Social issues and graphics, a ‘First Hand’ experience

How did India's first crowd-funded graphic novel come into being and what were the challenges?

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NL Interviews: Rana Ayyub on her new book Gujarat Files

Originally shot for Facebook Live, in this interview, award winning journalist Rana Ayyub speaks about her journey of investigating the Gujarat riots of 2002 and the struggle she faced in getting the book published

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NL Interviews – Part 2: Anupam Kher on Secularism, JNU & AAP

The actor opens up on sloganeering in JNU, the formation of AAP and more

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NL Interviews – Part 1: Anupam Kher on FoE & why he prefers teaching to acting

The actor speaks on diversity in India, freedom of expression and what it constitutes, intolerance and more.

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NL interviews – Part 2: Vivek Agnihotri talks about Jadavpur University, being ‘banged’ & more

Vivek Agnihotri, director of Buddha in a Traffic Jam, talks about Dalit & upper caste conflict, student politics, the difference between being touched and being 'banged', how the plot of his new film came about, and a lot more.

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NL interviews – Part 1: Vivek Agnihotri on the Left, the Right and a zero-budget marketing strategy

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri tells Abhinandan Sekhri about how Buddha In A Traffic Jam was a super successful marketing exercise with zero budget, it not being an ideological film, his being a moderate and having an equal distaste for the far Left and Right-wing ideologies. Also, he reacts to Abhinandan’s alternate plot for a film.

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Spotlight on ‘media activists’ of Syria: NL Interview With Ruben Lagattolla

Italian filmmaker Ruben Lagattolla talks to Manisha Pande about his film Young Syrian Lenses based on ‘media activists’ of Aleppo, the excesses of the Assad regime and the price people paid to fight a dictatorship.

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The Kanhaiya Kumar Interview

Abhinandan Sekhri talks to Kanhaiya Kumar about sedition, being attacked inside Patiala House, whether he’ll join politics,​ and more.

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Repost: NL Interviews Jerry Pinto

Journalist and author, Jerry Pinto has won Yale University's Windham-Campbell Prize for fiction for Em and the Big Hoom. The award honours recipients for "their literary achievements or potential". This year nine awardees received the $150000 prize in fiction, nonfiction and drama.

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Will continue to fight for Sita maiya’s justice: The lawyer who filed a case against lord Ram.

Abhinandan Sekhri speaks with Thakur Chandan Singh, the lawyer who filed a case against Lord Ram for “cruelty” against his wife Sita. Singh wants a town to be named after Sita as compensation for the 'cruelty' she faced at the hands of Ram.

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