Clothesline – Episode 73

NDTV's reporter confuses Holi for Halloween, Rakhi Sawant has cracked the problem of people committing suicide and a TV news channel found a scoop where there was none! All this and more journalistic SNAFU at its comic best, for your viewing pleasure.

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Who was BR Ambedkar?

We asked Delhi, and here is what the national capital told us

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Djokovic’s case for higher men’s pay in tennis harms equality

Djokovic​'s argument of ​"​my crowd is bigger than yours​"​ is too simplistic when it comes to gender equality

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Don’t rush to blame Molenbeek for harbouring Paris attacker

Molenbeek- a neighbourhood where crime is rampant and the presence of civil society is marginal. But is it a “jihadist breeding ground”?

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Clothesline – Episode 72

What happens when RSS switches fashion and how is it a Newslaundry impact? Why is Sudhir Chaudhary's JNU coverage one level deeper than the third level of Nolan's Inception? Everything from Sri Sri Ravishankar's riverside party to Subhash Chandra's cameo on Zee News, here is everything from the news worth a good facepalm over, only on Clothesline.

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Must we destroy to go the extra mile?

The race for development is on, but does the environment have to be a casualty? Experts at ​National Institute of Technology, Trichy, at the annual Crossfire.

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Star Wars of JNU

While Kanhaiya Kumar is back in JNU, the fate of Umar and Anirban is still in limbo. Here is Newslaundy's Star Wars twist to the whole JNU issue.

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Spotlight on ‘media activists’ of Syria: NL Interview With Ruben Lagattolla

Italian filmmaker Ruben Lagattolla talks to Manisha Pande about his film Young Syrian Lenses based on ‘media activists’ of Aleppo, the excesses of the Assad regime and the price people paid to fight a dictatorship.

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Why are Indian women dropping out of the workforce

Indians had much to boast about on International Woman's day, but there's also cause for concern

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Should political parties be allowed to hold cricket hostage?

India’s clash with Pakistan has a cloud hovering over the World cup Tso series as the Pakistan Cricket Board has delayed the departure of the team citing security concerns.

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