The space between borders and lines of control

They may have proposed the Geospatial Bill, but is the government drawing the line consistently in its dealings?

posted by Lt Gen H S Panag|May 23, 2016   in Criticles|2 comments


#IndiaHellForJournalists was a trend…in Pakistan

Considering how difficult it is for press to operate in Pakistan, irony just died

posted by Ammara Ahmad|May 20, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


Pooja Tiwari and the sting in her tale

She was told to do a sting, but without the backing that she should have got from her organisation

posted by Manisha Pande and Subhabrata Dasgupta|May 18, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


MCD bypolls: Is it time for a chintan baithak for AAP

The party wins maximum seats but is its popularity waning?

posted by Kaushik Chatterji|May 17, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


Exit polls: BJP may form govt in Assam, Mamata to retain power in Bengal

Didi's back, Amma's playing tug-of-war with DMK and BJP may be on its way to forming its first government in Assam.

posted by Subhabrata Dasgupta|May 16, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


Why Kanubhai Gandhi is a special senior citizen

If your grandfather was the father of the nation, does that make you the grandson of the nation?

posted by Kanchan Gupta|May 16, 2016   in Criticles|6 comments


From Kanubhai to Heeraben, India’s complicated relationship with the aged

The elderly are coming of age in India and how we’re reporting their stories speaks more about us than them.

posted by Sandip Roy|May 16, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


Who got #HitlerKerjriwal and #SaySorryKejriwal trending?

Apparently not by the aam Twitterati.

posted by Sambhav Ratnakar|May 14, 2016   in Criticles|92 comments


‘We think 20 times before publishing a news item’

The Supreme Court has upheld criminal defamation laws, which are often used to quell media scrutiny

posted by Anjali Sharma|May 13, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


A man killed himself to catch the media’s attention

The suicide near Parliament shows how much hope is placed upon the media to be voice to the voiceless

posted by Kaushik Chatterji|May 13, 2016   in Criticles|no comments

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