Can a government officer criticise the government?

Author and medical officer Hansda Sowvendra Sekhar is in trouble for writing an anti-government op-ed

posted by Mahtab Alam|June 24, 2016   in Criticles|one comment


TOI, your joke on ‘Reserve’ Bank of India was not funny

Should a newspaper be a bully and use humour as an excuse?

posted by Tejas Harad|June 23, 2016   in Criticles|33 comments


Oops, Dilip Bobb did it again?

After the Rajinikanth editorial fiasco, now a music review seems, umm, heavily borrowed.

posted by Manisha Pande|June 22, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


When TV anchors went dabangg on Salman Khan

Last night’s prime time coverage of Salman Khan’s comment proves TRP is king and news the loser

posted by Abhinandan Sekhri|June 22, 2016   in Criticles|10 comments


Organiser critiques media coverage of Kairana

The RSS mouthpiece is upset that media bothered to do a fact check.

posted by Kshitij Malhotra|June 21, 2016   in Criticles|4 comments

essar pic

How the media reported Essar Tapes

For an exposé this big, the reaction was muted.

posted by Kshitij Malhotra|June 20, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


Udta Punjab’s final act of resistance

When a film is targeted by the CBFC and leaked online, what’s a reviewer’s responsibility?

posted by Deepanjana Pal|June 17, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments


Trump’s hate is not getting him ahead of Hillary, for now

America isn’t very impressed with his cynical exploitation of Orlando shooting

posted by Madhu Trehan|June 16, 2016   in Criticles|5 comments


What Muhammad Ali’s story tells us about the media

The ‘All-Time Great’ boxing champ was once ‘Mr Swellhead’

posted by Madhu Trehan|June 16, 2016   in Criticles|3 comments

udtaPunjab (1)

The Cinematograph Act needs to go

While Udta Punjab getting released is good news, the law doesn’t bode well for freedom of expression

posted by Rajyasree Sen|June 14, 2016   in Criticles|one comment

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