Rashtraman saves the day, again

posted by Appupen|June 24, 2016   in Cartoons|no comments

Rashtraman celebrates yoga day

posted by Appupen|June 17, 2016   in Cartoons|2 comments

From chai-wallah to Rashtraman

posted by Appupen|June 10, 2016   in Cartoons|4 comments

Rashtraman finds love!

posted by Appupen|June 3, 2016   in Cartoons|one comment

Rashtraman: What’s yours is mine

posted by Appupen|May 27, 2016   in Cartoons|8 comments

Vigil-Aunty has Rashtraman’s back

posted by Appupen|May 20, 2016   in Cartoons|no comments

Bal Rashtraman: A lesson to be learnt

posted by Appupen|May 13, 2016   in Cartoons|one comment

Rashtraman and the Aadhaa chip

posted by Appupen|May 6, 2016   in Cartoons|8 comments

Rashtraman: The President’s Palace

posted by Appupen|April 29, 2016   in Cartoons|3 comments

Rashtraman: the gamble at UN

posted by Appupen|April 25, 2016   in Cartoons|3 comments

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