Radhika Vaz’s memoir proves you can be a feminist and not hate all things feminine

Unladylike is funny and feminist but not rabid.

posted by Rajyasree Sen|January 25, 2016   in Book Review|one comment

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Of Money and Men

How much money do we need? Do we need money at all? Vivek Kaul’s Easy Money answers these questions & more.

posted by Anand Ranganathan|November 20, 2013   in Book Review|7 comments

Identically Different

Blame It On The Gene Pool

Can political machinations & behaviour be a result of nature over nurture?

posted by Aekta Kapoor|September 19, 2013   in Book Review|3 comments

Homepage image Billionaire Apprentice

The Billionaire’s Apprentice

Getting by with a little help from friends. Anita Raghavan masterfully retells the story of Rajat Gupta and Raj Rajaratnam.

posted by Swapan Seth|August 5, 2013   in Book Review|4 comments


Invoking Chanakya

Does Pavan Varma’s new book manage to resolve the crisis within India?

posted by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta|March 2, 2013   in Book Review|no comments

Akash Banerjee's Book

A Reporter’s Diary

Akash Banerjee’s ‘Tales from Shining and Sinking India’ has its moments.

posted by Somi Das|February 25, 2013   in Book Review|one comment

Rahul Pandita's Our Moon Has Blood Clots

Leave Or Die

Rahul Pandita’s Our Moon Has Blood Clots attempts to set the record straight on the forced exile of Kashmiri Pandits.

posted by Alpana Kishore|January 23, 2013   in Book Review|6 comments


More Than A Kiss-And-Tell

Like it or not, Tavleen Singh’s Durbar is definitely worth a read. If only it was a more complete book.

posted by Namita Bhandare|December 5, 2012   in Book Review|one comment


Tavleen’s Testy Tales

Durbar. A riveting read. Politics, gossip and a pool of bile at being left out in the cold by Sonia.

posted by Rajyasree Sen|December 5, 2012   in Book Review|8 comments


Cricket And A Shot Of Arrack

Even if you detest cricket, you will love Chinaman - The Legend of Pradeep Mathew by Shehan Karunatilaka.

posted by Manvi Sinha Dhillon|August 24, 2012   in Book Review|no comments

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