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Game Set. No Love Lost

July 3, 2012   in Cheat Sheet |3 comments

What’s behind the Lee-Hesh spat? And why’s Sania brawling along with them?

The Presidential Election

June 26, 2012   in Cheat Sheet |6 comments

Wondering how the President is elected? So are we. And so are our elected representatives it seems. Read on.

Jagan Reddy

June 18, 2012   in Cheat Sheet |7 comments

From Zero To Hero.

That Stinging Sensation

June 2, 2012   in Critique |no comments

A mongoose. An ugly box. A starring role. A khoofiya mission. I was bitten by the bug.

Bizarre Media Moment of the Week#15

May 26, 2012   in NL Frame |one comment

Musharaff killed off by his mother. And Junior Bhutto gives us the scoop on it!

The Posterity Drive

May 21, 2012   in Critique |5 comments

Rs 8 crore spent on ads commemorating Rajiv Gandhi in just 8 papers. Where is the media outrage now?

Sitting Duck

April 27, 2012   in Critique |one comment

HT decides to provide terrorists with a detailed guide on how to inflict maximum damage on the Capital

The Importance Of Being Alagiri

April 18, 2012   in Critique |one comment

There’s boot-licking, there’s ass kissing and then there is this.

Sex, Lies and TV news

April 3, 2012   in Critique |no comments

Broken News is the perfect pot-boiler with its insights into the murky world of broadcast news.

Channel Surf

March 16, 2012   in Critique |2 comments

5 partially moving blobs and stripes are giving me extra info apart from news to watch and listen to. Switch.

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