Can You Take It Arun Shourie?

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Arun Shourie speaks to Madhu Trehan on “being sacrificed” by Ramnath Goenka, fatwas and kaafirs, the Manu Smriti and the need for a Hindu soul with an Islamic body, the culture of appeasement, Modi and the “coup against Vajpayee”, BJP not being a particularly religious party and more.


Can You Take It Kuldip Nayar?

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Kuldip Nayar speaks to Madhu Trehan about exonerating General Thapar, his love affair with Pakistan, asking for the Kohinoor back, interviewing AQ Khan, leaders who only thought of their own political gain, and why he left out MO Mathai’s interview on his relationship with Indira Gandhi.

Manu Joseph CYTI

Can You Take It Manu Joseph?

posted by NL Team|July 19, 2012   in Can you take it?|22 Comments

Editor of Open Magazine, Manu Joseph speaks to Madhu Trehan on the source of the Radia tapes, how unpleasant it is to expose journalists, why he never called Barkha before the story broke and much more.


Can You Take It Tunku Varadarajan?

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Tunku Varadarajan, Editor-Newsweek International, speaks to Madhu Trehan on the Newsweek-Daily Beast merger, sloppiness in Indian journalism, being accused of racism, Going Muslim, US’ admirable restraint after 9/11, the Hindu Taliban, Modi, Manmohan Singh and more…


Can You Take It Paul Beckett?

posted by NL Team|July 10, 2012   in Can you take it?|8 Comments

Paul Beckett, South Asia Bureau Chief - WSJ and Dow Jones, speaks to Madhu Trehan on whether the “big India” story has turned sour, his familiarity with Indian idioms, stitching together a “community of interest” around India and if India deserves better journalism...


Can You Take It Sreenivasan Jain?

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NDTV's Sreenivasan Jain speaks to Madhu Trehan about the Ambanis and Birlas investing in media, editorial freedom at NDTV, lecturing the audience at the GQ awards, the media blind-spot while reporting on Dhoble and more.


Can You Take It Vinod Dua ?

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Vinod Dua speaks to Madhu Trehan on how his refugee background influenced his work, the deference which was expected from interviewees during the DD era, dealing with censorship, how he refused to say "Good Sahara" and more...


Chitra: The Story Behind Bofors

posted by NL Team|June 1, 2012   in Can you take it?|10 Comments

Chitra Subramaniam tells Madhu Trehan about the pulls & pressures of working on the Bofors exposé. The limitations of journalists & the editorial tussles at The Hindu. And why India still doesn’t know the truth about Bofors. N Ram responds.


Can You Take It Kanchan Gupta?

posted by NL Team|May 22, 2012   in Can you take it?|39 Comments

Kanchan Gupta, Associate Editor of Pioneer speaks to Madhu Trehan on his journalism, being viewed as a "bigoted fundamentalist", the Hindutva movement, his disillusionment while working with the government and how Narendra Modi would never want to fuse faith with politics.


Can You Take It Hartosh Bal?

posted by NL Team|May 18, 2012   in Can you take it?|9 Comments

Hartosh Bal, Political Editor of Open magazine, talks to Madhu Trehan about the 'openness' of Open, its contrarian views, on it being a 'crappy upstart taking a swing at the heavyweights', the Radia tapes, and how William Darlymple never bought him that scotch!

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