over “hurt sentiments”, the media decided to pin Karnad down to his statement on Tagore’s plays.