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Modi Sarkar’s One Year In Office: A Timeline

Has the massive mandate turned into tangible results? This will help you decide.


100 Days Of AAP: Scenes From Janta Ki Cabinet

The Aam Aadmi Party celebrated 100 days of power in Delhi with a public meeting at Connaught Place in...


Linking your Voter ID with Aadhaar is not mandatory & your name will not be deleted from the Voter List

Linking of Aadhaar with one’s Voter ID was publicised in the media as mandatory through the NERAP(National...

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Rs 0: Spent by 55% Lok Sabha MPs on Constituencies

298 of 542 members of the Lok Sabha have not yet utilised their MP Local Area Development Scheme funds.


Indians, Marginal Polluters. So Why Cut Coal?

First of a three-part series assessing India’s energy options as climate change gathers pace. Why should India cut down...


Not Just A Media Trial: Chitra Subramaniam On The Story Of Bofors

Pranab Mukherjee stated that the Bofors scandal was more a ‘media trial’ than a scam. Journalist Chitra Subramanian tells...


Demolition And Dislocation In Gurgaon

A village with more than 100 years of history was razed to the ground to make way for an...


Goats and More: An Anti-Poverty Guide For Modi

A new study that followed the lives of 21,000 of the world’s poorest people has shown that a...


Our Position On Newslaundry

The method to the madness behind Newslaundry and why it’s time you supported us.


Clothesline – Episode 61

A wrap of the good, the bad and the funny from the world of news. The Salman Khan hit-and-run...

Clothesline – Episode 60

A wrap of the good, the bad and the funny from the world of news. Aaj Tak going places,...

NL Interviews

NL Interview With Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Rajeev Chandrasekhar on his battle against Section 66A and his efforts to uphold net neutrality in India.


Suresh Chavhanke on running a socio-patriotic news channel and the problem with PK, Pakistan and homosexuality.

I Agree

I Agree With Ved Pratap Vaidik – Part 1

Ved Pratap Vaidik on being a 16-year-old editor, bringing parliament to a halt, championing the cause of Hindi and...

I Agree With Dina Nath Batra – Part 1

Dina Nath Batra on Hinduism & Wendy Doniger, banning books, deciding what we read, Ramayana being history, achhe din...

Can you take it?

Can You Take It Madhu Kishwar? – Part 1

Madhu Kishwar on NewsX’s betrayal, her allegations against NDTV and journalistic standards.

Can You Take It Aniruddha Bahal? – Part 1

Madhu Trehan asks Aniruddha Bahal about Operation Janmabhoomi - inaccuracies and timing of it, role of journalism, sting ops,...

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