Animals as part of festivities in India: What should be banned?

A little poll on what constitutes animal cruelty.

posted by Mahima Singh|January 14, 2016   in Life|7 comments


Why political corruption starts with voter corruption

So much for responsible journalism

posted by Rain Man|December 25, 2015   in Governance|4 comments


Politicians from Obama to Trump follow voter opinions

Barack Obama flip-flopping on gay marriage and Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the US are two examples of leaders following voter opinions.

posted by Rain Man|December 24, 2015   in Governance|one comment


Why India needs to invest in a robot defence force

It will help cut down on defence spend and focus on education and healthcare

posted by Rain Man|December 18, 2015   in Governance|3 comments


Editorial decision on what constitutes news will not be compromised: Editor of Nagaland Page

Monalisa Changkija on the challenges of doing journalism under the shadow of the Armed Forces (Special) Powers Act, 1958

posted by Arunabh Saikia|November 18, 2015   in Governance|one comment


As a gay man, I’m glad BJP lost in Bihar

Today, they are going after Muslims. Tomorrow they will come after the likes of me.

posted by Vikram Johri|November 9, 2015   in Governance|23 comments


Dear Gadkari-ji, test separate lanes on roads for autonomous cars

An open letter to Nitin Gadkari

posted by Rain Man|November 2, 2015   in Governance|8 comments


It’s turning out to be the uncrackable code: Uniform Civil Code

Your all-round guide to the UCC’s history, roadblocks, complications and how it works in other countries.

posted by Abhishek Choudhary|October 21, 2015   in Governance|3 comments


The 3rd India-Africa summit will begin this month. What is the mega-event all about?

The summit will enable consultations between the heads of government of 54 African nations and the Indian government.

posted by Abhishek Choudhary|October 5, 2015   in Governance|one comment


Is the Draft National Encryption Policy really all that evil?

Not only is it justified that India seeks to tighten her leash on companies and private firms spying on political targets, it is overdue.

posted by Siddharthya Swapan Roy|September 22, 2015   in Governance|11 comments

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