The power of literature and the arts

It’s considered frivolous, but if the arts are really so fluffy, why are governments so scared of them?

posted by Zócalo|June 9, 2016   in Articles|11 comments


Why were Manipuri protestors in Delhi beaten up?

Social media reacted to the terrible photos of injured Manipuris, but no one seems to care about why this happened

posted by Kaushik Chatterji|June 9, 2016   in Articles|no comments


Mathura: a nexus of thugs, saints and politics

Last week’s clashes reveal an unholy alliance between the state government and fringe religious groups.

posted by Ishan Kukreti|June 8, 2016   in Articles|one comment


The Last Gun Maker of Longding

The third episode of Chase takes you to a beautiful, remote part of Arunachal Pradesh to meet a tribe known for gun-making.

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Dear Bollywood, you’re losing the plot

Hollywood titles are slowly but steadily gaining ground in India.

posted by Samar Khan|June 8, 2016   in Criticles|4 comments


When I captured the man who would be Pakistan’s Air Chief

Let’s rewind to a great battle that the Indian army and armed forces won, with a bonus of a special POW

posted by Lt Gen H S Panag|June 8, 2016   in Articles|3 comments


Pushp Sharma hints he got documents from a source

He said he filed an RTI and got proof of the Centre’s Hindutva bent. Now, after being arrested, Sharma is backpedalling.

posted by Nikhil M Babu|June 8, 2016   in Articles|5 comments


The “selfie death” that wasn’t

Lazy journalism led to Pranita Mehta’s tragic death being widely reported as a “selfie death”. Now her father wants to sue India TV and The Times of India.

posted by Kshitij Malhotra|June 6, 2016   in Articles|5 comments


Amnesty says Indian government using FCRA to go after NGOs

Activists protest that Indira Jaising and Anand Grover’s Lawyers Collective is being

posted by Aratrika Halder|June 6, 2016   in Articles|17 comments


Gulbarg Society is not the only one

Our history of violence includes gory, tragic episodes in which the justice served feels tragically inadequate

posted by Amit Bhardwaj|June 6, 2016   in Articles|one comment

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