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Before St Stephen’s Valson Thampu could write “The Vixen of Stephenville”, we reviewed it

posted by Mahima Singh|July 22, 2015   in Life|2 Views

Spoiler alert: The “Vixen” is the protagonist loosely based on Thampu.

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On The Glory Of Mad Men And the Banality of Indian Television

posted by Rajyasree Sen|May 19, 2015   in Life|11 Views

Ram Kapoor kissing Sakshi Tanwar over many episodes cannot be our answer to Don Draper and Mad Men.



posted by Boom Live|May 1, 2015   in Life|one View

Being a woman is challenging business. Being an Indian woman doubly so. Where natural survival can’t be taken for granted what place does feminism have? Filmmaker and columnist Paromita Vohra puts nuance into India’s gender debate.


For India’s Farmers, Harder Life Ahead: Latest Studies

posted by IndiaSpend|April 29, 2015   in Life|one View

A wide range of reasons—including low productivity of land, market failures, debts, pests and uncertain weather—have led to a farming crisis in India, and farmer’s suicides have become a serious humanitarian and political issue for more than a decade. India Spend maps these trends

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posted by Boom Live|April 28, 2015   in Life|3 Views

The Mumbai Development plan (2014-34) designated Mumbai’s gaothans and koliwadas as slums despite these localities, with their unique way of life and heritage architecture, being a living link to the city’s past. This is their story.


India’s Daughter: A Review

posted by Rajyasree Sen|March 5, 2015   in Life|25 Views

The documentary is not sympathetic to the rapists – it makes the case against them stronger.


Oscars Just Got Political. Will Bollywood Follow Suit?

posted by Rajyasree Sen|February 23, 2015   in Life|9 Views

More power to Hollywood celebs for using the Oscars stage to make strong political and social commentary.

The Snowden Story

Citizenfour: The Snowden Story

posted by Vikram Johri|February 18, 2015   in Life|one View

The documentary captures the pivotal moments leading up to Snowden’s surveillance revelations.


Fashion Sense And Sensibilities

posted by Kartik Nijhawan|January 27, 2015   in Life|14 Views

If you thought PM Modi’s suit broke the Internet, everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Holyfield has done it before and with equal panache.

SAARC ki Aisi ki Taisi

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|December 2, 2014   in Life|13 Views

A look at the Aisi Taisi Democracy performance at the People’s SAARC and a conversation with the men behind it.

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