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A Review Of #NLHafta From Aj Parikh

June 3, 2016   in We Have Got Mail |no comments

Newslaundry, I will keep this really short because I don’t want Karthick to spend a day trying to read all the emails. I love the Hafta and you have made my drive to work more enjoyable 🙂 Can your panel spend a few minutes talking about how India decides which government has performed well? Is […]

A Review Of #NLHafta From Saahil

June 3, 2016   in We Have Got Mail |no comments

Hi Newslaundry Team, I am a ardent listener and viewer of all the interviews and NL Hafta’s. I started following it in 2013-14 when i just started working and it was a sign of relief to get a different opinion on news. Currently I am studying abroad and NL hafta is the best way to […]

A Review Of #NLHafta From Jyoti

June 3, 2016   in We Have Got Mail |no comments

Dear NL hafta team, Since 2012, I am religiously following Newslaundry and now can say that I am addicted! My weekend starts on Friday evening while listening to NL hafta on my way back to home from office. Lately, there is often delay in uploading the podcast. Why don’t you have alert emails for the […]

A Review Of #NLHafta From Abhijith

June 3, 2016   in We Have Got Mail |no comments

Dear NLites, I’ve been longtime follower and admirer. I like the varied views of all panelists and nuances you bring in. I live in the US and cannot always watch every Indian news channel debates, so Hafta makes it wonderful in bringing the week’s highlight in form of podcast and I haven’t missed one. To […]

#NLprimetime: Episode 16

May 31, 2016   in #NLprimetime |one comment

Things too hectic between the television and the tweets at #NLprimetime? Find all tweets compiled here; read at leisure.

NL Interviews: Rana Ayyub on her new book Gujarat Files

May 30, 2016   in TEEVEE |36 comments

Originally shot for Facebook Live, in this interview, award winning journalist Rana Ayyub speaks about her journey of investigating the Gujarat riots of 2002 and the struggle she faced in getting the book published

NL Hafta – Episode 69: Should sports bodies come under RTI?

May 28, 2016   in Podcast |25 comments

The podcast where we discuss the news of the week.

A review of #NLHafta from Thomson Dcruz

May 28, 2016   in We Have Got Mail |one comment

Dear NL Hafta Team, I have been an avid listener of all your podcasts since episode 1. Anand is my favourite panelist on the show because of his sheer variety of his knowledge (from politics to science). This week I was listening in to the debate on intolerance. I was sort of amused when Madhu […]

A review of #NLHafta from Deegi Rai

May 28, 2016   in We Have Got Mail |no comments

Hi guys, Hafta has been an integral part of my Saturday morning. I keep it on while relishing self-cooked breakfast in the morning. Whenever I don’t get to listening to it on Saturday, I feel like missing something as if someone has taken away a cookie for my tea. I would like to thank you for expanding my […]

A review of #NLHafta from Karthik

May 28, 2016   in We Have Got Mail |2 comments

Dear Newslaundry team, (Abhinandan, I am sacrificing a lot of sleep and rest to write this email because of my schedule. So PLEASE COVER THIS!) You have indeed changed news! This NL Hafta is one of my favourite episodes because of the range of the content covered, Madhu taking on Anand and because you followed […]

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