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Skirting The Issue

posted by Somi Das|February 5, 2014   in NL Frame|16 Comments

This image accompanied a news report in The Times Of India. Guess what the news report was about.

Express Date

Express Date

posted by NL Team|August 21, 2013   in NL Frame|3 Comments

What hope is there for correct news reporting if Indian Express can’t even get event announcements correct?

CNN-IBN’s breakfast show

TOI – Taking Prisoners

posted by Rajyasree Sen|July 31, 2013   in NL Frame|4 Comments

TOI – the newspaper of convicts, not of conviction.

CNN-IBN’s breakfast show

CNN-IBN, Real-ly now?

posted by Rajyasree Sen|May 3, 2013   in NL Frame|6 Comments

CNN-IBN draws inspiration for subliminal messaging from Ekta Kapoor and KJo.


New Friends On The Paper Block

posted by Rajyasree Sen|April 23, 2013   in NL Frame|no Comments

HT and TOI make us wake up to a new nation. Where cheques help break down barriers.


A Time To Kill

posted by NL Team|March 21, 2013   in NL Frame|2 Comments

Has Times Now decided to give a man a bad name and hang him?

NL Frame-small

Arms and The Wrong Man

posted by NL Team|February 19, 2013   in NL Frame|no Comments

Mail Today gets creative. Shows us that one man’s teacher, journalist & writer is another man’s arms agent.

Samjhauta Express

Bizarre Media Moment #24

posted by NL Team|December 29, 2012   in NL Frame|no Comments

For The Times Of India, one Geelani is as good as another.


Bizarre Media Moment # 23

posted by NL Team|November 14, 2012   in NL Frame|2 Comments

Who do RSS leader MS Vaidya and Narendra Modi like disguising themselves as? IBN Live reveals all.


Through Smog-Proof Glasses

posted by NL Team|November 5, 2012   in NL Frame|one Comment

NDTV seems to be looking down at Delhi from its ivory tower. Why else would they miss the smog we and IBN are engulfed in.

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