DD BBC Newslaundry

Why Can’t DD Be Like BBC? You Wish…

posted by Rifat Jawaid|October 7, 2014   in Criticles|16 comments

More Bhagwats in store? Why can’t DD stand up to its master like BBC.

reflections on haider newslaundry

Reflections On ‪Haider‬ And The Ignored Narrative Of ‪‎Kashmir‬

posted by Aditya Raj Kaul|October 6, 2014   in Criticles|56 comments

Why Haider, while presenting a one-sided view of the Kashmir issue failed to please Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims alike.

Mohan Bhagwat on TV newslaundry

Is Bhagwat On DD Such A Bad Thing?

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|October 6, 2014   in Criticles|26 comments

Why the RSS chief’s speech on DD might not be such a threat after all.

DD Air Mohan Bhagwat

What Made DD Air Mohan Bhagwat’s Speech?

posted by Manisha Pande|October 3, 2014   in Criticles|114 comments

Why our public broadcaster chose to provide a national platform to the RSS chief.

Does Haider Capture All That Is Rotten In Kashmir - Newslaundry

Boycott Haider, Or See If It Captures All That Is Rotten In Kashmir?

posted by Sheikh Saaliq|October 3, 2014   in Criticles|115 comments

Does Haider’s portrayal of the Kashmir issue earn it the anti-national tag?

Modi in America - Namoste -Newslaundry

MSG: From Beatlemania to Modimania

posted by Kanchan Gupta|October 1, 2014   in Criticles|30 comments

50 years ago it was Beatlemania, this year it’s Modimania in the US.

Kingshuk Nag Newslaundry Letter to TOI

Reclaiming Journalism: Kingshuk Nag To TOI Colleagues

posted by Kingshuk Nag|September 30, 2014   in Criticles|15 comments

Kingshuk Nag on paid news, responsible journalism, and changing times at TOI in this leaked mail to his colleagues.

sardesai slapped in New york Newslaundry

Reverberating Rajdeep Slap: The Rashomon Effect

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|September 30, 2014   in Criticles|433 comments

The many many versions surrounding #RajdeepSlapped: trying to find our way through the Rashomon maze.

NoMo: The Anti-Modi Protests You Didn’t See

posted by Manisha Pande|September 29, 2014   in Critique|166 comments

By ignoring anti-Modi protests, Indian media gave up all pretence of fairness and turned into cheerleaders instead of reporters.

Revathi Laul Narendra Modi Newslaundry

I Loved Modi’s Speech

posted by Revati Laul|September 29, 2014   in Criticles|260 comments

On why Modi’s Madison speech pandered to a nationalist pride which is based on insecurity.

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