56 world monuments that lit up in solidarity with France

It was all blue, white and red.

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Reading this article will make you wiser about bisexual women (or maybe not), says a ‘scientific’ study

One problem, though: Like many studies that gain attention online, this one too is flawed too. Here’s why.

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The things feminism has improved for me: A male perspective

Embracing feminism has made me a better and, yes, happier person.

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NL Ki Class on political equations

Inspired by Arun Shourie, we present to you some more equations.

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Why I must bully and outrage on TV: A news anchor on role-playing in the studio

The louder and more obnoxious you are on TV, the more people notice you.

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Marathi film Court, India’s official entry at Oscars, is not your usual courtroom drama

It’s a matter of great pride that a film of such brilliance will represent us on a global stage.

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TVF Pitchers is not as exciting as the Indian start-up scene

The web series is too ‘filmy’ and replete with clichés.

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Why do we know Radhe Maa?

Where she came from and what she did to make it to prime-time news.

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Who is your guru?

Take our fun quiz: Who is your spiritual guru?

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stephens newslaundry vixen

Before St Stephen’s Valson Thampu could write “The Vixen of Stephenville”, we reviewed it

Spoiler alert: The “Vixen” is the protagonist loosely based on Thampu.

posted by Mahima Singh|July 22, 2015   in Life|2 comments

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