Is it a Bullet? Is it a Shatabdi? No! It’s the overpriced Gatiman Express!

India’s fastest train is the “semi-bullet”, Gatiman Express, but the ride isn’t on the same track as the hype

posted by Ishan Kukreti|April 8, 2016   in Articles|21 comments


Kid reporter beats local newspaper at scooping news

Hilde Lysiak is a crime reporter, has been profiled in Columbia Journalism Review, and she's 9

posted by Deepanjana Pal|April 8, 2016   in Articles|no comments


Delhi: Where Black lives don’t matter

Being Black in India is to live with abuse, prejudice and misunderstandings.

posted by Sourodipto Sanyal|April 7, 2016   in Articles|8 comments


Dry but still high?

Bihar enforced a ban on alcohol on April 1, but does the ‘dry state’ work in India?

posted by Subhabrata Dasgupta|April 7, 2016   in Articles|no comments


Death of a Dalit teen: Why has it escaped our attention?

There’s too much silence and too little outrage surrounding a possible rape and murder in Rajasthan

posted by LK Chhajer and Himadri Ghosh|April 5, 2016   in Articles|no comments


Spin cycle: A quick look at what pushed our buttons

With the Panama Papers and ICIJ in the news, we've rediscovered the word 'consortium' and it looks like everyone from Kanhaiya Kumar to Narendra Modi are part of one

posted by Gayatri Jayaraman|April 5, 2016   in Articles|no comments


The Indian connection to the Panama Papers

This is why a Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca is a name that's got India's rich and richer in a tizzy

posted by Aman Malik|April 5, 2016   in Articles|no comments


Everything you need to know about the attack on NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed

This killing is yet to create the kind of noise on a news-heavy day that it should have.

posted by Subhabrata Dasgupta|April 4, 2016   in Articles|3 comments


Road rage in Delhi: Revisiting a forgotten murder

A year ago Turkman Gate resident Shahnawaz was killed in front of his two children, allegedly after a minor road accident. However, he remains just another statistic.

posted by Ishan Kukreti|April 4, 2016   in Articles|one comment


Son of the soil

Jai Prakash Singh is sowing seeds of hope for farmers buried under debt and failing crops

posted by Utpal Pathak|April 4, 2016   in Articles|one comment

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