Not By Proxy

posted by Shashank Pandey|June 14, 2014   in Governance|8 comments

The Pune IT professional’s murder throws up many IT security issues which India needs to tackle.


Safe Journey Home

posted by Varad Sharma|June 13, 2014   in Governance|7 comments

Does a new government hold out new hope for Kashmiri Pandits?


A Bend in the River

posted by Anand Ranganathan|June 9, 2014   in Governance|133 comments

Is the inter-linking of rivers the solution to India’s water problems?


posted by Adish Vartak|May 22, 2014   in Governance|16 comments

The role of parties and politics in these past elections, and their future implications. Twitter and Facebook Update: The different stances adopted by the Congress, BJP and AAP in these elections.


The (Indian) Politician’s Guide To Avoid Rape

posted by Pulkit Datta|April 25, 2014   in Governance|19 comments

Pick of the tips from our politicos & protectors of society on how to avoid rape.


A Drink to Gujarat’s Health

posted by Anand Ranganathan|April 2, 2014   in Governance|42 comments

Is removing Prohibition one way to improve Gujarat’s abysmal Health indices?


Educating India

posted by Anuj Gupta|March 31, 2014   in Governance|6 comments

Why the wisest thing Gujarat could have done for its students was to deviate from the Right To Education act.


Gujarat: In a Sorry State

posted by Anand Ranganathan|March 31, 2014   in Governance|70 comments

Is the light from shining Gujarat being reflected on to its Health?


Censuring the Census

posted by Anand Ranganathan|March 21, 2014   in Governance|69 comments

What explains our government withholding religion demographic data in the 2011 Census report?


Battle Of Varanasi. Circa 2014

posted by Kunal Singh|March 19, 2014   in Governance|91 comments

Kejriwal or Modi. Cynicism or hope. Who will the people of Varanasi vote for?

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