Irom Sharmila: shunned by Manipur, but still undaunted

Freedom for the Iron Lady of Manipur is bittersweet

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Call to arms: BJP organises 200+ rallies against ‘desh drohis’ in Delhi

Sloganeering at one of the rallies called for the hanging of traitors.

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‘Those who beat people in the name of the flag are the most anti-national’: Interview with ex-ABVP member

Pradeep Narwal quit the ABVP in protest over the JNU issue and the Rohith Vemula suicide case.

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Journalists defend their right to report: ‘We were targeted for doing our job’

Attack on scribes and JNU students at the Patiala House Court has got them together after a long time.

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How Ranvir Sena killed Dalits: An exposé by Cobrapost and some more delusionary denials of the existence of caste

Why do we refuse to accept that caste is still a reality and an ugly one at that?

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Demolition And Dislocation In Gurgaon

A village with more than 100 years of history was razed to the ground to make way for an access road to a housing society in Sector 47 of Gurgaon.

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Whose Website Is It Anyway?

Two Congress websites go down, with a disgruntled ex-party member taking credit for it. We talk to the man responsible to find out why.

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Back To The Grass Roots

Journalist P Sainath talks about his new online media venture, PARI and putting the focus back on rural India.

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A Public Meet On Media Law

The Law Commission got judges and journalists to brainstorm on issues affecting the media. Some important takeaways.

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Doing Their Bit

Kayonaaz, from Video Volunteers, narrates the work the organisation has been involved in.

posted by Video Volunteers|April 22, 2014   in Washboard|3 comments

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