How terrorists are taking video games to the next level and using them to plan attacks

We are pretty clueless about how to deal with it.

posted by Shibaji Roychoudhury|November 20, 2015   in Criticles|no comments


Places the media won’t go: How Paris vs Beirut is not mere nitpicking

Not all criticism of the Western press in the wake of the Paris attack is whataboutery.

posted by Manisha Pande|November 20, 2015   in Criticles|3 comments


Swamy trolls Rahul who trolls Narendra Modi who is where?

The crown prince, invariably, looks like a mouse that roars.

posted by Madhu Trehan|November 19, 2015   in Criticles|15 comments


12 gangster wives who contested the Bihar elections. Many of them won

Bahubalis continued to be part of this election by proxy.

posted by Utpal Pathak|November 19, 2015   in Criticles|one comment


9 deadly floods that hit India over the past 15 years

Heavy rains have played havoc for a long time.

posted by Anuka Roy and Hansa Malhotra|November 18, 2015   in Criticles|no comments


‘Countering rumours is a big struggle’: Journos talk about the challenges of disaster reporting

Reporting on natural calamities is no easy job.

posted by Anuka Roy and Hansa Malhotra|November 18, 2015   in Criticles|no comments


Hauling up ads for exaggeration: Is it a stretch?

The Advertising Standards Council of India recently hauled up Airtel’s 4G ads for being misleading.

posted by Arunabh Saikia|November 16, 2015   in Criticles|2 comments


How a Sikh man was wrongly labelled a terrorist

Photoshop is a gift that keeps on giving.

posted by Mahima Singh|November 16, 2015   in Criticles|3 comments


17 ridiculous moments that formed part of the Indian media coverage of Modi’s visit to UK

It was silly season again on TV news.

posted by Mahima Singh|November 16, 2015   in Criticles|6 comments


Why are the Left and Right clashing like never before?

The age of ideology is upon us -- expect more noise in the next few years.

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|November 13, 2015   in Criticles|33 comments

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