Black Swans, Climate Change and Insurance

posted by Rain Man|June 2, 2014   in Economy|one Comment

Explaining the “black swan” effect, what it means vis-à-vis global climate shifts, and the role insurance companies need to play in future.

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Ride the BJP-proposed bullet trains to manage time and save the world.


Buy, Buy, Buy: Breaking Down The Hype

posted by Rain Man|May 26, 2014   in Economy|5 Comments

The stock market might seem to be heading for an all-time high, but there are potholes to be reckoned with.


Ni Hao, India!

posted by Anand Ranganathan|March 11, 2014   in Economy|31 Comments

What does the Bank Of China have in common with Madhya Pradesh?

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Oil Mathematics

posted by Bulbul Negi|December 23, 2013   in Economy|25 Comments

From extraction to pump – breaking down the journey of crude and why it costs so darned much.

dollar hike in india

The Spectre Of Dollar Poverty

posted by Indrajit Hazra|August 23, 2013   in Economy|44 Comments

With the rupee plunging, fears of the neglected “urban middle class” being pulled closer to BPL territory are palpable.

Hawala Logic question

Hawala Logic

posted by Anand Ranganathan|August 20, 2013   in Economy|275 Comments

Wondering why the rupee’s devaluing by the second? Find the answer through this multiple-choice question paper.

Sibalomics, dodgy calculations and a country in economic morass.

India’s Darkest Hour

posted by Anand Ranganathan|August 16, 2013   in Economy|66 Comments

Sibalomics, dodgy calculations and a country in economic morass. Is this India’s darkest hour before dawn?


Decoding Crony Capitalism

posted by Anand Vardhan|February 6, 2012   in Economy|4 Comments

With Supreme Court cancelling all 122 telecom licences allotted to 11 companies, crony capitalism has become the phrase to be dissected.