The Ishrat Jahan Investigation

posted by Somi Das|July 12, 2013   in Critique|15 Comments

Does Rana Ayyub’s exposé of the Ishrat Jahan case qualify as investigative journalism? Some investigative journalists weigh in.

Tata: We Also Make News

posted by Indrajit Hazra|July 11, 2013   in Critique|6 Comments

Why the Tata Group’s alleged “patch-up” with four media houses isn't exactly breaking news.

Raghavji, Sodomy & The Media

posted by Arpita Seth|July 11, 2013   in Critique|20 Comments

Why did the media decide to bugger it all and misreport the Raghavji arrest? Do they think sodomites are criminals?

Lobbying or Reporting?

posted by Somi Das|July 9, 2013   in Critique|6 Comments

TOI and Indian Express name totally different candidates for the RBI governor’s post. Whom should we believe?

Talking About Ishrat Jahan

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|July 8, 2013   in Critique|139 Comments

TV panels keep debating the Ishrat Jahan encounter. But when will they ask the questions which need to be asked?

Keeping It In The Community

posted by Somi Das|July 5, 2013   in Critique|4 Comments

A new initiative trains correspondents from villages to capture untold stories from the Hindi heartland.

All Rise

posted by Anand Ranganathan|July 4, 2013   in Critique|42 Comments

The inside story of how and where the Ishrat Jahan case was actually tried – and it’s not where you think.

Calamity Reporters & Soondas

posted by Rajyasree Sen|July 3, 2013   in Critique|10 Comments

Anand Soondas and other reporters tell us how they actually go about collecting data while reporting on calamities.

Bekhabar’s Crossword # 1

posted by Anand Ranganathan|June 28, 2013   in Critique|48 Comments

Nidhi Razdan, the secret society of like-minded journalists & a crossword Dan Brown would kill for.

Don’t Forget The Emergency

posted by Dr. Ashoka Prasad|June 25, 2013   in Critique|31 Comments

Today’s the anniversary of the day Emergency was declared in India. Here's why it’s important to revisit it.

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