Centre Withdraws Delhi’s Nomination For World Heritage Site Status

posted by Rahul Dhanuka|June 1, 2015   in Cheat Sheet|5 Views

A lot of Delhi’s dying arts, like block printing and stone inlaying, could have found patrons.


Sea Of Trash: Why Oceanic Landfills Need Our Attention

posted by Avni Agarwal|May 19, 2015   in Cheat Sheet|no Views

Garbage patches in the ocean pose a huge environmental threat.


T Venkattram Reddy: A quick guide to who, what, why and how

posted by Arunabh Saikia|February 16, 2015   in Cheat Sheet|5 Views

As Deccan Chronicle’s chairman is arrested, here’s the who, what & how.


The Gist of the GST

posted by Aayushi Maheshwari|January 19, 2015   in Cheat Sheet|16 Views

Arun Jaitley calls it the “single biggest tax reform since independence”, but what exactly is the proposed Goods and Services Tax?


Change Of Plan

posted by Aayushi Maheshwari|January 9, 2015   in Cheat Sheet|7 Views

The new government has replaced Planning Commission with Niti Ayog. What’re the changes?

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Why Is Cairo Burning?

posted by Arunabh Saikia|June 24, 2014   in Cheat Sheet|6 Views

A primer on the outrage sparked by the sentencing of three journalists in Egypt.


Primary Concerns

posted by Somi Das|February 7, 2014   in Cheat Sheet|7 Views

What is the significance, if any, of Congress introducing Primary Elections before the General Elections?

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A-B-C Of The CAG

posted by Somi Das|January 7, 2014   in Cheat Sheet|5 Views

Everything you needed to know about the Comptroller Auditor General and his responsibilites.


The Return Of Section 377

posted by Visvak Sen|December 11, 2013   in Cheat Sheet|13 Views

Dummies' guide to Section 377 of the IPC and why everyone’s outraged by today’s judgment.

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Aadhaar’s Identity Crisis

posted by Arunabh Saikia|September 27, 2013   in Cheat Sheet|7 Views

Has the Aadhaar itself lost what it was meant to provide the citizens of the country – an identity?

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