Why So She-rious?

Scandalous or humorous? A defense of Shobhaa De’s article on Raghuram Rajan.

posted by Sandhya Menon|September 13, 2013   in Critique|19 comments

Infidelity Isn’t Cruelty

A psychiatrist’s verdict on the apex court’s ruling on whether infidelity amounts to cruelty.

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|September 13, 2013   in Critique|21 comments


Why Shobhaa De’s piece on Raghuram Rajan is utterly sexist and not funny at all.

posted by Namita Bhandare|September 13, 2013   in Critique|37 comments

We Let This Gen Down

A critical look at the societal norms that contribute to India’s misogyny.

posted by Madhu Trehan|September 13, 2013   in Critique|83 comments

The Death Of Opinion Mandi TV

The death of Opinion Television may be premature, but the noise and the blur aren’t going to stay mesmerising.

posted by Indrajit Hazra|September 5, 2013   in Critique|17 comments

Does Prakash Jha Get It Right?

A Jan Lokpal Movt volunteer sifts the fact from the faff in Satyagraha. Makes a few revelations.

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|September 3, 2013   in Critique|65 comments

Rajiv-ji aur RTI Ki Jai Ho

Our RTI application for government ad spend figures also gave us a crash-course on how bureaucratic the RTI can be.

posted by Somi Das|September 2, 2013   in Critique|18 comments

Why Women Hold Their Peace

Rapes and sexual harassment will continue to go unreported as long as there is no recourse for justice.

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|August 26, 2013   in Critique|19 comments

Media’s Rape Coverage Template

We need to question and change the media reportage of rape.

posted by Kishalay Bhattacharjee|August 26, 2013   in Critique|3 comments

Network 18 – Skeleton Crew

Network 18 does a mass culling of their employees. We try to get the details of what brought this on?

posted by NL Team|August 22, 2013   in Critique|71 comments

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