We're all done hiring for now. We'll update this page if and when we're looking to add to our team.


Newslaundry is hiring! We’re expanding our team – and are super excited about it. We, at Newslaundry, are a group of committed news professionals and are looking for people who share a passion for journalism and story-telling.

We aren’t really looking to fit people into strict beats or roles, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore and experiment across audiovisual and written formats. What we are looking for is energy and enthusiasm and a commitment towards independent news.

We’re looking for people for the following roles:


  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER/ ILLUSTRATORkeyboard_arrow_down

    Can you create images like this faster than you can say Photoshop?

    We need you to know :
    Adobe After Effects
    How to work with vectors and real images
    Our flagship show, Clothesline, and be able to make graphics for it

  • CARTOONIST /ILLUSTRATORkeyboard_arrow_down

    Think you can do this? Can you put together something like this?
    We are looking for Illustrators who can conceptualise and execute comic panels and animations sequences.

    We need you to know:
    Adobe After Effects
    Adobe Illustrator
    1 to 3 years of experience in digital design is a must.

Social Media

  • Social media – Team Leadkeyboard_arrow_down

    We are hiring social media executives who not only think out of the box, but also work out of the box.

    We need you to:
    Have 3-4 years of experience in social media management
    Have worked in a newsroom
    Be aware of social media analytics
    Be able to strategies promotional campaigns
    Have a working knowledge of digital marketing

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERkeyboard_arrow_down

    Can’t get off Twitter? Addicted to Facebook? We are willing to pay you for what you love.

    We need you to:
    Be a graduate, preferably in mass communication
    Be aware of social media and its functioning
    Be familiar with Internet and multimedia tools such as Photoshop, Buffer app, HootSuite, Google analytics etc.
    Be a news junkie
    Have wit
    Be able to create multi-dimensional social media campaigns


  • Camerapersonkeyboard_arrow_down

    We need you to:
    Be able to handle high-end DSLR cameras
    Preferably have a news background
    Be able to multi-task
    Respect deadlines

Business Development

  • Head: Outreach/Collaborations and Brandkeyboard_arrow_down

    We are looking for someone to manage online and offline partnerships for Newslaundry. Newslaundry already has an existing network of agencies with which it partners and institutions it collaborates with on an event-to-event basis. The manager would need to identify other interesting collaboration opportunities and outreach projects, develop existing relationships, be involved in fund-raising and lead a team to organise and manage logistics for events that Newslaundry partners. Important: Skills must include - making presentations, explain the brand USP and its philosophy. Building the brand and its partnerships. Must be able to make his/ her own PPTs. 

    We need you to:
    Be organized.
    Be excellent at time management.
    Have great communication skills
    Be able to build a team.
    Come up with ideas on collaborations and marketing outreach projects and strategies.
    Identify opportunites when you see them.
    Management degree is great but this task is more about what you can do than the degree you have. You will be judged entirely on what you have done professionally so far, not in your classroom.

  • Executive Assistantkeyboard_arrow_down

    Lots of things are happening at Newslaundry and we need someone to help coordinate them. We are looking for someone to schedule meetings, appointments, and handle Newslaundry's correspondence. We need smart, confident and enthusiastic freshers who are willing to work hard and learn!

    We need you to:
    Be organized.
    Be excellent at time management.
    Have great communication skills.
    Be at least a graduate.


  • Tech leadkeyboard_arrow_down

    Looking for a platform to do some amazing data work? We are hiring full stack web developers.

    Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application, Knowledge of the MVC pattern
    Proficiency in HTML/CSS/Javascript/AJAX
    Basic design and UX sensibilities
    Rigor in A/B testing, test coverage, and other web best practices
    Strong working knowledge of developing cross platform/browser/device compatibility (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) for dynamic web applications
    Experienced back-end developer who knows PHP/Javascript/ MySQL
    Good understanding of responsive design and experience optimizing front end code for performance / speed
    A sense of the value of web standards, accessibility, and user experience
    Ability to multi-task on multiple projects and tasks at the same time
    Comfortable working in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment

    You get bonus points if you have:
    Worked in an LAMP stack environment before
    Good hands-on experience working with CSS pre-processors (LESS & SASS)
    The ability to come up with creative ways to bring structure and organization to unstructured data
    Beginner knowledge of APP development

Please send in your applications at contact@newslaundry.com or call: +919810805831