Rajeev Chandrasekhar hits out at DOT’s report on net neutrality, says it is far behind the curve

posted by Rajeev Chandrasekhar|July 28, 2015   in Governance|6 Views

The MP says the report has led to concerns being raised in several quarters about the DoT's independence.


Dispute with your mobile service provider? You may not have much recourse

posted by Arunabh Saikia|July 17, 2015   in Governance|6 Views

The Supreme Court still thinks telecom disputes should be resolved through arbitration.


Why Installing CCTVs In Mumbai’s Local Won’t Make Women Feel Any Safer

posted by Dr Kannamma Raman, Ashwin Parthasarathy|June 23, 2015   in Governance|one View

Women have generally preferred the presence of personnel who are sensitive and empowered to act.


Why One Rank One Pension Matters

posted by Rahul Dhanuka|June 19, 2015   in Governance|8 Views

Army men say they won’t budge this time

As the new CVC takes charge, more than 20 cases wait for prosecution sanction from the NDA government

posted by Factly|June 9, 2015   in Governance|no Views

The government has finally appointed K.V. Chowdary as the Chief Vigilance Commissioner after the post was vacant for nearly 9 months.


When Religious Sentiments Become More Important Than Feeding Malnourished Children

posted by Rajyasree Sen|June 4, 2015   in Governance|23 Views

A certain kind of food politics seems to have suddenly taken over the country.


Compulsory Voting in Gujarat: Masterstroke Or Simply Impractical?

posted by Munish Kumar Raizada|June 1, 2015   in Governance|4 Views

Experts say that it could be in violation of the Article 21 of the Constitution.


Linking your Voter ID with Aadhaar is not mandatory & your name will not be deleted from the Voter List

posted by Factly|May 27, 2015   in Governance|one View

Linking of Aadhaar with one’s Voter ID was publicised in the media as mandatory through the NERAP(National Electoral Rolls Purification & Authentication Program) and that failing to do so would result in deletion of names from the Voter list. Factly cuts through the confusion.

Rs 0: Spent by 55% Lok Sabha MPs on Constituencies

posted by IndiaSpend|May 26, 2015   in Governance|3 Views

298 of 542 members of the Lok Sabha have not yet utilised their MP Local Area Development Scheme funds.


The Government Intends to Amend the ‘Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984’ (PDPP Act)

posted by Factly|May 25, 2015   in Governance|2 Views

The Union Home Ministry has proposed a set of amendments to the PDPP act, 1984 that seek to deter prospective violators from damaging public property during agitations. Factly lists out the amendments and encourages us to share our opinions about them with the government.

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