Newsroom Over Classroom?

posted by Arunabh Saikia and Manisha Pande|January 13, 2015   in Criticles|12 comments

The government is mulling a “Communication University” to teach journalism. But do journalists need to attend schools to learn how to tell a story?

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The Vanishing Hindus of Pakistan – a Demographic Study

posted by Anand Ranganathan|January 9, 2015   in Criticles|92 comments

The Hindu population has faced persecution in Pakistan ever since 1947, but it didn’t vanish – it came home.

hum-hain-charlie - we are charlie newslaundry

In Support of Charlie Hebdo

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|January 8, 2015   in Criticles|72 comments

One must stand up for the right to mock, satirise and offend without a rider.


Sting In The Tale

posted by Arunabh Saikia|January 6, 2015   in Criticles|2 comments

The mainstream TV news cameras, it seems, are only equipped to catch small fry.

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The Anatomy Of Press Freedom

posted by Aayushi Maheshwari|January 5, 2015   in Criticles|5 comments

RWB report places Finland first & Eritrea last on press freedom around the world. We speak to journalists in both countries to know more about the state of media there.

Indian Media’s Labour Pains newslaundry

Indian Media’s Labour Pains

posted by Biraj Swain|December 31, 2014   in Criticles|5 comments

The mainstream media’s appalling silence on labour issues has been a consistent trend in 2014. Can we expect better in the new year?

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Did The Modi Government Cut Health Spend?

posted by Arunabh Saikia|December 29, 2014   in Criticles|15 comments

The alarm over the government slashing health budget may have been premature.

How Airtel Almost Changed Internet As We Know It

How Airtel Almost Changed Internet As We Know It

posted by Mahima Singh|December 29, 2014   in Internet Inqalab|19 comments

Airtel has buckled under criticism


PK And The Conscience Keeper

posted by Rajyasree Sen|December 27, 2014   in Criticles|133 comments

Aamir Khan has taken on the mantle of showing the country the light and his latest PK does a good job of it.

Cannabis 2

Joint Effort: India Must Start A Discourse on Marijuana

posted by Sidharth Ravi|December 26, 2014   in Criticles|23 comments

If the government is serious about tackling the drug menace, it must reassess legislation pertaining to marijuana.

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