NL Interviews – Part 2: Anupam Kher on Secularism, JNU & AAP

The actor opens up on sloganeering in JNU, the formation of AAP and more

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NL Interviews – Part 1: Anupam Kher on FoE & why he prefers teaching to acting

The actor speaks on diversity in India, freedom of expression and what it constitutes, intolerance and more.

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NL interviews – Part 2: Vivek Agnihotri talks about Jadavpur University, being ‘banged’ & more

Vivek Agnihotri, director of Buddha in a Traffic Jam, talks about Dalit & upper caste conflict, student politics, the difference between being touched and being 'banged', how the plot of his new film came about, and a lot more.

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NL interviews – Part 1: Vivek Agnihotri on the Left, the Right and a zero-budget marketing strategy

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri tells Abhinandan Sekhri about how Buddha In A Traffic Jam was a super successful marketing exercise with zero budget, it not being an ideological film, his being a moderate and having an equal distaste for the far Left and Right-wing ideologies. Also, he reacts to Abhinandan’s alternate plot for a film.

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Why So Serious? Episode 2: The Troll Interview

Watch: Akash Banerjee's satirical take on the things that make you go @#&! This week, an exclusive interview with the troll who chased Rajdeep Sardesai away

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Why So Serious? Episode 1: Liberal v/s Bhakt

Watch: Akash Banerjee's satirical take on the things that make you go @#&! This week, a face off between a Bhakt and a Liberal.

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Clothesline – Episode 73

NDTV's reporter confuses Holi for Halloween, Rakhi Sawant has cracked the problem of people committing suicide and a TV news channel found a scoop where there was none! All this and more journalistic SNAFU at its comic best, for your viewing pleasure.

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BR (1)

Who was BR Ambedkar?

We asked Delhi, and here is what the national capital told us

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Djokovic’s case for higher men’s pay in tennis harms equality

Djokovic​'s argument of ​"​my crowd is bigger than yours​"​ is too simplistic when it comes to gender equality

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Don’t rush to blame Molenbeek for harbouring Paris attacker

Molenbeek- a neighbourhood where crime is rampant and the presence of civil society is marginal. But is it a “jihadist breeding ground”?

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