Foreign Handshake

posted by Sneha|February 27, 2012   in Shorticle|7 Comments

One wonders if this frequently and frivolously repeated phrase of foreign hand holds any merit in today’s excessively globalised world.


30 crore of butter

posted by Sneha|February 24, 2012   in Shorticle|23 Comments

Our government has spent around Rs. 30 crores on ads on the birth & death anniversaries of Rajiv and Indira Gandhi


Creating happiness?

posted by Sneha|February 20, 2012   in Shorticle|4 Comments

Some commercials sell ideas, some try to establish credibility. Some try to buy respectability by paying big bucks for prime time.


Report on Forests: Anybody interested?

posted by Sneha|February 18, 2012   in Shorticle|one Comment

The news media doesn’t lend its voice to trees, who unfortunately cannot speak for themselves.