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Why Bhakts Love To Hate NDTV

The Right-wing Twitterati once again displayed their rank sycophancy with the #ShameOnArunJaitley trend.


Indians Abroad Send $70 billion Home, No. 1 Globally

The Indian diaspora sent home $70 billion (Rs 4.34 lakh crore) in 2014, topping for the 7th year the...


Everything Reporters Got Wrong About Reporting

There’s a new Indian TV drama on the world of journalism and it gets most of its facts wrong.


UP, Chhattisgarh & J&K account for 3/4th of all the Police Firing Incidents between 2009 & 2013

Factly analyses data by the National Crime Records Bureau on incidents of Police Firing in the country from 2009...

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Dear TOI and Facebook, Net Neutrality Is Absolute. You Can Keep Your Conditional Support To Yourself.

Why TOI and Facebook’s conditional support is problematic.


Rajeev Chandrasekhar Writes to Ravi Shankar Prasad on Net Neutrality

MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar writes to Union Minister of Communication and Information Technology with his recommendations on Net Neutrality. ...


The Myth of India’s Muslim-Population Rise

Uddhav Thackeray’s remark about the rise of India’s Muslim population gets fact checked.


Newslaundry Hafta – Episode 11

The Newslaundry team has a freewheeling discussion on the news of the week. In this episode we discuss, Outlook...


Our Position On Newslaundry

The method to the madness behind Newslaundry and why it’s time you supported us.


Clothesline – Episode 58

Clothesline 58 is here! On the connection between tobacco and cancer, Barkha vs Arnab, News X’s goof-up over VK...

Clothesline – Episode 57

The outrage over India’s Daughter, Arnab vs. Arnab, more AAP drama, fuckwas, criminals and more…

NL Interviews


Suresh Chavhanke on running a socio-patriotic news channel and the problem with PK, Pakistan and homosexuality.

NL Interview With Aatish Taseer – Part 1

Aatish Taseer on his new book The Way Things Were, Sanskrit and being exposed to different cultures while growing...

I Agree

I Agree With Ved Pratap Vaidik – Part 1

Ved Pratap Vaidik on being a 16-year-old editor, bringing parliament to a halt, championing the cause of Hindi and...

I Agree With Dina Nath Batra – Part 1

Dina Nath Batra on Hinduism & Wendy Doniger, banning books, deciding what we read, Ramayana being history, achhe din...

Can you take it?

Can You Take It Madhu Kishwar? – Part 1

Madhu Kishwar on NewsX’s betrayal, her allegations against NDTV and journalistic standards.

Can You Take It Aniruddha Bahal? – Part 1

Madhu Trehan asks Aniruddha Bahal about Operation Janmabhoomi - inaccuracies and timing of it, role of journalism, sting ops,...

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