In Remembrance: Rare Photographs Of Mahatma Gandhi

posted by Gandhi Films Foundation|October 6, 2014   in Shutter Box|7 comments

Pictures from Gandhi Films Foundation's exclusive collection of rare photographs of the Mahatma.


Forgotten Flood

posted by Kishalay Bhattacharjee|October 22, 2012   in Shutter Box|3 comments

With large parts of Assam underwater, the photographer brings you images of nature's wrath & the plight of people.


I Phone-Giri

posted by Dinesh Khanna|June 25, 2012   in Shutter Box|6 comments

The constant availability of the phone and its camera allows for a form of “visual note-taking”, both casual and liberating.

The Overlooked

posted by Rohit Sinha|June 4, 2012   in Shutter Box|7 comments

Understanding the aspirations of the tribal populace of Chhattisgarh & Jharkhand who strive for the best for themselves.



posted by Dinesh Khanna|March 30, 2012   in Shutter Box|13 comments

I have always felt that a person's face is a map of their life's experiences and this is especially true of creative people.