Dhobi Ghat (EP-12) – Ashis Nandy’s JLF comment and cultural intolerance

Madhu Trehan speaks to Ashutosh, Sanjoy Roy and Anand Ranganathan about Ashis Nandy’s comment at Jaipur Lit Fest, the validation of corruption, why freedoms must be indelible, hurt sentiments, creating platforms for dialogue and more…

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Dhobi Ghat (Ep-11) – Khurshid & Vadra Revelations

Madhu Trehan speaks to Tarun Tejpal, Deepak Sharma, Hartosh Bal & Ravish Kumar on how the media’s greatest safeguard is its plurality, why journalists don’t support each other after exposés, and why did it take a Kejriwal to do an exposé on Vadra, and more.

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Dhobi Ghat 10 Feature

Dhobi Ghat – (Ep 10) Government Censorship of Internet

Madhu Trehan speaks to Kanchan Gupta, Dipankar Gupta, Vinod Mehta and Manish Tewari on the government’s recent blocking of twitter handles and websites, “trial by Kafka”, signs of an unsure polity, why Raj Thackeray is never censored, the state vs the public and more

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Dhobi Ghat (Ep 9) – Assam & Azad Maidan

Madhu Trehan in conversation with Barkha Dutt and Sreenivasan Jain on the media's coverage of Assam, Azad Maidan and the exodus. Is media damned if it does & damned if it doesn't? How TV was way more responsible than print, and more.

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Dhobi Ghat (Ep 8) – Assam Riots

Madhu Trehan discusses the media’s coverage of Assam with Ashutosh, Punya Prasun Bajpai and Santosh Desai. Why did Hindi channels not report from Assam for the first ten days? And why was there so much music and drama in the coverage which followed? And much more.

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Dhobi Ghat (Episode 7)

On Dhobi Ghat, Madhu Trehan discusses the media coverage of the Aarushi Talwar case with panelists Sonia Singh, Harinder Baweja and Pinaki Mishra. Were the Talwars victims of 'competitive journalism' & journalistic agendas?

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Dhobi Ghat (Episode 6)

On Dhobi Ghat, Madhu Trehan asks if journalism really is one of the worst jobs. Our panel Verghese George, Shariq Khan, Revathi Laul & Kumar Badal. Adrenalin rush, political threats, messed up facts, the power trip and lack of loos while reporting.

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Dhobi Ghat (Episode 4)

Dhobi Ghat discusses the April 4th Indian Express article on suspicious army movement near the Capital with panellists Ajai Shukla, Ravish, Sonia Shukla, Abhinandan Sekhri & Madhu Trehan. The conspiracy theories and how all the news organisations handled it.

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Dhobi Ghaat Episode 3 (Full Show)

Media and Coverage of Elections – is at the Dhobi Ghaat to be washed by Newslaundry with panelists - Ajoy Bose, Suhasini Haider and Prasoon Vajpayee. Shallowness in coverage, pull of personality cult, ignoring issues, role of politicians and need for basic change in approach.

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Dhobi Ghat Episode 2 (Full Show)

The news media’s coverage of Salman Rushdie's forced absence from the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF)? Our panelists - Hartosh Bal, William Dalrymple, Seema Mustafa and Barkha Dutt. A lost sense of proportion in media coverage? Celebrity cult taking centrestage? Armchair journalism? Watch.

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