Handwara curfew continues, girl and father still in custody

After a girl accused Army personnel of molestation, tensions are running high

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Congress bows to Ambedkar, finally

Today Congress loves BR Ambedkar, but the two share an unpleasant history

posted by Amit Bhardwaj|April 15, 2016   in Articles|one comment

Caste system

Caste in stone?

On the 125th birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar, it is worth asking if casteism is even close to being a thing of the past.

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ambedkar covers

Is that Ambedkar in a new, saffron suit?

From the Left to RSS, everyone wants to claim Dr BR Ambedkar as their own

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Remembering Ambedkar

Remembering Ambedkar: The trials of an ‘untouchable’ boy

To understand what a remarkable man he was, let’s rewind to BR Ambedkar’s childhood

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Gurugram or Gurgaon?

Gurgaon renamed as Gurugram. The commuters travelling from the metro in Gurgaon give their take on it.

posted by Sourodipto Sanyal|April 13, 2016   in Articles|4 comments


Gurugram gets the Ravish Kumar treatment

Gurgaon being renamed Gurugram is reason enough to unleash some poetry upon the world

posted by NL Team|April 13, 2016   in Articles|2 comments

panama-papers (1)

Can the Panama leak usher tax reform in India?

The super rich are rattled by the Panama Papers, but what does that mean for the rest?

posted by Biraj Swain|April 13, 2016   in Articles|no comments


What really happened in NIT Srinagar

Rather than Kashmiris versus non-locals, it was students versus administration

posted by Safeena Wani|April 13, 2016   in Articles|2 comments


Pearls of wisdom from Swaroopanand Saraswati Maharaj

The 94-year old religious leader has a history of enlightening the masses

posted by Kshitij Malhotra|April 12, 2016   in Articles|9 comments

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