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The Doctor Who Played Football

posted by Ankush Saikia|January 20, 2015   in Sports|no Comments

A look back at the life of former Indian football captain Dr. T. Ao, the man who put the North East on the Indian football map.


Examining the ICC Code of Conduct

posted by Boom Live|August 6, 2014   in Sports|no Comments

Content partners Boom News conduct a debate on The ICC Code of Conduct: discussing power play, accountability and regulations.

Bend It Like Neta-ji

posted by NL Team|June 13, 2014   in Sports|12 Comments

So what if Parrikar has cancelled his ministers' junket to the World Cup. We pick 11 netas who will not just watch the World Cup, but bring it home too.

Homepage image Ponting

On A Racist Pitch

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|October 23, 2013   in Sports|18 Comments

Ponting’s memoir expresses dismay at Harbhajan badmouthing him. A case of the pot calling the kettle black?


Boria Busted

posted by Arunabh Saikia|October 11, 2013   in Sports|25 Comments

Boria’s been sacked by Times Now - amicable parting or acrimonious break-up? NL has the inside scoop.

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Getting Off That Sticky Wicket

posted by Uday Mishra|August 13, 2013   in Sports|one Comment

Fed up of betting scandals? Maybe it’s time to legalise betting in cricket in India.


Bet It’s A Gentleman’s Game!

posted by Satyen Rao|June 5, 2013   in Sports|3 Comments

Is match-fixing simply a return to the origins of cricket as a betting game? History seems to say so.


The Wisdom Of Wisden

posted by Anand Vardhan|May 31, 2013   in Sports|10 Comments

Is the clamour for Srinivasan’s resignation a clear sign of media hypocrisy and the need to speak for the “public”?

N Srinivasan BCCI

A Politician’s Game

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|May 30, 2013   in Sports|5 Comments

There is only one way to save the gentleman’s game from dishonour.

Indian Premiere League

IPL: Talking Heads

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|May 21, 2013   in Sports|15 Comments

Television debates galore, solutions aplenty, but why is no one asking the right questions?

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