‘Is Rashtrapati soing?’ Live commentary on R-Day ceremony was far more fun than the ceremony itself

The young are interested -- give Indians something as lively as they are.

posted by Tisha Srivastav|January 28, 2016   in Criticles|14 comments


How can it be OK for humans to be neck deep in sewage?

Dalit writer Desraj Kali launched a scathing attack on the Modi government’s campaign at a session in the Jaipur Lit Fest. But Tharoor’s statements obviously made more news.

posted by Kartik Nijhawan|January 28, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


Nehru and Nayantara: Two cases that show how Big Media spun stories to generate controversies

Misleading headlines and convoluted reports communicated falsehoods.

posted by Nikhil Cariappa|January 28, 2016   in Criticles|2 comments


Four reasons why every journalist should attend JLF without having to report on it

The world is your oyster if you’re not chasing news.

posted by Manisha Pande|January 25, 2016   in Criticles|2 comments


Revati Laul speaks on being assaulted by 2002 riots convict and how the incident won’t deter her

The journalist is in Gujarat to research for her book on 2002 riots and mob violence.

posted by Nikhil Cariappa|January 22, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


This 67-year-old boatman helped journalists scoop stories at the height of militancy in Kashmir

Loosely called ‘fixers’, people like Lassa played a crucial role in telling the story of the Kashmir conflict.

posted by Safeena Wani|January 20, 2016   in Criticles|one comment

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The Sunny Leone interview: What Bhupendra Chaubey really meant

Watch carefully: All his questions were just prettied-up Bollywood dialogues.

posted by Madhu Trehan|January 20, 2016   in Criticles|7 comments


27 instances that prove you can be persecuted by the state or attacked by a mob for cracking a joke

No world for funny people, it seems.

posted by Sourodipto Sanyal and Urmi Duggal|January 19, 2016   in Criticles|no comments


26 years of exile: How successive government have failed Kashmiri Pandits

Governments and parties have only used the community's woes for political point-scoring.

posted by Varad Sharma|January 19, 2016   in Criticles|no comments


Why Filmfare needs to get its act together

Awards are meant to honour talent, not please celebrities.

posted by Anand Walunjkar|January 18, 2016   in Criticles|9 comments

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