Udta Punjab’s final act of resistance

When a film is targeted by the CBFC and leaked online, what’s a reviewer’s responsibility?

posted by Deepanjana Pal|June 17, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


Trump’s hate is not getting him ahead of Hillary, for now

America isn’t very impressed with his cynical exploitation of Orlando shooting

posted by Madhu Trehan|June 16, 2016   in Criticles|5 comments


What Muhammad Ali’s story tells us about the media

The ‘All-Time Great’ boxing champ was once ‘Mr Swellhead’

posted by Madhu Trehan|June 16, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments

udtaPunjab (1)

The Cinematograph Act needs to go

While Udta Punjab getting released is good news, the law doesn’t bode well for freedom of expression

posted by Rajyasree Sen|June 14, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


Orlando shooting and the pink elephant in the room

Responses to the mass shooting show just how uncomfortable some are with alternative sexuality

posted by Sandip Roy|June 14, 2016   in Criticles|no comments


NewsX didn’t play ‘raw footage’ on JNU, Mr Shivshankar

It seems NewsX doesn’t know basics of video, but we’re here to help

posted by Manisha Pande|June 13, 2016   in Criticles|8 comments


Modi in Mexico

There’s a lot more to this Indo-Mexican salsa than just NSG membership.

posted by Rajiv Bhatia|June 13, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


Where’s the promised land for Kashmiri Pandits?

For 26 years, Kashmiri Pandits have been in exile. Is it even realistic to hope they'll be able to go back?

posted by Varad Sharma|June 10, 2016   in Criticles|5 comments


Be grateful: only 13 cuts and ‘A’ rating for Udta Punjab

Adults in India should not be exposed to cuss words and public peeing, or so thinks the CBFC.

posted by Deepanjana Pal|June 9, 2016   in Criticles|7 comments

Dear Bollywood, you’re losing the plot

Hollywood titles are slowly but steadily gaining ground in India.

posted by Samar Khan|June 8, 2016   in Criticles|4 comments

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