India’s Politically Powerful Castes Corner Quotas

posted by IndiaSpend|March 18, 2015   in Governance|3 Views

As the Supreme Court of India struck down the central government’s decision to include Jats in a central list of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) from nine states, an IndiaSpend analysis reveals that how these castes in central list of Other Backward Clase have disproportionately cornered affirmative-action quotas.


Lies and Statistics: How India’s Largest State Fudges Crime Data

posted by IndiaSpend|March 13, 2015   in Governance|2 Views

Official state data isn’t always correct.

india-spend-Military Officers Are Women

88 Years On, 5% Military Officers Are Women

posted by IndiaSpend|March 11, 2015   in Governance|4 Views

Women have served in India’s armed forces for 88 years, yet they hold only temporary ten-year jobs, are not allowed on fighting ships, fighter planes and other combat units. They make up only 5% of military officers.


Health Crisis Needs Money—But That Isn’t Enough

posted by IndiaSpend|February 26, 2015   in Governance|one View

With the Budget being announced this Saturday, IndiaSpend brings us data on why BJP's promise to increase spending on health is not enough.


Up To 20% Drop In Subsidies Likely

posted by IndiaSpend|February 23, 2015   in Governance|no Views

With the budget session underway, IndiaSpend research predicts a drop in subsidies.


Do Bigha Zameen

posted by Anand Ranganathan|February 21, 2015   in Governance|35 Views

A look at what has changed in land acquisition law from 1894 to 2015.

BJP-support (1)

In Defeat, BJP’s Voter Base Stays Loyal

posted by IndiaSpend|February 11, 2015   in Governance|8 Views

Despite winning just three seats in the 2015 Delhi assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party has largely maintained the vote share it has had for the last 16 years.

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Why India’s Nuclear Power Is Surging

posted by IndiaSpend|February 3, 2015   in Governance|8 Views

PM Modi has set a goal of tripling nuclear power over the next decade, IndiaSpend reveals that India’s nuclear-power sector may be able to achieve that target.

Secularism image

The Great Secularism Debate

posted by Anand Ranganathan|January 30, 2015   in Governance|45 Views

Why did the embodiment of Secularism - Nehru and Ambedkar - reject the insertion of the word SECULAR in our Constitution?

IS 27 jan

US Now India’s Largest Arms Supplier, But It Isn’t Enough

posted by IndiaSpend|January 27, 2015   in Governance|one View

US President Barack Obama’s visit to India is characterised by a series of symbolic firsts in the larger contours of Indo-US relations.

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