Here’s to 1000 weeks of DDLJ

posted by NL Team|December 1, 2014   in NL Meme|10 comments


Why Was The Rangpuri Slum Demolished?

posted by Arunabh Saikia|November 28, 2014   in Criticles|68 comments

Forest department deny any political motive to the demolition drive.

WTO and India

India’s Marginal Gains At WTO

posted by Kunal Singh|November 28, 2014   in Criticles|10 comments

India needs to assess its behaviour at multilateral organisations if it wants to be recognised as a responsible global power.

Honour killing

Star-Crossed Lovers: India Needs A Law To End Honour Crimes

posted by Manisha Pande|November 27, 2014   in Criticles|10 comments

Recent incidents of honour crimes should push the Centre to move swiftly on the Prohibition of Interference with the Freedom of Matrimonial Alliances Bill


P7 Shutdown: The Story Behind The ‘Breaking News’

posted by Sushant Kumar|November 27, 2014   in Criticles|3 comments

The Hindi news channel’s imminent shutdown points to the dealings of its parent company.

Tejpal, TOI

Left, Right and Tejpal

posted by Arunabh Saikia|November 25, 2014   in Criticles|56 comments

The TOI-Tejpal episode exposes the hypocrisy of the very vocal Twitterati.

India spends

Why Mumbai’s Failure Is India’s Failure

posted by IndiaSpend|November 24, 2014   in Criticles|9 comments

A look at the expenditure of the municipal corporation gives a true picture of the urbanisation crisis.

Tarun Tejpal, Justice, laws

The Rehabilitation of Tarun Tejpal and the Unbearable Lightness of a Sexual Assault

posted by Anand Ranganathan|November 24, 2014   in Criticles|62 comments

Tejpal’s attempt to return to the literary circuit made a mockery of justice and the countless women who have fought for it.

Modi in Kashmir

Will The Lotus Bloom In Kashmir Valley?

posted by Shujaat Bukhari|November 21, 2014   in Criticles|43 comments

The BJP and Modi have suddenly found prominent space in local media. But will that result in electoral gains for the party?

Mathew Samuel hindu newslaundry

The Hindu Gets It Wrong: Mathew Samuel Has Not Been ‘Sent To Jail’

posted by Arunabh Saikia|November 19, 2014   in Criticles|27 comments

Tehelka's Mathew Samuel is very much a free man, contrary to the newspaper’s report.

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