Jignesh Mewani: ‘Koi thokega, toh hum bhi thokenge’

Former journalist, ex-member of AAP, and now, Jignesh Mewani is the face of the Dalit resistance.

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NL Interviews: Saeed Naqvi on ‘Being The Other’ in India

Veteran journalist and author of the recently released book 'Being The Other', Saeed Naqvi, talks about how the changing landscape of media has contributed to the other-ing of Muslims in the country.

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NL Interviews: Vibhuti Narain Rai on why the Hashimpura massacre is a failure of Indian state

Hashimpura saw the biggest custodial killing in independent India and no one has been convicted for it.

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NL Interviews With Prabhat Singh: Reporting from the media black hole of Bastar

Journalist Prabhat Singh was arrested for a WhatsApp message in a state that’s increasingly clamping down on the media

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NL Interviews: Bezwada Wilson talks on the perils of dealing with ‘shit’

Ramon Magsaysay awardee & national convenor of Safai Karamchari Andolan (SKA), Bezwada Wilson, tells Biraj Swain about his fight against caste bias, the campaign to abolish manual scavenging and his concerns with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

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NL Interviews – Part 2: Devinder Sharma on GM foods and why scientific ignorance must be countered

Sharma talks about scientific journals, growth economics, pros & cons of organic farming, and the solution to the agrarian crisis in India.

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NL Interviews – Part 1: According to Devinder Sharma Growth Economics is Violent Economics

Journalist, author & food policy analyst tells Anand Ranganathan the flaws in China’s development model, globalisation, MGNREGA, food policies & GM crops

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Arvind Kejriwal in conversation with Abhinandan Sekhri

At the launch of Pran Kurup's book, Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party, Delhi's Chief Minister talked to Abhinandan Sekhri about the possibility of Navjot Singh Sidhu joining AAP, the party's election strategy in Punjab, his own meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, AAP's relation with the media, and more. Bonus: look out for the Nirupa Roy moment in their conversation.

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NL Interviews – Part 2: Pradip Baijal on his connection with Niira Radia & the role of lobbyists

In this part, among other things, Baijal talks about how he was targeted by CBI to save UPA, NDA leaders and how he ended up working with Niira Radia

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NL Interviews – Part 1: Bureaucrat Pradip Baijal on how UPA constructed telecom corruption

Former TRAI head talks about Manmohan Singh and Maran pressures on him to be corrupt. CBI harassed him and planted stories.

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