Narendra Modi’s Challenge to Square Peggers: Why The West Didn’t Get Modi

posted by Milind Misra|October 28, 2014   in Governance|86 comments

A letter on why the West underestimated Modi’s stupendous rise to power.

The Dismal State Of Women’s Employment In India

posted by Tara Krishnaswamy|October 22, 2014   in Life|32 comments

Where are the women in India’s workforce? At home saving kids and husbands? Wear your own oxygen mask first!

The Very Clever Filmi Quiz

posted by NL Team|October 14, 2014   in Life|18 comments

Think you’re up to speed with film trivia? Take our very clever movie quiz to find out.

A Public Meet On Media Law

posted by Manisha Pande|October 8, 2014   in Washboard|18 comments

The Law Commission got judges and journalists to brainstorm on issues affecting the media. Some important takeaways.

The Real Change Modi’s Jhadoo Can Sweep In

posted by Madhu Trehan|October 8, 2014   in Governance|28 comments

Why Modi’s Swachh Bharat kick started with celeb endorsements, but had a smarter endgame.

A Political Meeting – partly based on real experience

posted by Kishore Asthana|October 4, 2014   in Shayars Corner|3 comments

Poetry and politics: a verse on the worst things about political games in India.

Trial By Fire: Inside An Under-Trial Prison

posted by Anushka Shah|September 30, 2014   in Governance|53 comments

Stuck between yesterday’s crime and tomorrow’s punishment, under-trial prisoners are Kafkaesque products of an indifferent system.

2 States And More: Inter-State Disputes In India

posted by Kartik Nijhawan|September 30, 2014   in Governance|13 comments

A historical perspective on unending conflicts between states in India.

The India-US-Iran Diplomatic Triangle

posted by Kunal Singh|September 22, 2014   in Governance|14 comments

Will the US be forced to watch helplessly as Iran cosies up to India?

The Playboy Connection

posted by Shrenik Avlani|September 12, 2014   in Life|9 comments

There’s more to Playboy than nude centre spreads.

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