Why Do We Trust Opinion Polls?

They’ve been embarrassingly wrong in the past, but media keeps relying on them.

posted by Ravikiran Shinde|August 27, 2016   in Featured|3 comments


Girls Must Answer Questions On Period, Pregnancy To Enter This University In Rajasthan

The admission form asks: ‘Date of last delivery?’ and ‘Date of last menstruation?’

posted by Punita Maheshwari|August 26, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


Detective Arnab Goswami and the Sheena Bora Tapes

Yesterday, The Newshour decided to hell with journalism, let’s just do the desi version of How To Get Away With Murder

posted by Rajyasree Sen|August 26, 2016   in Criticles|5 comments


Here’s why the charges against Amnesty India make no sense

You’ve heard the allegations. Now read why they don’t quite add up

posted by Mahtab Alam|August 24, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


Journalists expose more of themselves than they realise

If we don’t learn to empathise and be open, we’ll always be limited by our personal experience and biases

posted by Madhu Trehan|August 22, 2016   in Criticles|13 comments

kabadi (1)

Dalits of Chakkarpur fight back

The Kabaddi match was not the first time Dalits were beaten up by the Yadavs

posted by Subhabrata Dasgupta|August 18, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


Want to end the caste system? Marry for love

Caste is held together by systems like arranged marriage.

posted by Tejas Harad|August 18, 2016   in Criticles|2 comments


Kashmir, Assam, Manipur — the death worlds in India’s borderlands

From passive victimhood, there’s a new dynamic emerging in parts of India that see themselves as occupied

posted by Tanmoy Sharma|August 17, 2016   in Criticles|no comments


Stay-at-home freedom

ISRO going as far as Mars, but Indian women aren’t safe travelling within the country they call their own.

posted by Anmol Bairagi|August 15, 2016   in Criticles|11 comments


We’re here. We’re Queer. Get used to it.

A short story and a monologue on being gay in India.

posted by Overrated Outcast|August 15, 2016   in Criticles|one comment

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