Karan Thapar’s Doodles

posted by Anand Ranganathan|August 9, 2013   in Critique|18 comments

Blimey! Is this really what Karan Thapar doodles during edit meetings at the PMO?

Herald Gets Creative

posted by Mayabhushan Nagvenkar|August 2, 2013   in Critique|4 comments

Goa’s Herald outdoes even TOI in sensationalism. Creates illustration of the suicide of a mother and her two children.

No Asha, Lots Of Tamasha

posted by Somi Das|August 1, 2013   in Critique|4 comments

Is the Indo-Pak Aman Ki Asha campaign actually funded by Doordarshan? Pak’s media regulatory body thinks so.

Bradley Manning’s Predecessors

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|August 1, 2013   in Critique|3 comments

Clive Ponting, Sarah Tisdall and the lessons their experiences hold both for Manning and the Indian media.

What Is “Real India”?

posted by Priya Kale|July 31, 2013   in Critique|37 comments

Why the “poor India is the real India” narrative is wrong and deceitful.

Well Played Aslan

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|July 31, 2013   in Critique|63 comments

If only Fox had done their research, they’d have realised their questions to Reza Aslan weren’t that misplaced.

A Bleak Outlook

posted by Rajyasree Sen|July 30, 2013   in Critique|40 comments

Outlook Group’s outraged that their mass firing was outed on Twitter. What about being outraged at not paying salaries?

Will All Lifestyle Mags Die?

posted by Aekta Kapoor|July 30, 2013   in Critique|7 comments

Here’s why some lifestyle magazines work and others don’t, by someone who helped start Marie Claire India.

Less Murrow, more Bachchan

posted by Rajan Laad|July 26, 2013   in Critique|18 comments

Why are our news channels taking inspiration from Bollywood instead of from journalism?

Should Sen Be Stripped?

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|July 25, 2013   in Critique|37 comments

Is there any rationale behind Chandan Mitra’s demand that Amartya Sen be stripped of his Bharat Ratna?

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