Why India Needs Effeminism

posted by Vikram Johri|July 11, 2014   in Life|29 Views

Let us try and retain a balance between the fight for women's rights and an unabashed love for the effeminate.


7 Things Trolls Should Know And Are Afraid To Ask

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|June 25, 2014   in Life|57 Views

How trolls can win friends and find the diamond in them.


The Alchemy Of An IT Raid

posted by Arunabh Saikia|June 21, 2014   in Life|28 Views

An impromptu IT raid above Newslaundry’s office. We become “neutral” witnesses and get you a chicken’s eye view of things.


The Slum That Must Not Burn

posted by Anand Ranganathan|May 9, 2014   in Life|19 Views

Are the lives and homes of those who live in slums not important?


How To Solve A Problem Like Swimfisher Airlines

posted by Shovon Chowdhury|March 13, 2014   in Life|6 Views

Tips and Tricks for Working Capital Management.

Belly up Anand Ranganathan Newslaundry

Belly Up

posted by Anand Ranganathan|February 27, 2014   in Life|63 Views

Our bloated country can give tough competition to the bloated bellies of malnourished children in India.

Management Classics Made Easy- Newslaundry

Management Classics Made Easy

posted by Shovon Chowdhury|February 25, 2014   in Life|16 Views

Management books too fat and boring to read? Worry not. We synopsise them for you.

Letter to - Newslaundry

Letter To Ms Tehelka-Assault-Victim

posted by Nirupama Sekhri|February 14, 2014   in Life|236 Views

Why the accusations of rape against TarunTejpal are not a leg up for women’s freedom and rights.

How to become a management guru- Newslaundry

How To Become A Management Guru

posted by Shovon Chowdhury|February 12, 2014   in Life|6 Views

How Politicians & Authors Have Used The Rules Of Market Segmentation Most Effectively. Some Unusual Suspects Here.

Dylan Farrow & Child Sex Abuse

Dylan Farrow & Child Sex Abuse

posted by Sudeshna Mukherjee|February 6, 2014   in Life|3 Views

The Dylan Farrow allegations are not just about celebrity mudslinging. They also highlight the issue of child sex abuse.

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