News media, don’t help terrorise viewers

Terrorists are using the media for their ends. Isn’t it time journalism became more conscious of how it deals with terror?

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#KashmirUnrest: Three families and a tale of death

Meet those who have lost dear ones in the recent violence. Hear the story behind the headlines.

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Only 3.3% of all government websites comply with guidelines

Barring 31, every portal trips up on one or more of the 115 metrics issued in 2009

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Go for gau-raksha: Haryana police to work with cow vigilantes

The logic behind Haryana’s cow protection unit seems to be if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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Kashmir’s media blackout is aimed at Pak TV channels

Authorities say the target of the media blackout is the commentary on Pakistani news channels

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India, Bangladesh and Myanmar Face Big Quake Threat

It might strike tomorrow or 500 years from now, but a temblor that endangers 140 million is on its way.

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What we learnt from Chandragupta Maurya and other historical TV serials

Textbooks are so passé. Here are life lessons from the TV-version of Indian history.

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Chase episode 6: Kashmir: Inside a Friday Protest – Part 2

Chase digs deeper into the lives of young stone pelters from Kashmir

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“I didn’t want Pakistani stray dogs eating my dead body”

In 1971, Sepoy Baldev Singh survived against all odds. This is his story

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kashmir (1)

#KashmirUnrest: the biggest casualties are the children on both sides

The most profound damage is the invisible one: the impact of violence on people’s minds, particularly the young

posted by Madhu Trehan|July 16, 2016   in Articles|6 comments

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