Selfie Pe Selfie: One Year Of Acche Din With Modi

posted by NL Team|May 16, 2015   in Articles|45 comments

It’s been a year since Narendra Modi got elected as PM and he hasn’t stopped taking selfies.


The many threats faced by journalists in the online sphere

posted by International Press Institute|May 8, 2015   in Articles|7 comments

There is enough evidence to suggest that online harassment of journalists, including threats of violence, has a serious psychological impact that may result in self-censorship.


The rise and rise of drones in the media

posted by IFEX|May 7, 2015   in Articles|one comment

From environmental investigations to movies, the use of drone technology is changing the way we see the world, so how are the drone journalists of the future being trained for their work?


Why Prannoy Roy’s Lifetime Achievement Award Matters

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|May 6, 2015   in Articles|27 comments

Even as NDTV & Prannoy are criticised for much, he got many more things very right.

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Smartphone Use Soars, So Do Smut-Sharing Crimes

posted by IndiaSpend|May 1, 2015   in Articles|2 comments

In relation to India’s smartphone proliferation, cases related to the transmission of “obscene material” jumped 104% in a year. Indiaspend breaks down the numbers.



posted by Boom Live|May 1, 2015   in Life|one comment

Being a woman is challenging business. Being an Indian woman doubly so. Where natural survival can’t be taken for granted what place does feminism have? Filmmaker and columnist Paromita Vohra puts nuance into India’s gender debate.


Is Land Acquisition the prime reason for stalling of Projects? Data says ‘No’

posted by Factly|May 1, 2015   in Governance|7 comments

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Finance in reply to an RTI application, only 8% of all the stalled projects are because of Land Acquisition reasons. The reasons for 1/3rd of the stalled projects are not known.


Times Now Drops A Prime-Time Debate On BCCI

posted by Arunabh Saikia|April 30, 2015   in Articles|5 comments

What prompted the channel to drop the show on 'the biggest cricket board war'?


Massive FCRA Cancellation is not a new thing. 4138 NGOs lost their FCRA licences in 2012

posted by Factly|April 29, 2015   in Governance|2 comments

The cancellation of FCRA certificates of 8975 NGOs by the Union Home Ministry made front page news. But this is not the first time such massive cancellations ​have ​happened. According to the data available with the Ministry of Home Affairs, FCRA certificates of 4138 NGOs were cancelled in 2012.


For India’s Farmers, Harder Life Ahead: Latest Studies

posted by IndiaSpend|April 29, 2015   in Life|one comment

A wide range of reasons—including low productivity of land, market failures, debts, pests and uncertain weather—have led to a farming crisis in India, and farmer’s suicides have become a serious humanitarian and political issue for more than a decade. India Spend maps these trends

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