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Skirting The Issue

This image accompanied a news report in The Times Of India. Guess what the news report was about.

posted by Somi Das|February 5, 2014   in NL Frame|16 comments

Express Date

Express Date

What hope is there for correct news reporting if Indian Express can’t even get event announcements correct?

posted by NL Team|August 21, 2013   in NL Frame|3 comments

CNN-IBN’s breakfast show

TOI – Taking Prisoners

TOI – the newspaper of convicts, not of conviction.

posted by Rajyasree Sen|July 31, 2013   in NL Frame|5 comments

CNN-IBN’s breakfast show

CNN-IBN, Real-ly now?

CNN-IBN draws inspiration for subliminal messaging from Ekta Kapoor and KJo.

posted by Rajyasree Sen|May 3, 2013   in NL Frame|6 comments


New Friends On The Paper Block

HT and TOI make us wake up to a new nation. Where cheques help break down barriers.

posted by Rajyasree Sen|April 23, 2013   in NL Frame|no comments


A Time To Kill

Has Times Now decided to give a man a bad name and hang him?

posted by NL Team|March 21, 2013   in NL Frame|2 comments

NL Frame-small

Arms and The Wrong Man

Mail Today gets creative. Shows us that one man’s teacher, journalist & writer is another man’s arms agent.

posted by NL Team|February 19, 2013   in NL Frame|no comments

Samjhauta Express

Bizarre Media Moment #24

For The Times Of India, one Geelani is as good as another.

posted by NL Team|December 29, 2012   in NL Frame|no comments


Bizarre Media Moment # 23

Who do RSS leader MS Vaidya and Narendra Modi like disguising themselves as? IBN Live reveals all.

posted by NL Team|November 14, 2012   in NL Frame|2 comments


Through Smog-Proof Glasses

NDTV seems to be looking down at Delhi from its ivory tower. Why else would they miss the smog we and IBN are engulfed in.

posted by NL Team|November 5, 2012   in NL Frame|one comment

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