posted by Kishalay Bhattacharjee|July 22, 2014   in Governance|10 comments

The Baksa killings, Bodo factions and Narendra Modi’s Northeast policies.


Let’s Talk About Sex. Or Not

posted by Deeksha Saksena|July 15, 2014   in Life|26 comments

Sex education in most schools focuses on what can go wrong rather than how to make sure things go right.


Why India Needs Effeminism

posted by Vikram Johri|July 11, 2014   in Life|29 comments

Let us try and retain a balance between the fight for women's rights and an unabashed love for the effeminate.

budget image

New Schemes, New Men

posted by Arunabh Saikia|July 10, 2014   in Governance|25 comments

BJP’s Budget has some new schemes named after men you may not have heard of in the Congress era.

The Other Khobragade Case

posted by Video Volunteers|July 9, 2014   in Video Volunteers|12 comments

A Dalit activist is burnt alive. His family awaits justice. “Video Volunteers”, an organisation that promotes community media brings us their findings.


Will Policy Studies Be The New MBA?

posted by Kunal Singh|July 9, 2014   in Governance|7 comments

Why Public Policy graduates will be as sought-after as Management graduates in the next 20 years.


7 Things Trolls Should Know And Are Afraid To Ask

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|June 25, 2014   in Life|57 comments

How trolls can win friends and find the diamond in them.

Article-image-Muslim-brothers (1)

Why Is Cairo Burning?

posted by Arunabh Saikia|June 24, 2014   in Cheat Sheet|6 comments

A primer on the outrage sparked by the sentencing of three journalists in Egypt.


An Open Letter To Smriti Irani

posted by Manas Gupta|June 24, 2014   in Governance|38 comments

Why our HRD minister needs to realise that opening new IITs is of little use unless primary education in India is improved.


Of Men and Monuments

posted by Varad Sharma|June 23, 2014   in Governance|25 comments

In Kashmir, temples and shrines lie forgotten and desecrated. Why does the state do nothing to preserve them?

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