Mr. Hasan, do you seriously believe your own data?

Our​ weekly​ do paisa on ​​a ​topic​ that needs needs some discussion​. Because the internet needs to know

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NL Interviews: Tathagata Satpathy on Speech Bill and Freedom of Speech

Abhinandan Sekhri talks to Biju Janata Dal MP on his Free Speech Bill, which seeks to reform the defamation laws in India. They discuss the lack of understanding of freedom of speech, privacy and why criminal defamation must be removed, and how individual liberties take a backseat in India.

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Why So Serious? Ep 13: AAP, Machhar aur Media

Akash Banerjee's satirical take on things that make you go @#&! This week, Akash takes up the mudda of chikungunya, ​which has had both the people and the government of Delhi buzzing even as the media demanded answers and accountability. Watch Akash figure out this hate-hate relationship between AAP and the media.

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NL Interviews: Amitabh Bachchan on Pink and how ​n​o means ​n​o

Madhu Trehan talks to Amitabh Bachchan about his latest release Pink. From Black to Nishabd ​and now​ Pink, ​Bachchan talks about his films and how cinema​ in India is evolving to​ reflect progress in society while touching on issues ​like women​'s​ safety

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NL Interviews: Shoojit Sircar talks about ​women’s empowerment and ​Pink

Madhu Trehan ​talks to Shoojit Sircar​, the Creative Producer of Pink,​ ​about ​the​ film's​ goosebump​-​inducing ending,​​ ​the ​societal taboos ​that restrain women, how​ Pink's aim is not to preach, and ​the way in which ​a U/A certificate​ helps the film reach its target audience.

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Clothesline – Episode 78

The show where we wring ‘em clean, string ‘em up and put them to dry – on the Clothesline.

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Is​ CNN News18’s Modi’s Interview Really A Measure of the Channel’s Calibre?

Our​ weekly​ do paisa on ​​a ​topic​ that needs needs some discussion​. Because the internet needs to know.

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IT commissioner Srivastava responds to charges against him

A chat with the man behind the evergreen NDTV - Chidambaram alliance allegation

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Clothesline – Episode 77

Primet​ime anchors playing badminton in TV studios: what would they have done if India was in a rowing event? Or diving? We've figured out why OP Jaisha said one thing on India Today and something completely different onTimes Now. Plus, find out who got this week's Fuckwah award.

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Sheila Dikshit: ‘Congress Is Going To Win This Election’

How does the former Delhi CM feel about being ordered to lead the Congress in UP?

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